Love my early days…

The rest of the week consists of going in and leaving work early.  I am SO glad it’s like this.  Yesterday was gorgeous.  I had my running gear smashed into my work bag and was determined to get straight to the trail as soon as I left work.  And I did.  And it was crowded.  But that worked to my advantage.  I started with some squats.  Sort of.  Really, it was me pulling the hover move because I really had to pee before I started and the restrooms were still closed for the season.  So all that was left was a lone porta potty that had pee all over the seat.  Not ideal.  But like I said, the hover move warmed up some of the quad muscles.  :)

Anyways, I decided to stick with just one loop around the track.  I ended up running 2.8 miles with an 8:11 average pace.  Not bad!  I probably have a guy to thank for that.  I was doing my thing when he passed me.  I watched him slowly creep ahead and then said, “screw it, I know I could keep his pace.”  So I did. For about a mile.  Then I said, “screw it, I could totally pass him.”  So I did.  And then I said, “screw it, I could totally kick his ass.”  So I did.  :)  Thanks for making me pick up my feet a little more, Mr. Random Running Dude.

And now I have a bone to pick.  I was the one to run out during lunch to run errands and pick up the cake for my boss’s birthday.  So I decided to grab a salad at the building next door (they have a cafeteria, too- which I consider better than the one in our building).Love their salad bar options.  LOVE them.  I was all about carrots, squash, garbanzo beans and some sunflower seeds.  My problem?  My problem that also occurs at my building’s cafeteria?  The salad dressing.  The options blow.  They blow hard.  It’s all creamy dressings.  And it’s not like it’s “low fat”.  It’s the serious stuff.  Unless you want olive oil.  And I don’t like plain olive oil on salad.  Sometimes I remember to bring in my own dressing.  But I don’t think that should be necessary if I’m already paying to eat their salad.  Don’t get me wrong- I don’t have anything against creamy dressing.  I love me some ranch.  And caesar.  And I’ll use them from time to time(which I did today).  But sometimes, I’d just like to have a simple vinaigrette.  Or lower fat option of any kind.  It might be a wise option to throw in there.  Because there’s still those people out there that load up on all this veggie goodness and then drown it in ranch.  And I mean DROWN it.  But think because it’s “salad”, it has to be healthy- no matter what.  I know a lot of people like this.  And it just bugs me.  Sometimes I just want to say, “dude, you would have been better off with the burger”.

It’s the little things that irk me sometimes.  Like I said, I’m totally ok with having it in moderation.  I just want another option.  Gah.  Stepping off my soap box now.  Because I’m pretty sure I fit a few little “irklings” in there to vent about when I only met to discuss one.

Oh the places where my mind goes…

I finished my Michael Pollan book.  The last section of “food rules” (more like guidelines to follow if you choose) was my favorite.  Some of the things he had to say were an interesting thing to think about.  Such as “avoid foods that make health claims” because of how processed this food could be.  I was also a fan of “don’t get your fuel from the same place your car does”.  That’s pretty self-explanatory.  I think I’ve said it before, but I really enjoyed his writing style more than anything.  Totally recommend the book- it can open your eyes to some new things.

Next on the list?  Pure entertainment.  I have a desire to read Chelsea Handler’s new book.  I was talking about it at work and one girl said she had the second book and let me borrow it.  So I’ll be reading Are You There, Vodka?  It’s Me, Chelsea.  I love her humor, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

And yeah, I still had a piece of cake.  After we all crowded into the break room- Office Space style.  It had green icing on it.  My tongue turned green.  Bright green.  Which was concerning.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day…And now the holiday is over and we’re already a day away from the weekend!  Getting up today was a little easier than yesterday.  Part of that was due to the fact I went to bed a little earlier (a little after 10:00).  Just call me grandma.

Coffee habit is still in place.  Don’t worry, I’m working on it… tomorrow.Even Vince is concerned about my recent increase in caffeine intake.  Oh dear…

Don’t worry, Vince.  I won two of those Love mugs in my gift basket from Jaime’s shower.  We can have matching cups of coffee tomorrow if you’d like… :)

Have a good one- we’re almost to the weekend!

40 Responses

  1. Chelsea is hilarious. I actually got that book as an audio book on a vacation I went on. She was the narrator which made it even funnier to hear her voice tell the stories. Funny Stuff. You’ll love it.

  2. Isn’t that Chelsea’s first book? I think the new one is called Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang, either way I read “Are you there Vodka” and it was hilarious! I laughed outloud a bunch of times, I will probs buy her second one to read.

    I agree about caf salad dressing choices. We have balsamic and oil and vinegar to make your own, but the rest are creamy full fat.

  3. The one thing I do when I don’t have a healthy salad dressing option is dip my fork in the dressing before each bite. That way I don’t end up drenching my entire salad with the dressing and actually end up eating less of it. Each bite is more flavorful too!

  4. love your attitude about passing that guy! sometimes i totally would have done :)

  5. I feel ya about the dressing. I love ranch and ceasar too, but sometimes i just want something light (that doesn’t taste like ass).

  6. Ah! My dentist yesterday goes “you drink too much coffee.” I was shocked & appalled & angry and vowed I’d never go see her again because you can NEVER drink too much coffee!
    Love that pic of Vince btw!

  7. Oh man that St. Patty’s day cake looks SO GOOD!! Jealous! Haha

    I know what you mean about salads – they can be SO unhealthy if they have the wrong stuff on them! People just don’t realize that (I didn’t even realize that until 2 years ago when I finally got my eating in check!)

  8. What trail are you running? Inbox me if you don’t want to advertise to the world! LOL
    I know what you mean about the whole thinking a salad is healthy even though it is coated in ranch. The same thing goes with organic food. Not all organic food is low in fat and calories and you CAN get fat eating organic. I see people shopping at TJ or Whole Foods thinking they are doing the right thing by buying all organic…and it is a good step but it still has calories/fat that need to be watched.
    Ok…I’ll stop hijacking the comments.
    Yay running outside!
    adventures in tri-ing

    • I’ll let you know the trail. ;) It’s pretty!

      And I am with you- some of my guy friends and I got in this discussion once. I was talking about my mild (ahem- strong) obsession with TJ’s and they called me a health nut. Which I kind of am, but they are also missing the fact that there is an entire aisle of baked goods and chocolate yumminess that is NOT really healthy either…

  9. oooh I love racing when you’re the only one that knows you’re racing :) It really can be such a motivator.

    And YES. SALAD DRESSING. I thoroughly study restaurant menus and nutrition (if available) before eating… and salads are often at the top of the fat/caloric chart all because of dressing. It’s gross :(

    • I look at online menus before I go, too (if it’s available). I know that probably ruins part of the experience, but at the same time I’ll be sitting there going crazy with curiousity and not enjoying myself either if I don’t!

  10. I need to read his book–those “Guidelines” sound REALLY intersting.

    Nice job on the run. Sounds like you really kicked his ass and 8:11 is a GREAT pace.

    • Thanks! I’m doing what I can- the leg’s acting up a little, but that’s why I’m pulling more rest days than normal the last couple of weeks…

      And yeah, the guidelines were fun. Just a new approach to clean eating…

  11. loooove Chelsea Handler!! i can’t wait to see what’s in her new book.

    – Beth @

  12. I love ranch too – but I prefer oil and vinegar. I agree – options are never a bad idea.
    I had a friend that used to order cesar salad with extra dressing on the side because “they never use enough”. I don’t want to be all judgy, but I just can’t help but picture clogged arteries.

  13. i love michael pollan and i love chelsea handler, i read her book too! actuallyi read a couple of her books, they are all great.

  14. as long as i’m eating frosting, i don’t care what color my tongue is ;)

  15. Which Chelsea Handler book was it? I loved My Horizontal Life, absolutely hilarious!!!

    I am not up to outrunning people yet but love when I am taking a walk during my lunch break in the downtown area and secretly race people and try to outwalk them….hehe and they don’t even know what I’m doing!

  16. Wow, what a great run!!! Nothing like some competition to motivate you…

    And i’m SO with you on the salad dressing!!! Oh my… I see people with a little lettuce, little veggies, tons of cheese, eggs, bacon, croutons… all smothered in dressing. And they think it’s good for them. Now, I’m all about some eggs, cheese, croutons, and what not but all at one time? With that much dressing? Like… do you even taste anything BUT the dressing? But hey… whatever floats your boat I guess. And I do love ranch and Caesar .. but it’s all about moderation.

  17. They don’t even have a vinegar on the side? Weird. However, the good thing about great salad toppings is that with them, you don’t even need salad dressing, it becomes overkill.
    Also, did you know that cottage cheese makes a REALL good dressing? :-)

  18. I use to be such a huge Chelsea fan when I still had time for television/owned a tv – no I do not own a tv..unheard of I know!

    that frosting looks aaaaaaaamazing on that cake.. i am the BIGGEST frosting person.

  19. Seriously, I attribute my entire quad muscles not to running but the hoover. I’ve mastered it.

  20. […] so I can’t complain about free food.  It was a salad bar.  I had the same problem as Amy had the other day.  Why are there never options of healthy, low-calorie/fat dressings with […]

  21. I haven’t heard of that book – good to know!

  22. Thanks for checking out my blog! :) Thanks for the idea for amazon, it is actually where i got the dvd but I moved a few weeks ago and I still cant find it ;-)

    Oh the Chelsea Handler book is pretty funny, I am about half way through and have laughed obnoxiously out loud a few times. Enjoy it.

  23. I’m currently reading Chelsea Handler’s new book “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang” and it’s pretty hysterical so far.
    AND I have Michael Pollan’s book on my nightstand waiting to be read.

  24. Wow, I really need to get you in my blog roll…you are me but cuter and tiny-er. Damn you. :-)

    How was Michael Pollen’s book!? I just heard about it and keep meaning to go and get it!! Want, want, want!

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