I’ve spent a lot of weekends resting and staying in as of late.  I have no problems with that.  I actually enjoy it.  But not this weekend… this weekend I remembered what the concept of socialization was all about (although I may be a little rusty… ;)).

After the three of us (my cousin, her friend, and I) getting our workouts in yesterday, we cleaned up as to look publicly acceptable, and headed down to the city to meet up with cousin #2 in Bucktown for a late brunch.  Really it was well past any hour that breakfast should be served in, but if there’s any cinnamon rolls involved, I still call it brunch.We ate at Blue Line Lounge and Grill– right under the Blue Line stop.  They had a little outside patio area that would have been so cute to sit in- had it not been SO COLD!  (Thank you Chicago weather and your mind games… I’m THIS CLOSE to needing therapy because of you.)  Niki got there right after we did, so as soon as she sat down, the family gossip came out again!  Don’t think we’re rude- there’s 35 cousins on that side of the family- there is a LOT of catching up to do on a regular basis.  Jeanna (my cousin Joanne’s friend) was very awesome about listening to all the tales of our childhood/family musings/where are they nows. 

The food came out and I had the California Stone Flat with sweet potato fries.  After that sandwich, I decided no sandwich is complete without avocado.  Mark my words…Such a sassy group of ladies we are…

After lunch, we all parted ways.  My coming home involved a nap in my favorite spot of my new couch (that would be the corner so I pretty much lay there in fetal position and bask in the glow of the sun shining through my sliding door- I’m a little baby like that.  Or a cat.).

I did, however, wake up and get moving again.  I had some energy stored up at that point and went down to hammer out another mile and a half on the treadmill.  Yes- I used the treadmill yesterday.  The dreaded thing.  The rain made me do it!

Later that night, I met up with my bestie Annie and we went to Rocks in Lincoln Park to celebrate her husband Steve’s birthday.  I really like that place because it’s a casual neighborhood bar.  I’m not so much a fan of the club scene and feel much more at home in a place like this.  Joanne was staying downtown this night and was cool enough to meet up with me again!  We decided this was probably the most bonding time we have had in years!I really want to make a trip to Ann Arbor to see her.  I’ve heard it’s a fun little town to run around in.  Plans must be made…

Anyhoo, because it was Steve’s birthday and Annie didn’t have time to bake anything, we brought a few of the cake bites I made to the bar to celebrate his birthday properly.  I like that Annie called them “cake bites”.  I have decided I’m not a huge fan of the word “balls” unless using it in a more negative tone.  Like, “he’s going to be late and we are gonna be so screwed!”  “Oh balls….”.  So yeah, we’re calling them cake bites now. Happy Birthday Steve!!!

People loved my cake bites.  And can we point out- this is where it sounds better.  Because you can’t say “people loved my balls”.  You just can’t use a phrase like that any more without thinking of Alec Baldwin’s schweddy balls skit.  Which is hilarious and all, but still somewhat awkward.  Nothing like a schweddy ball…

I’m running on little sleep today.  I blame myself.  Didn’t turn the heat up enough.  So I woke up freezing.  But too tired to actually get up and turn up the heat more or grab a cover.  So I laid there.  Frozen.  Looking back, that was a poor choice.

I have got to run.  Time to call my mom (Happy Mother’s Day, ya’ll).  And I have to clean before the peeps show up for a special suburb edition of Lunch Club. Have a wonderful Sunday!

24 Responses

  1. Amy it looks like you had such a great time with friends!! I love socializing, especially because I feel I have a slight tendency to nest at home. Blue Line sounds great- so do your balls. I looooove that schweddy balls skit!! Hope you enjoy your day. You’re cracking me up as usual my dear!!

  2. yay fun socializing! looks like it was a lot of fun :)

    and bummer about waking up freezing but i do that too: the whole, i’m too cold to turn up the heat or grab a blanket thing so i suffer. and then i just get colder!

  3. Looks like a blast! I am glad you got to get out! I am so guilty about not socializing enough. Keith and I joke that we are such a grandpa and grandma! We need to be better about getting out. :)

  4. I really need to work on my socialization. I’ve been so tired lately that I stay in a bit too much. I’m glad you got out there and had a fabulous weekend!

  5. This sounds like a lot of fun! And I love that Alec Baldwin skit. Too funny =P

  6. Looks like everyone enjoyed stuffing your balls in their mouths.

  7. Sweet potato fries are one of my all time favorites…. and avocado! I want your lunch! ;)

  8. GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS LADIES! oh and .. (happy birthday steve).. hehe..

  9. very good birthday cake substitution!

  10. Aww it looks like you had a good time! I have been doing the same thing as of lately, just keeping it low key and staying in. It def is good to get out once and a while though, so I am glad you had a good night! xox

  11. It looks like you had tons of fun! It’s so much fun to catch up with friends and family when you can!

  12. I like the cake bites rather than balls too… I am so immature sometimes. I giggle at the word balls… ha.
    I usually stay in one weekends too. I think i’m old before my time? Oh well, it’s all good.

  13. lol I agree – cake bites sounds better than balls. Maybe Im a 12 year old boy, but I giggle whenever I hear the word balls. At work we sell something called a nut bag, and whenever a guy comes in asking for one I fight to keep my composure. Im sorry, but seeing a 6 foot tall man walk in and say “I need a nut bag” is hysterical.

  14. How old am I?? I’m in my office cracking up about your balls! I need to make them just to experience this myself! When we play tennis I always laugh when I gather all of the tennis balls before we leave I always say P don’t worry I’ve got your balls! Good times…..

  15. a) I’m with you on cake bites. I always feel awkward when I say balls too.
    b)Please, gossiping with cousins about the family is the best part of having cousins! Although the Aunts usually have the best news.
    c)Philly is about to put me in therapy, too. Last weekend was 90 degrees and humid. This weekend was 50 degrees and windy. WTF am I supposed to do with a 40 degree drop in temps?

  16. I think it’s only natural for family to gossip when together. I know me and my cousins do it! Haha.

  17. yay for going out and enjoying time with your friends! sometimes it does just feel so good to let loose & go with it. I need to do it more often. Really is going out a couple nights a week going to kill me in the long run?! NO! I think we should go out more often girl!

    Glad you had a lot of fun & that everyone enjoyed your cake bites!

  18. I always wanted to try Blue Line. I only ran in there once to pee :) Rocks is a fun place, I’ve always had a good time there too. I like their patio when it’s nicer out.

    Those cake bites look so cute and I bet they were delish! Good job.

  19. Okay so I’m really starting to believe we may be the same person. I know I’m not very timely but I am killing time at work reading your blog and the first three things I notice are:

    1) Javier’s (which in my opinion is a stupid name, La Chicanita was way better) is next door to my husband’s old apartment so needless to say I’ve frequented that place A LOT. Like a lot on Sunday mornings hungover. And also the day we got engaged, ha.
    2) I love Blue Line, especially wandering across the street after shows the Double Door. Have spent way too much time there too.
    3) I have made those cake bites! The are surprisingly easy and people think you are a baking goddess when you bust them out!

    Scary! =)

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