Get It Together

Mother Nature can be quite the diva.  This weather that’s all over the place is not doing a thing for my cheery spring behavior.  Yesterday hit around 40 degrees for a high.  What?!?  Figure it out, woman!  You’re acting like a hot mess and really need to get it together. 

Needless to say, I postponed the trail run.  It was 4oish degrees which was whatever- that wasn’t so much the issue.  But it was rainy.  And the cloud coverage was creating early darkness.  Not so ideal when you’re planning to run a trail where there are no street lights.  Let’s see how today goes.

Since I had decided I was just fine to run, I decided that I was just as capable to get back to some oldies that I miss.  Like The Shred.  Hello Jillian, long time no see.  I did Level 1 because it had been a few weeks.  And it was great.  Although I think I could have done Level 2 without a problem.  Level 1 didn’t leave me all hot and bothered like the first time I started up this work out (that’s what she said- you knew it was coming…), so next time I’ll take it up a notch.

As I was doing one of the cardio intervals, I thought, “oh god, what if I’m making all this racket and hottie neighbor guy lives right below me?!?!  How embaressing!”  Then I thought, “well I wish this racket would at least piss him off enough to come up to see what is going on… maybe I should try and be louder.” 

Clearly I’m still waiting to run into him again… what is he?  A hermit?  Get out of your apartment, sir!

After that, I continued my veggie-rific week:Usually I don’t play around too much with spinach.  But we’ve been friends since the pizza goodness it provided.  So I made a mushroom and spinach sandwich.  It’s pretty.  But not functional.  Should have had a wrap or pita for this one.  You win some, you lose some…

Breakfast was another bittersweet one:I finished off the last of the sunflower seed butter.  Originally I didn’t like it as much, but now I’m sad it’s gone and will most likely go to Trader Joe’s again and sell a kidney for a case of this stuff.  Actually, a kidney is probably worth two cases.  The stronger flavor it has over peanut butter makes me really like it (uh… especially when mixed with chocolate).  Has anyone else tried it?  Just a warning- I have a feeling it’s one of those things that you’ll either love or hate.

Oh and the zit is retreating.  I taught him who was boss with half of a tube of zit zap.  Yeah, my zit was a “him”.  Ass…

Listen to me- I’m sassy today!

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m hoping to have a workout of some sort before calling it a night.  Or going out for a drinky drink… not sure yet.  I’m not feeling my usual “oh my goodness all I want to do is go home and pass out” self today.  But it’s still early.  No promises.

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  1. Ah I had a good old TWSS joke today too, nice job. Yeah it was almost 90 here yesterday and today we have a high of 60 with rain. I’m just a tad bitter that all the nice weather was wasted during the week.

  2. I totally agree with Mother Nature lately…she must be going through menopause! haha!

    I was wondering about the hottie neighbor!I am dying for you to run into him again!!

  3. haha you ARE sassy today. I like it :) I haven’t done the Shred either in a while. I was thinking about busting it out last night, but decided against it.

    I’m also annoyed with ol’ mother nature. She needs to stop her bi-polar issues she’s got going on and send us some sunshine. Have a good weekend!

  4. It was definitely hailing last night when I was waiting for the big bad Megabus. Ridiculous! Originally I thought it was the apocalypse, but now I’ll start thinking that Mother Nature is going through menopause. (Love that…well you know what I mean.) Come on, spring! Get here and stay here!

  5. You better watch what you say about Mother Nature…you know how she is always showing up with that little red box at very inconvenient times on those Tampax commercials…haha.

  6. hahah between mother nature being a diva and your zit being a little bitch…you are a funny lady :D

  7. oooh that sandwich looks killer! And since pitas are one of the 4 types of bread I have in my fridge, I see me nomming one of those in my near future!

  8. I don’t get it either. Last week I was too hot wearing a tank, shorts + flipflops.

    Now I have my winter coat on today, and it’s flurries out there.

    I moved out of Newfoundland for a reason! This shouldn’t be happening in Ontario, haha.

    • Yep. My closet is just as confused as I am. I wore my winter coat this morning. And am pretty sure that’s going to just look ridiculous by the end of the day the way the temps have been creeping up. I never win!

  9. I was always too embarrassed to do any kind of cardio-jumpy stuff when I lived in my old apartment building. One time I tried to do a push-up, slipped onto the floor, and got a broom handle to the ceiling response. Boo!

    It was 90 degrees yesterday and today it is 55 and overcast. Mood swings all around.

  10. i love the shred video! SO perfect. hope the weather gets better and brings out mystery man!

  11. Omg, you cracked me up! Mother nature is majorly moody lately. It is raining today, the one day I might have been able to get a run in this weekend, boo.

  12. We’ve been having absolutely horrible weather here lately. Looking out the window, I see nothing but gray skies, wind, and snow. No joke. Hello? Spring? Time to get your act together…

    I love sunflower seed butter, but it took a while to grow on me. I still haven’t figured out how to use it in anything sweet though… for now, it sticks to the savory meals.

  13. Love the TWSS reference – definitely needed on a Friday.

    I get in that funk in the a.m. too where I’m like ehh I just want to be a homebody tonight. Then once it gets dark and I clock out, I change my mind. Have fun with whatever you choose!

  14. Um yeah, the weather is INSANE. We had 90’s as highs for like a week and then tonight, it’s getting down into the 30’s. Umm what…? But then again, April always has crazy weather. Come to think of it, since I was born in April, maybe that explains my weirdness.. hmm..
    Haha good idea about making all the noise to attract hottie neighbor. Too bad it didn’t work.. And you know, when you actually WANT to run into someone when you are looking all nice you never do, it’s always when you are looking like crap that you run into them… because the laws of the universe are screwed up like that.
    I’ve never had sunflower seed butter. I had a bad experience one time with a nut butter that wasn’t a nut butter… ok yeah I know that makes no sense but it was called something like Better Than Nut Butter or some junk (a.k.a. it had less calories and fat) and it made me vomit a little in my mouth… not that you wanted to know that… but let’s just say I’ve stuck to almond butter and peanut butter since. But i’ll try anything once…

    As for the guy i’m going out with, he indeed does have two older brothers. But one is married.. boo. But I still haven’t went out with him yet so the jury is still out on if he can prove me wrong. We shall see!

    Have a great afternoon! Love you!

    • Yeah, my theory of getting him to come up and knock on my door would have had to include him falling in love with me as a hot sweaty mess…

      I’ve seen that “Better than Butter” stuff on the shelves… curiousity was starting to creep in. But I’m glad you filled me in. Probably the fact that i haven’t seen it alot on the blogs should say something, too.

      Have a good time with him this weekend! I hope he’s just awesome! ;)

  15. I love Jillian Michaels…it’s been a while since she and I have worked out together. I need to remedy that ASAP.

    I totally agree on the sunflower butter, initially I bought it and didn’t like it. But now I’ve finished an entire container and need to get another one. I only wish they had a chunky version too!

  16. haha, i know, i can’t do workout videos at my house b/c we live above another apt. too! i know theyd hear such a racket and i’m too embarrassed. i miss the shred so much!

    – Beth @

  17. haha, i like your sass girl! and i just recently discovered the glory that is sunflower seed butter. just so nutty and yummy – i LOVE it!

  18. hahaha I LOVE that you were worried about maybe possibly bothering the hot neighbor boy.
    Fortunately Im in a basement suite so I bother no one. The landlords live upstairs though, and Im pretty sure theyre the loudest people ever. But they stole me a recycle bin when mine disappeared, so I’ll deal with it!! :)

  19. That’s What She Said may be the greatest joke ever. The best was when I was working at day care; kids say the dirtiest things (obviously not intentionally) “I can fit a whole banana in my mouth!” I mean COME. ON.

    Another great source? Sports broadcasts, specifically football. Lots of talk of penetration. I remember once the guy ACTUALLY said, “Watch how he slides around in the pocket to avoid the rush of pressure coming at him!” I started texting people. Cause apparently I have the sense of humor of a 16 year old boy. But seriously, listen for it; these guys HAVE to know what they’re saying, right?

  20. Happy hour always interferes with what should be a workout for me. Funny you said that :)

    Hope you get that trail run in, but in the mean time, you motivated ME to do 30 Day Shred today. Level 1. Jill and I haven’t hung out in…a long time. Hate weights!

    Have a good weekend :)

  21. I love the sass. I need it right now to keep me awake!

    I hate cold weather after um… November. So when it’s cold in April, I get really violent.

  22. Lovin the sass! Cracked me up :)
    Happy Weekend!

  23. oh I really need to try that sunflower seed butter!

  24. You always make me laugh! Mother Nature is such a diva! Good call

    And I really need to try that sunflower butter because I’ve heard so many good things about it! Is it more like peanut or almond butter? is it sweet?

    Have a wonderful weekend, girl!!

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