Unplanned Rest

I had planned to go to the trail again after work last night.  But by the time 6:00 rolled around, I was beaten down from exhaustion and the weather was looking anything but promising.  Home it was.  “I’ll just do some shred and elliptical,” I thought, “that will be fine”.

But I had to stop by the grocery store first.  I have a baking adventure (that I’ll explain in a little) that I needed stuff for.  Me and my five or six things stood in line for 15 minutes.  Behind the coupon queen herself.  Now I do coupons, but this woman took it to a whole other level.  And debated prices of various items.  Which meant checking back to the weekly ads and such.  Just my luck.  I surrendered.  No workout tonight.  There’s absolutely no energy left to burn…

So I came home and did work in the kitchen.  First, my dinner.  I didn’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I never get a craving for Mexican!  Quite the opposite, so your guess is as good as mine why I didn’t have it last night.  So I did a day late. Sorta.  Black beans, corn, a little shredded cheese, and some avocado on the side:My quesadilla hung out in the oven a little longer than it should of and got stuck to the bottom of the pan.  It was a quesadilla wreck, but it was a beautiful wreck, nonetheless.  Kinda like me.  ;)

And now the baking story…

Turns out I’m good at baking.  Like… really good.  Good enough for my friend Jaime to ask me to bake her wedding cake for the reception they’re having for friends and family (that didn’t go to the destination wedding two weeks ago).  So yeah… I’m baking a wedding cake.  My usual thing is cupcakes, but that’s ok- I’m flexible.  :)  The reception is in a couple weeks.  So this weekend I’m doing a test run on one of the layers.  And getting a general idea of what the idea in my head will look like in real life.

Last night was the actual baking of the cake. What, that doesn’t look delicious enough yet?  Just wait… They’re now waiting to be filled and wrapped in sugar and butter and all the glory that is buttercream frosting.  I will most likely be doing this with wine.  Because that’s how I roll.

Since the cake is still a work-in-progress, here’s a little sweetness I used to get me through the day:Oatmeal with coconut, White Chocolate Wonderful, and a little Cinnamon Pecan Special K (on the underneath).  All to go with my TJ’s green tea.  We discussed the sweetness of the WCW earlier this week, and it was just kind of “eh” in my breakfast.  Peeps were right- too sweet for oatmeal.  Oh well.  Now I know.

I’m hoping tonight after work I’ll be feeling much better!  It’s rainy, so I’m not planning the trail tonight, but probably a little Shred and Elliptical action.  I’m cool with that. 

Enjoy your Friday!

42 Responses

  1. I hate when you get behind people like that. The worst thing is when you work at a store and you have to DEAL with people like that. And argue that no, you can’t return something that’s already half eaten (for real?) and deal with the elderly who like to pay in pennies.. PENNIES. And also the elderly who think you are 14 years old and about have a heart attack when you tell them that you are, in fact, in your 20s. It’s a test of patience, I’ll tell you.
    Anyways, the cake sounds great!!! I can’t wait to see the final product.
    I “celebrated” Cinco de Mayo a day late too so it’s all good ;)
    And by the way, showing my nutritionist my blog is a GREAT idea! thank you!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Wow, now you bake wedding cakes? Impressive. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

    And yeah, if I have to stop and do anything before attempting to work out, I never make it. I need to go straight home, immediately upstairs to change, and then right back out the door.

  3. The workout bug didn’t bite me either last night after a long day of work, cleaning, and running errands. It will just make our next workout even better.
    PS. The awesome Brian is now coming back to teach spinning at my gym every Tuesday and Thursday night- starting at the end of the month. We’ll have to get you there one of these weeks.

  4. Whoaa! That is so flattering to be asked to cook someone’s wedding cake! Did you ever take lessons? Are you nervous at all? Are you going to recruit handsome, strong men to carry the cake to its destination?

    • I’ve never taken lessons, I just kinda wing it alot… which seems to work out… :p

      I’m not nervous, but I do know what problems I might end up having- so that’s why I’m doing the test run to see.

      And I think I need to take out an ad for some strong men asap… or maybe hunt down my cute neighbor boy and play helpless? ;)

  5. hope you feel up to working out today! i hate trying to workout after work because i always find other things to do.

    and wedding cake? *bowdowntoyou*!!

  6. Happy Friday Girl! Your Mexican dinner looks great! I would love everyday to be Cinco de Mayo haha!

  7. 1.There are still ways to save money even if you have to use the venues designated caterer. Let your guests eat your wedding cake instead of having dessert. Often the wedding cake is such a waste as most people are full after dessert and nobody touches the wedding cake.

  8. I want to eat your post

    That cake looks SOOOO GOOOD. You just gave me a serious craving for a piece of cake!

  9. I love that you’re baking wedding cakes! If I ever get married you can do mine. :)
    How we would get it here I don’t know but whatever.

    I hate people like that lady in the store. I waited for ten minutes last weekend because some lady wanted to buy a salad with no price. She insisted it was 5 dollars and when the price check boy couldn’t find it she went on and on about how dumb he was.

  10. working out after work is so hard! I feel like that always ends up happening to me.
    good luck baking the wedding cake – that’s so cool!

  11. I can’t believe you’re baking a WEDDING cake. That’s craziness. You must be quite good.

  12. gawd coupon people. i always try to stay away from those lines…sometimes you just want to shout…HURRY UP or something worse ;)

    cant wait to see what you do with the cake.

  13. Wowee! That is awesome that you are baking a wedding cake. I am a TERRIBLE baker…no lie. But I try…doesn’t that count for something?? Can’t wait to see the finished project!

  14. That’s awesome! I am a terrible baker, so I am VERY impressed.

    And any day that I have to go to the grocery store after work is pretty much a guaranteed rest day. So exhausting!

  15. I think its super important to listen to your body so good for you for taking the day off. If you don’t feel up to it, your body is probably telling you it needs a break!

    And that cake looks awesome! I’m so excited to see the finished product. Though I’m kind of happy I’m NOT a very good baker, because I’d have a hard time resisting a delicious looking cake like that!

  16. Good luck with the cake, that’s impressive! The quesadilla still looked yum even if stuck to the pan :)

  17. Whoaa, you’re baking a wedding cake?! Potential part-time job opportunity?

    A lil “Shred” action goes a longggg way :)

  18. That’s so cool that you’re baking a wedding cake! You MUST post pictures of the finished product!

  19. Wow, baking a wedding cake is a lot of pressure!! Can’t wait to see the final product :) .

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  20. wow!! you must be a really good baker if your friend is asking you to bake a cake for her WEDDING! thats so exciting!!
    cant wait to see it in its buttercream glory!!

  21. A WEDDING CAKE? Damn!

  22. those flying-saucer chocolate cakes look great!

  23. wow, you must be a good baker! That’s awesome!

  24. I am really impressed that you can make a wedding cake! I can’t wait to see the end result. I love looking at cakes (even though I can’t eat them)!

  25. Oooh can’t wait to see the cake in all it’s iced glory!

  26. oh wow what a cake! are they going to be tiered? layered ontop of eachother with the filling between them? i bet its going to be fabulous!!! have an amazing friday! the weekend is sooo closeeee <3 xoxo

  27. There’s no such thing as “too sweet”! Not for me anyways. I think I need to get my hands on some of that WCW. :D

    That’s so exciting that you’re baking your friends wedding cake! I would be way too nervous to take on something like that. You’re my hero.

  28. Can’t wait to see how this cake turns out! You must post pictures of it!

    My baking ability is no where near being able to make a wedding cake!

  29. They need a fast lane with no coupons, questions, etc. I always get the moron in front of me who is confused by the concept of checking out.

    And you bake wedding cakes?? What? I think you should fed ex your readers sample so you can get 100% honest opinions. And by readers, I mean me.

  30. wow that is so impressive & such an honor! i hope your test cake baking run goes smoothly and as planned… plus I cannot wait to see this finished product.

  31. I do the I’ll just shred or do elliptical when I am feeling too zonked to run too, sometimes it doesn’t end up happening though when my body needs a rest! Your cakes look amazingly tasty so far – cant wait to see the finished product.

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