I Need A Helmet

I really do.  For more than just the one reason I’m about to talk about.  Just ask some of my closest friends… ;)

But really, the main reason I need one is for this thing:Please ignore the mess.  And contrary to what you may think, I do have an apartment that I spend time in.  I don’t live in my car… yet.  But yeah, see that bike?  That’s something I dug up while at home over the weekend. 

It all started when I was talking to my friend Mon about trails to run/walk in the area.  She started naming off a crazy amount because she had biked them all last year.  And we started talking about biking.  And my friend Cathryn keeps talking about ladies she goes to the gym with and how they do bike rides up and down the lake shore.  “I wanna do that!” I said.  And I see some of the gorgeous rides Caitlin’s been going on.  So yeah.  Let’s do this…

So I started looking at bikes online.  Not happy with how much a decent bike costs, I decided to look at cheaper ones.  And then my mom mentioned the bike that I still had at home and that I should just bring it up after Easter.  I was skeptical, but then I looked at it and decided it will be just fine!  It’s not like I’m a pro, nor will I ever aspire to be.  I just need a little somethin’ somethin’ to get me from point A to B.

Any good tips for when looking for helmets and such?  And maybe even elbow pads?  Knowing how I am, maybe I should just pass up the elbow and knee pads altogether and just go for a big roll of bubble wrap for the entire body.  I wonder if that will hinder my riding?

I can’t wait to break it out soon.  I feel like it may be yet another thing for me to cross train with when I start to pick up the running again.  After spending almost 11 weeks as a nonrunner over the last 4 months, I’m trying anything and everything to get my strength and endurance back up when I’m pain-free without overdoing the running.  Blah!

That’s another reason I’ve been so tolerant of yoga- did it again last night.  I like how I’m much stronger with the poses compared to when I first started.  It’s a good feeling.  And I can see and feel some of the strength I’ve built up in my legs (and I may even dare to say- my boo-tay!).

I’m planning a short run for either Wednesday or Thursday- weather permitting.  We’ve been having some serious stormy weather.  Great for sleeping.  Not so much for the outdoor activities.  So I’m hoping one of those days I mentioned will be decent enough to get a run in.  I’ve sworn off the treadmill.  I curse you and spit in your general direction, you stupid machine!  Not that it’s the sole reason to blame for my leg issues.  But I consider it a contributor that I actually have control over. 

Speaking of the rain, since I don’t have anything like an outdoor run planned today, I’m kind of ok with it today.  Seriously… is that weird?  Save that sunshine for the weekend… I’ll take the rain today.  It fits my feelings towards Tuesdays anyways… ha.

Anyhoo, in usual Tuesday fashion over here at SCR (Did I just make a blog acronym?  I think so… holla’), we’re looking for ways to combat the Tuesday day of suck.  After last week’s movie outting, Mon and I decided to start taking on Tuesdays with a proactive approach.  Tonight is pizza night.  I keep seeing the pizza dough at TJ’s calling my name.  So I caved and got some.  Enter bottle of wine and you’ve got a good night planned!

32 Responses

  1. Biking on lakeshore is awesome! You’ll love it, but watch out for all the people..it can get really hard to maneuver around everyone on a nice day.

  2. Biking sounds like fun, I think I have one in my basement, pretty sure the tires are flat though. We’re having the opposite weather over here, 80s during the week and back down to the 50s and rain over the weekend. Barf.

  3. Ummm pizza and wine = perfection! Can I join you?
    The biking sounds fun!!! I want to get into it too, when I can. God only knows when that will be but it will happen… eventually.. and then I think that I may bubblewrap myself as well. For those of us who are just THAT clumsy, you can never go too far with the safety… because I swear if I injure myself AGAIN, I may just take to my bed for the rest of my life.
    As for the treadmill… boo on that!! I hate the treadmill, with a passion.
    Good luck with your short run! And I happen to love rainy weather. Especially when I can’t go outside. Because it’s sunny and supposed to hit the 90s today and being stuck inside is just torture. Meh.
    Love you!!!

  4. Biking is so much fun, it is 100x easier than running (in my opinion!) I lived in Fort Collins, CO and it was sooo bike friendly, there were bike racks everywhere…we’d ride them downtown, to the mountains, etc… Its the perfect thing to do when you don’t feel like exercising or you’re exhausted from running. And you can get lost (in a good way) on a bike and not feel so far from home than if you were on foot! I’m excited for your bike adventure! Im sure peddling around Chicago will be a blast!

  5. The thought of improving my ass is largely what keeps me in a lot of yoga poses. It’s okay.

    You can get a fine helmet at a Walmart or Target. Just make sure to try it on to know that it fits.

    • Yeah… I almost feel bad saying that I do not practice yoga for the emotional being… it’s for the rock hard beach body…

      And I’ll check Target out over the weekend. My issue is apparently I have a big head. So I’ll be trying them on for sure!

  6. Bikes!! I am currently in a bidding war on Craigslist for a road bike. Let me know what you find out about helmets, hopefully I’ll be in the market for one of those too (and also a roll of bubble wrap!)

  7. I’ve been DYING to start biking too and have been scouring craigslist for a used bike!! I’m jealous you have one now.

    No idea about getting a decent helmet though. Maybe go to a bike shop?

  8. i love biking and i think it’s really relaxing! I bike to and from work in the summer and i love it!

  9. Ive been wanting to start biking too, but my brother broke my bike (so it was 10 years ago) and never fixed it. The best part, he asked if he could borrow it and I said NO, so then he asked my mom instead. Bastard.

  10. YAY…I am glad you are going to start biking. I love my road bike although I will admit I don’t ride it nearly as much as I should. My husband is an avid mountain biker so he hooked me up with a helmet, gloves, and I might suggest padded shorts! :)

  11. Work that bootay, girlfriend. I want a bike too but there’s no way I could ride in the city. I’d be squashed in no time.

  12. I agree with the other commenter, I got my helmet at Target and it has been fine for me. Worked for my triathlon as well!! I would recommend some gloves as well for gripping the handlebars…makes a big difference.
    adventures in tri-ing

  13. Yeah I just can’t get into a normal yoga routine. What are you using? A DVD or something? The stuff on exercise tv was a bit too much for me…

  14. I would love to get back into bike riding. I just think it might be a little dangerous to attempt it in the city! I’m glad you are being cautious and buying a helmet since you’re a city girl too :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  15. If you decide to buy, be careful about going too cheap on a bike. Way back in the day, I bought a bike at K-Mart for $100. It didn’t last until the end of summer. The next summer, I splurged and dropped $600 on a Cannondale mountain bike. I’ve had it for 15 years and it’s still going strong. Just needs a little tuneup every year.

  16. I really want a bike! I think I’m going to get one in the next few months!

    Yay for pizza night. Sounds like a great strategy for tackling Tuesdays.

  17. I’m looking to invest in a bike too! I’ve been searching craigslist and others like that all week. Glad you figured out you can use your old bike though, that makes things a lot easier.

  18. Love that you are bike riding. It is so much fun. I really wish my bike had not of gotten stolen this past summer :o( There is a girl in my program who is riding across the United States next summer in a fundraiser called Cycle for Change. How awesome is that.

    Get a helmet!! Safety first!

  19. Um, wait a minute, did running on the treadmill cause an injury for you??
    I prefer to run outside, but I’m a baby about Canadian winters so I use the treadmill when its cold..tell me im not setting myself up for any leg issues.
    Enjoy your pizza and wine!

  20. I want to get into biking too. Then swimming. I’m already a runner…see where I’m getting at? Haha, I want to do the triathlon in August!

  21. YAY! Biking is awesome! (At least now that it is warming up…winter cycling is painful and horrible and awful…unless you like frozen snot on your face. then it’s great). I can’t wait to hear how you like being able to ride all over Chicago!

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