Southern Hospitality

This month was Jaime’s month to figure out where we would be going to lunch.  She had it limited down to a tapas place close to where they live.  Turns out, as I’m looking through the website on Friday, I realized I had already been there.  Oops… And one of the rules (yes, we have rules in lunch club) is that it has to be a place where no one has already eaten.  So Jaime started looking again.  And that’s how we ended up at Wishbone.

I’ve heard of Wishbone, but had never been there.  We went to the Lakeview location. I got there kind of early, so I put our name on the wait list and waited for everyone else.  This creepy thing stared at me while I waited…. alone… scared and vulnerable…Roosters are scary.  I don’t care what anyone else says.

So everyone arrived and we were seated with a view of some colorful and fun yet slightly odd artwork: The whole restaurant was open, colorful and fun.  Which I liked alot.  We were there at a time on Saturday that fell into the “Weekend Brunch” menu.  Everything looked like a winner, but here’s the lineup: I had the blackened catfish salad with garlic vinagrette (don’t worry- I wasn’t making out with anyone yesterday).  Once I looked at the menu, I knew I wanted that blackened catfish some way or another.  Shockingly, I wasn’t feeling like breakfast at the time, so I went the salad route.  And it was awesome.  I’m pretty sure it was one of my favorites of all our lunch outtings.  The catfish was perfect.  The vinagrette was just flavorful enough.  Fabulous. Jaime had the andouille hash with scrambled eggs.  She let me sneak a bite and the chicken sausage was really spicy!  Yumm… Cathryn chose the black bean patties and scrambled eggs.  After she was done, she was all smiles in food coma land.  So I assume it was tasty. Scott went with the cheese omelette with a side of cheese grits and bacon.  Believe it or not, with my farmland background, I had never tried grits before.  I tried his.  Not a fan.  There’s just nothing really exciting about them I guess?  I just shrugged and was like, “eh”.  I didn’t hate grits.  But I doubt I would ever order them for myself.  Good to know.

Scott and Jaime had a bloody mary or two and Cathryn tried out the mimosa selection.  Cathryn raved about the pomegranate mimosa, but S & J are always hard up to find a bloody mary better (and cheaper) than what they get at Salt and Pepper Diner.

All in all, another win for lunch club!  :)  We’re 6 for 6 on being well-fed and happy. Not to get cocky, but we’re kind of awesome.  Next month is my pick- clearly there’s a little bit of pressure…  But no worries!  I’ve got a few options in mind that will hopefully be mixing it up a bit!  ;)

I noticed this sign on the way out.  Kinda liked it! After we parted ways, I headed straight home.  My aunt and cousin were visiting my cousin Niki who lives here and they were going to stop by my place because they hadn’t seen my new place since I moved (I moved in June- but really, I always go to Niki’s place, never the other way around).  She’s the one running the Shuffle with me, so we discussed meet up times and the race in general.  So excited! 

I did end up running 3 miles before we met up for lunch club.  Nothing “hurt”, so I’m hoping I was just sitting there freaking out over silliness.  Because I knew I was only going to run the three, I decided to turn it into a 5k, pump myself up, and see what my time was looking like.  I clocked it at about 25:50.  Not bad!  Hopefully, before Annie and I do Run for the Cheetah, I can shave off a little more time.  After I got back and the fam had left, I did The Shred before calling it another lazy night.  I’m thinking it might be time soon for Jillian and I to take our relationship one step further… to Level 3.  Not today… but soon.  Either way, I’m getting tired of Level 2- that combination strength move with a cheer squat involved kills me.  EVERY time.  If I were a grunter, that would be the part where it happens.  Instead, it’s more of an exhausted and whiney squeal.  It burns!

27 Responses

  1. haha Roosters are kinda scary…
    I never really understood the fascination with grits either! Everyone from the south says it’s the best comfort food but I just think it’s “meh.”

    I have Jillian’s DVD but I’ve only done it twice because I end up yelling at her through the tv!

  2. Yeah, I couldn’t run with you. I am not fast. But I think you’re cool, so I hope that counts.

    That sign is great. I hope people get the point!

  3. I love your idea of a lunch club. And I LOVE the catfish! I’m Southern, so grits are a staple for my family. You have to put lots of cheese, butter, salt and pepper in them to get the full effect :-)

  4. i love that there are rules to lunch club :)

    and if you think roosters are scary then you would HATE my gmas house: she is obsessed haha

  5. Wow, lots of cocks at that restaurant. :>

    Glad your leg is cool…just keep an eye on it!

    I only cut my hair every 9 months cuz I rarely blow dry…air dry as long as I can. I’m lucky it goes straight or curly pretty easy.

    adventures in tri-ing

  6. The lunch club sounds fun! I wish most of my good friends didn’t live in different cities. And were those corn muffins? They look yummy!

  7. I LOVE grits! Of course, you cant get them here, but they were pretty much all I wanted to eat when I was in Alabama.

    That pool sign is hilarious!!

  8. I have to say, I think cheese grits are completely different. You should give plain grits (with a touch of butter) a try!

  9. I love Wishbone- it’s only a couple blocks from my house. I agree, there are a few too many roosters, but they kind of grow on you!

  10. ‘Cheer squat’?? That sounds horrid. P.S. I’m a massive grunter. I’m not ashamed..

  11. lol, what IS this obsession with roosters? I’ve been noticing rooster-love everywhere…have you ever been to Anthropologie? Total rooster-craze, too!

  12. A lunch club, how fun!! Your meal looks amazing… looooove catfish! And grits! You need to have them true southern style ;)

    Ok, and I HATE roosters. And chickens. My great aunt and I both do… but she has a chicken/rooster phobia. It’s bad. As in, if she so much as sees a picture, she FREAKS and runs the other direction. Yes, there is a sad childhood story behind her fear of chickens ;)

  13. wishbone looks like an awesome place! never heard of it before. ew, roosters freak me out (birds in general do, actually!)

  14. I wore my cards hat around town today just for yoU!!….It had NOTHING to do with the fact that I didn’t want to wash my hair :-)

  15. Lunch club sounds fun! I want to go ;)

  16. Those roosters are totally creepy.

  17. […] chose Wishbone- a southern cooking restaurant that I’ve been to once before, but it’s so good, I had no problems going back.When shopping is your cardio for the day, […]

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