Tuesday wasn’t so bad!

I won’t lie.  Yesterday could have been the best Tuesday I’ve had in quite some time.  I hate Tuesdays.  They’re awful.  And slow.  And just “ick”. 

But yesterday wasn’t so bad.  The UPS man brought me a fantastic shipment from iherb.com– from a gift certificate I had won from Meghann over at Inner Workings of a College Grad.  I opened the package at work and couldn’t believe how much stuff I had walked away with!  Here it is in all it’s glory- minus a box of Clif Z-bars that immediately went into my snack drawer at work.I think what makes me most excited is the fact I’ll be making homemade granola bars soon from the brown rice syrup I acquired.  Either that or the new organic chunky peanut butter that I get to try.  You know me and my peanut butter problem… ;)  Thanks Meghann and iherb! 

The day kept speeding by.  Unusual.  But I liked it.  Then Mon called- there was a delivery for me in the management office of my apartment and she offered to get it for me.  It was a wellness kit from Celestial tea that I had won from Erin over at Erin Eats and Exercises (she is no longer blogging, which is a sad thing!).  Mon brought it over (with a bottle of red so we could catch up with what’s been going on in each other’s lives) and we cracked open the box to see what else I had been sent:I’ve got enough wellness tea to get me through at least three or four head colds and a couple rounds of the flu.  Anyone feeling shitty?  I’ll mail you a bag of tea… I’m sort of serious.  This is out of control!

Seriously, I never win anything.  So the fact that I won both of these in such a short span of time kind of blows my mind.  No complaints!

Sad thing is, I still had grocery shopping I had to do (after all this swag coming my way)… mostly to prepare for the Car Bomb Cupcakes order I received from a friend- she needed two dozen this weekend and I of course said it wouldn’t be a problem.  I’m still trying to perfect the adaption I make anyways, so the practice is good!  And it’s my official first order of cupcakes!  :)  Not that I’m pimping out my baking skills, but I don’t mind the extra $$$.  Or the excuse to make that Bailey’s frosting… oh my word…

While I was at the store, I picked up some chicken randomly.  Which is the first time I’ve bought chicken, or “meat” in it’s raw form, for months.  I don’t buy it ever.  I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I spend most of my days eating meatless (with the exception of a frozen dinner or two here and there or when I order at a restaurant).  Why?  Because it’s generally quicker to prepare a meal without it.  It’s cheaper (the sale on chicken was $2.99 a pound- which I still think is expensive for some reason).  And I don’t really feel like my diet’s lacking without it.  Not that I don’t ever eat it- hello, this girl can take down a 1/3 lb burger like it’s nothing when I’m craving it (and there are plenty of places around here that offer carryout that can confirm this).  I just don’t buy it often.  There was probably some subconscious craving for it after seeing Kelly or Andrea blog about it yesterday.

Anyhoo, so I had no real plans of what I’d have for dinner, but got inspired when I saw the chicken on sale.  And the avocados.  A little taco seasoning, black beans, corn, and a bit of sour cream later and all the sudden I was having a mexican themed pita full of goodness.  Plus some toasted pita chips with smashed avocado to top it off.  I say smashed avocado because I thought I had some guac mix.  I was wrong.  Garlic salt did just fine as a substitute.  But it’s not really guac.  Oh well.The presentation?  Not so much.  Taste factor?  I deserve an A.  So good… 

I had quite a few leftovers, so I’m sure I’ll have quite a few Southwestern inspired meals the next couple of days.  Again- no complaints here. 

After a glass or so of some wine and a night of catching up with the lovely Mon, Tuesday ended up being quite a good day.  I guess there’s always going to be an exception… this one was it!  :)

This morning, I broke out the steel cut oats that were part of my iherb winnings.  I’ve been wanting to try them for a long time, but I’m a thrifty shopper (see the buying chicken comment above) and don’t want to spend more money on half the quantity when it comes to steel cut vs. old fashioned oats.  Yes, I’ll buy a pair of shoes without blinking.  But that extra $2 on oats kills me.  I don’t get it either. 

I think I failed.  My microwave is crazy and I have issues with adjusting the power as to make sure it doesn’t explode or spill all over the place.  Next time I should probably use the stove top and not cut corners.  I’d show you a picture, but they just looked sad.  And that’s no way to start your Wednesday morning.

What’s the best way any of you have made steel cut oats?  I could use the tips!

Happy Hump Day!

29 Responses

  1. I just bought raw chicken for the first time in so long and discovered a fail-proof and easy and delish way to cook it. I’m posting about it soon. I love that Mexican pita though, it looks so good!!

  2. Oh steel cut oats-The best best kind! The worst thing though is they aren’t really made for the microwave, boo. But actually makes it better, things that are able to be cooked in microwaves or super fast are usually less healthier for you, same with things on the inside aisles of grocery store (everything you need in on the outskirts…but I’ll stop rambling ’bout that).
    Ok so cooking steel cut….I usually do the old fashion way, on the stove top. But I do like 4 servings and cook it up and yes tupperware them away for individual servings. Then mirco a way-just add a few tablespoons of water depending on your thickness and ta-da! All you’re really do is reheating the oats not cooking them.

    Some company’s such as Hodgson Mill or Quaker have steel or whole grain oats that are instant but you lose the nutrients then (like I mentioned before)….

    Good luck!

  3. Wow congrats on all the winnings! I never win anything either, I feel your pain. That’s a ton of swag though!

  4. I’ve made regular oatmeal & raw oatmeal…but never steel cut! One day… :)

    Wow, you got some sweeet pacakages! I love brown rice syrup. It makes everything chewy

  5. yay for packages and goodies! and i think i’ll stick to my instant oats. i need the quickness of them haha!!

    glad you had a good tuesday. hope you wednesday is just as good (if not better!) :)

  6. Such an exciting shipment!! I love the sounds of the car bomb cupcakes. I would like some of those, Amy!! Seems like you’re a talented baker!
    And what a delicious mexican pita! I’m in love with all of those flavors.
    Glad you had a wonderful Tuesday, you deserve it lady!
    Have a great Wednesday too!

  7. Weird, I made steel cut oats this morning–I love them, with dried cranberries. Mine are from TJ’s, and they’re “quick cooking.” I do them on the stove, because my microwave is old and shifty. The trick there is to just keep stirring while you cook them for 5-7 minutes, and then let them sit a minute once you turn off the heat and stir in delicious chocolate/fruit/nuts/whatever. It takes a couple tries, but it’s good once you get it right!

    • Yeah, my microwave and I never see eye to eye. It’s lame. I think I’ll be practicing the stove top oats over the weekend. I foresee myself getting moody and being quite late for work if I attempt them during the week…

  8. I didn’t even know you could make steel cut oats in the microwave! I made topical steel cut oats this week…recipe at http://myhealthypassion.wordpress.com/2010/03/22/morning-monday/

  9. I think you have just inspired my lunch for later with the mexican chicken pita. Yum! Already salivating

  10. Holy christmas in March! Wow look at you ms. winner of all the fun contests!

  11. I definitely agree with the peeps up there that you should not use the microwave for steel cut oats. It takes about 30 mins on the stove top but its worth it! I do it at night or on Saturdays and then tupperware them in 1 cup servings for work breakfast . I add a little almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon and bananas and it is really filling. Also check out Trader Joes for their steel cut oats. If I remember, their huge canister is only like $3 or $4.

  12. Yay for the tea!! People in my life always think that tea would be the perfect gift for me (I have NO idea why, I don’t drink that much) – so my pantry looks like that package you got…tons of unopened boxes. :-)

    I also totally agree with your reason for not buying meat. It’s expensive and a hassle. If only I didn’t marry a ferocious meat eater…

  13. haha Im the same way with shopping. It doesnt make sense does it?

  14. Yum, hooray for Mexican themed dinner! I picked up some chicken today too, so some chicken tacos might be in my future. Thanks for the shout out!

  15. man, you made out!! i love yogi tea…they taste sweet without any additions. you’ll have to let me know what you think of the detox one!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  16. woot woot for winning two awesome packages.. what a great string of luck! Enjoy your winnings girl!

  17. Holy free goodies batman!! Looks like you are going to be enjoying some nice stuff for a while.

    I am still trying to decide which I loathe more-Sunday or Tuesday. I am going with Tuesday since it has no feel and at least on Sundays I can sleep in and make a big breakfast.

  18. That’s awesome that your Tuesday didn’t suck (I’m hopelessly behind on blog reading clearly). I can’t remember my Tuesday enough to know if it sucked or not, haha.

    I’m the same way with meat, I rarely eat it but I do when it’s available or if I’m really craving it. But it saves so much money to not buy it often.

    I’m jealous of your winnings! Sweet action.

  19. I’d spend money on shoes before oats too but that’s just me.. we got our priorities straight, right? ;)

    I’ve actually never had steel cut oats but i’ve always wanted to try them too. I have come across some recipes for crock pot steel cut oats before, which I think is genius, since those oats take so long to cook.

    I don’t eat meat too often either but sometimes, nothing else quite hits the spot like a nice piece of juicy chicken. Or a hamburger (or in my case, turkey or chicken burger). But your taco chicken dish sounds fantastic!! I LOVE a nice huge taco salad. And avocados in any form is fine by me :)

  20. […] the less active I get.  Ick.  So, last night I broke out the goods:Sleepytime tea I won from a giveaway last month.  Did it help?  Maybe.  If not- oh well, it was still good as I watched the final episode ever […]

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