Run for the Cheetah 2010

I’m probably never ever going to sleep in past 8:00 on the weekend ever again, am I?  Ahhhh…. how life has changed from when I was a 22-year old college kid nursing a hangover…

But that’s ok.  Yesterday was a good reason to be up early.  I was out the door and picking up Annie to take a drive down to Lincoln Park in Chicago by 7:30.  We had things to do.  Like kicking ass and taking names… Details you want?  Ok. Here’s Annie as we’re walking to the park- we were both anxious for the race to start:Wave at Annie!  And feel free to say hello!  She informed me she’s one of the regular readers of SCR… Hey girl,  heeeeyyy!The race started right at 9:00 with a little rain in the air.  Nothing too bad- I was more concerned about wind- but that wasn’t much of a problem, either.  My leg was feeling quite alright.  I could feel a little twinge (is that a word?  If not, I’m using it from now on to describe feeling the spot of concern without really feeling pain).  I started out at a decent pace, and closed in on the first mile a little under 8:30.  This surprised me considering I haven’t really ran at all since the Shamrock Shuffle three weeks ago.  As soon as I realized my pace, I knew that I would comfortably hit a finish under 27 minutes (the time I had decided I’d be ok with all things considered).  I hit my stride in the second mile and pretty much just carried it through the rest of the race. 

After I got done, I quickly turned around, grabbed our stuff from gear check, and hustled to find a spot to watch Annie finish.  This girl rocked it!  I am soooo happy for her!  I found her after she crossed the line and we gave each other a big hug- victory!!!!  Here’s Annie’s re-enactment of crossing the finish line:And here’s me stretching out the little leggie that gives me problems and just giving my body some recovery from the shock of all the sudden having it’s owner telling it to run:

And after I got up, I realized my big mistake…  The ground was a little damper than I realized.  Awww… my poor flat and wet butt.  I just can’t win… in more ways than one.  Come ON Jillian, we’re supposed to be working on this issue!

Final time you ask?  25:18!  That’s a 8:09 average pace!  And I placed 8th in my age group- so that’s kind of neat.  Considering all the protest my legs have put up, I was completely happy with the time.  I’m hoping to break 25:00 on my next 5k I run.  Still up in the air if that’ll be Race to Wrigley in two weeks.  I’m hoping it will be.  :)

And little Miss Annie clocked in her first 5k ever at about 32:30!  I was soooo proud of her!  Can I say that enough?  I love that I have a few running buddies now… ;)

But enough about racing.  It was time to eat.  We ended up at Toast (thanks for the suggestions, btw!).  I asked Annie if she would be ok with that one and she said her boss had also told her that’d be a good place to go.  We had to wait to be seated, which was fine because we were still walking it out and stretching.  And the wait was seriously worth it…  LOVED the restaurant.  Loved the food.  Loved the company!And loved the coffee… mmmm.  We both went back and forth on what to order.  After giggling about the menu’s “pancake orgy” (yes, I have the sense of humor of a 12-year-old), I settled on the Omelette Lorraine.Oh man it was good.  We enjoyed our breakfasts over some good conversation.  Well, good conversation on our parts.  I don’t often mind the people around us (or even notice- hello, I’m focusing on my food!).  But we were seated next to a first class jackass.  I mean really.  I wouldn’t have even mentioned it if some of the things that came out of his mouth weren’t some of the most obnoxious and egotistical bull I’ve ever heard.  Apparently, there are no girls hot enough for him in the clubs anymore these days.  But it doesn’t matter because he’s too good looking to have a girlfriend right now anyways.  The couple sitting with him looked embaressed because they knew he was offending everyone within ear shot.  He said much more, but I’d rather not get into much more detail than that.  I have never had such a strong desire to stick my foot out as he got up to walk out.  But I was in a good mood.  And I didn’t want to deal with the possible law suit that would occur.  Not worth it.

Every good brunch needs a bit of dessert, so we walked back up the block to this little shop:I had stopped in Starfruit to pick up a race packet before, and loved how cute it was.  But never tried anything.  I’m not a huge fruit person (in which I mean I really don’t eat hardly anything considered “fruity” at all), so I stuck with the original flavor of the Kefir froyo and got a little reese’s pieces goodness to put on top:True love.

I got home and crashed on the futon (which is only around for another week before it gets replaced- so I’m saying my goodbyes).  I also finally watched The Informant.  After much thought, I thought this movie was “ha ha….eh.”  You’ll know what I mean if you’ve already watched it.  The plot bored me.  And I honestly spent alot of the movie semi-confused.  But some of that could be blamed that I was watching it in tired-coma-like-state.  My brother was the one who said it was funny.  And I told him after I watched it, I wanted to write Red Box for my dollar back.  And then we went back and forth with some random quotes Matt Damon had throughout the movie.  His random narrations were pretty funny.  Because they were just ridiculous.  But the movie as a whole was just “eh”.  That’s why I stand by my rating of “ha  ha…eh.”  Take what you want from that…

Have a good Monday!

51 Responses

  1. I am glad that you liked Toast, but sad that you were interrupted by a white cap douche. :) Great job rocking the race!

  2. Jealous! I LOVE breakfast in Chicago, You can go to almost any diner in the city and it’s awesome. I have to drive 20 minutes to find any kind of a decent breakfast where I live…unless you want to go to Bob Evans or shitty IHOP. Bleh. Congrats on the run too — marathon, here you come!

  3. Congrats on your 5k & the awesomely awesome time you got! WOW that’s so great!!! I was reading this and I was like Oh I’m so proud!!

    & no…we will never be able to sleep past 8am…ever.again.

  4. Congrats on the race lady!!! Also, re your last post about PT and the fear about a lopsided bum, it looks like you are safe ffor now! No lopsidedness that I see.

  5. Congrats on the race! I’m glad your leg pain was only a twinge

    I probably would have been shooting the meat head dirty looks if I were you (cuz, you know, that’s mature) ;)

  6. Twinge is definitely a word. I use it too! No worries.

    Way to go on that 5k run! You were clippin’ ‘er. I’m thinking about signing up for a 5k after my “Learn to Run” class at the gym is over. lol.

  7. Awesome job on the run!! Glad your leg is feeling better!

    I felt the same way about The Informant. I don’t like movies that confuse me. It didn’t suck though.

  8. So congrats on your race!!!!!! That is an AWESOME time, especially for not having ran in so long!
    As for the guy sitting next to you at brunch, I think you perhaps ran into one of my exes?! The whole “i’m too hot to settle down with a girl” sounds allll too familiar. Obviously, I know how to pick them ;) Seriously though, I agree with Danielle, I would’ve shot him some dirty looks.. who needs to be mature?
    But the fro-yo looks delicious!!! Nothing better than Reese’s..nothing.
    Have a great Monday! Love ya!

  9. Seriously awesome time for the 5k!!!! Rock on girl. Looks like a great race overall.
    And keep on squatting, will lift and round your butt like no other exercise. Just make sure to sit back with the butt and not the legs and you will have bootay in no time.
    adventures in tri-ing

  10. I actually agree with your brother, the informant is so funny. Congrats on your race!

  11. Hey – great blog! I love your pics!! Well done on the race x

  12. WOW congrats on your 5k time!!! That’s impressive!!!

  13. congrats on the run. gosh you’re fast :) congrats to your friend Annie too!

    sorry bout the a-hole guy. i hate people like that. if im in a bitchy enough mood i always tell people like that off.

    p.s. in the second pic, the girl in the background on the left is wearing Vibram FiveFingers (ever heard of it?)

    • There were so many comments that JUST ALMOST came out of my mouth. At one point I said in a normal tone (that if they were listening at all, would have heard it), “wow, I feel sorry for the couple because they probably know how much of an ass their friend sounds like.”

    • Oh and yes, I know what you’re talking about- I’ve seen quite a few people wearing them now! They’re really starting to catch on… I kind of want to try a pair on just to see what all the fuss is about!

  14. YAY!!! What an awesome run girl! You rocked it and looked to cute to boot! :) Happy Monday!

  15. Awesome job! You kicked that goal out of the park. You’re right, your days of sleeping the vodka off may likely be long, long gone. Now you can RUN the vodka off! Ha!

  16. Wowie! You rocked that 5K, you sure are speedy! Great job :-)

  17. hahaha sorry gotta laugh.. we’ve all done that i think.. sat on damp grass. oops. love your blog girl! i just started mine a few days ago and have been getting used to this whole blog community etc. i think ur blog is awesome tho!

  18. Nice job on your race, and I probably wouldn’t have been able to restrain myself from making some sort of nasty comment loud enough to be heard.

  19. What a perfect day! KICKASS time! Delicious dinner and froyo! Amazing. If only men weren’t douches.

    Congrats girl!

  20. “Twinge” is one of my favorite words…I use it weekly. Also, I love the idea of dessert after brunch, I want it. Thirdly, you are adorable. I wish I had a flat butt, for the record. :-)

  21. I have a flat butt, too. I thought the running/Shred would help out but apparently I’m destined to never have a nice round butt. Good boobs though, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much?

  22. great job! You run faster injured than I do nice and healthy! haha :)

  23. Yay on the race time! I like the word twinge and totally knew what you meant, so I’m going to go with it’s a word.

  24. Damn! 25:18? I haven’t ran that fast in a 5K in over years. I’ve been slowing down & hovering b/w a 9-10 minute pace lately. This is what I get for liquid carb loading

  25. u guys look cute. that conversation is funny !
    great little dessert …reeses = :)

  26. Congrats on your 5k time! :)

  27. You girls are so cute :) The race sounds like a blast! I’ve sat in wet grass before a race…no fun!!!

  28. Awesome job on the run lady!!

    When you’re done with Jillian, send her my way. She’s missed quite a few appointments with me.

  29. Great job! 8th in your age group! Wow!!!!

    I definitely use “twinge” to describe pains, so I hope it’s a word!

  30. Congrats on your time! That’s awesome :)

  31. I want a pancake orgy hehe :) Holy running batman—awesome pace, I’m jealous but that is just fabulous!!!

  32. yummm toast and starfruit are two of my fave LP spots! congrats on your awesome time!

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