Number Seven

Why hello there. 

I went to Jaime’s sister and she definitely took care of me!  No pics- but that’s because my camera was dead when I grabbed it this morning… boo!  We took care of those nast scraggly ends that have been keeping me up at night and went a few shades darker.  Not a huge difference, but enough to make me happy.  :)  The colors are “mochas”, and it certain lights you can see some reddish undertones.  Sweet…

Most people would find it funny that I decide to go darker for summer.  But I live dangerously.  This would be right up there with my use of expired pasta… scandalous!

I also appreciate her not judging me for wacking off half of my bangs last weekend in a desperate last attempt to style them before going out.  Yes, I’m a cutter.  And I’m horrible at it.  But Michelle just giggled and laughed a little as she tried to shape the leftover bangs.  I appreciate that.  Because I’ve gotten lectured before.  It’s like going to the dentist and  lying to him about flossing every day.  They know you’re lying.  But you do anyways.

I got home after the two-hour ordeal and was starving.  Being as how I was’t quite at 100% (see “multiple martinis on Saturday night”) I heavily considered getting carryout somewhere.  Something greasy and fantastic.  But as I sat there with color setting in my hair and flipping through a two-month-old People magazine, I became overwhelmed with the options.  Boneless wings?  Hamburger?  Loaded nachos?  Pizza?  But honestly, the big burger and fries I used to consume after every night of going out would probably leave me feeling even more gross afterwards being as how I don’t get them nearly as much as I used to.  Which would have inevitably led to me laying on the couch the rest of the day feeling dirty and used…  What are hangover/next day tricks that you used to swear by (even if they’re not so good)?

So I came home and made some more of the shrimp wonderfulness I had from the night before.  And seriously, I can’t let food go to waste and it’s gonna get bad soon.This made me feel sooooo much better.  And I even went for a three-mile walk afterwards to help me feel like I was “detoxifying”.  The Yoga Meltdown session with Jillian also helped this process.  I know it’s probably not scientifically legit, but I feel that “sweating out the alcohol” makes the rest of the day much better.

My cousin who was considering the 13.1 Chicago in a few weeks emailed me again- we’re not running together that day anymore because she didn’t realize it fell on a weekend she already has something going on.  I’m sad she won’t be down to visit again, but I’m working on getting her to run the Rock ‘N Roll Half with me in August instead.  ;)

I also heard from my lovely friend Mary last night.  Along with my friend Laura, we’re the trio of best friends from college.(Mary’s the blonde in the middle in the tailgating pic.)  Btw, my hair sorta looks like that now… but better.  Because this pic of me was when my roomie and I decided to do the color from a box- it was my first and last time doing so.  The color was really flat and it’s a lot harder than you’d think when you have such long and thick hair!  I leave it to the professionals now…Mary and I also lived together over one summer and for a year later on in college.  I loved it because we’d just wonder across the hall to the other person’s room and get to sit and talk whenever we wanted.  She and I often had “Friday Night Dress Night” and shared a mutual respect for Goldshlager.  We don’t get to talk nearly as much now, but we make sure to get in girl talk whenever we can…  So she just recently got engaged.  And just asked Laura and I to be co-maids of honor.  Of course I said I’d do it!  I’m very excited! I’m sure Laura and I will have bachelorette party ideas flying around in no time at all… 

This is wedding number seven for me.  If you’re looking for a professional bridesmaid, please call me at least seven to eight months in advance.  I’m booking up very quickly.  I love doing it because I really have a great set of girlfriends, but I’m just wondering what I’m going to do with all these dresses?  That shorten it and wear it again crap?  Uh no….  So any creative ideas???

Happy Monday! This week will hopefully be a good one- I’ve got Thursday off randomly to get some stuff done. A nice break in the middle of the week will be very appreciated! 

Tonight’s another quick 3-mile run.  But again, it’s supposed to be rainy.  I’ve been lucky so far, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if it’s the night I get forced to the treadmill.

56 Responses

  1. I think there are some organizations that collect dresses for people who can’t afford them. I know they do this for prom dresses, maybe you could look into something like that with your extraneous bridesmaid dresses?


  2. You girls are beautiful! I just went darker with my hair too, it’s fun.

  3. Sweating off the booze works for me too! Last time my sweat was so full of wine it actually burned my skin. Yah. Lovely.

  4. I’m a cutter too. I’ve done some pretty bad hack jobs in the past, but I’d like to think I’m getting better…. at least my hairdresser hasn’t been saying anything to me… yet.

    The only things I’ve tried when it came to curing hangovers are coffee, drinking lots of water, and exercise. That being said, I’m not sure any of them actually work because sometimes it would make me feel better, and sometimes it wouldn’t… go figure.

  5. Yikes, hungover cures for me usually equal eating disgusting food that I usually wouldn’t touch, but, so be it. It works.

    I’m with the donating of the bridesmaids’ dresses–I just can’t think of anything else. My bff is getting married this fall though, and her bridesmaids’ dresses are actually wear-again-able :)

  6. hangover cure = water! and lots of it. a good run also seems to work wonders

  7. donate the dresses…if they could pass for prom dresses, you could donate them so a high school kid could have something to wear…

    i might need an extra bridesmaid for my wedding :) ill let you know by december since that should be enough time :) Im sure you’ll love it out here in the Pacific northwest. lol.

  8. Crap, my comment just got eaten!
    I posted that Glass Slipper project is a local (Chicago) organization that you can donate dresses, purses, shoes, hair stuff, makeup etc for girls for prom. I volunteered at the “boutique” one year where the girls come and “shop” for prom and it was amazing. Check it out!

    And great job on making the good choice of something healthy instead of greasy…probably the better choice!!! :>
    adventures in tri-ing

  9. A “professional bridesmaid” haha too funny! And I am hoping to do a rock-n-roll marathon near me :)

  10. I think our friends are on different marriage schedules, because I’m heading out to my first this summer. Which is good, because I’m already hyperventilating and feeling old. Dark brown is TOTALLY the way to go, by the way. I’m biased, but I think it’s the best.

  11. omg ur def hitting up a lot of weddings lately! love it! haha yea u’ll have to get creative now with the dresses to reinvent some new looks haha.
    so glad u have such a great friend to take care of you, so awesome <3

  12. Taco Bell was/is my hangover food of choice. Nothing seems to cure one as well as some tacos and a Mexican Pizza. Also, hooray for dark brown hair! And if I ever get married I’m totally coming to you for planning tips.

  13. Hi Amy, I just started reading your blog and you are so funny. My question is, how come with your witty sense of humor, you are gorgeous, intelligent, independent, you don’t have a boyfriend? Did I miss something here? :)
    My daughter just got married and if she had known you, you would have definitely been one of her bridesmaid, lol. Check her out “Fit to Wed”. I just wanted to say you are so funny and I love your hair. Beautiful. Have a beautiful day.

    • Thank you for reading! You made me blush a little… ;)

      And yeah, I don’t have a bf. But if you met some of the guys I’ve been into, you’d probably understand I’m making the better choice… it seems that I have a fatal attraction to guys who are just as stubborn as I am. Not a great combo… ha ha.

      But no worries- all in good time, right? :)

  14. very cute about the professional bridesmaid! i actually think it is fun to go dark in the summer and lighter in the winter :) i swear by wheat grass to cure/help a hangover!

  15. Man oh man you are in a lot of weddings!! ha. But def congrats on maid of honor, holla!! :-) I have only ever been in my sissy’s wedding. Either I’m really unpopular, or all my friends are not marriage material; haha, or maybe a combo of both ;-)

  16. Haha, I’ll keep you in mind if hell ever freezes over and I get married ;)

    I bet your hair is adorable. I’m all about the brunette-ness!

  17. You are adorable and I think it is great you live on the wild side with going darker in the summer! I have fun with my hair too. I grow it out and chop it off. I have thick long hair now and am loving the frumpy bun! So easy for hot weather! I too am a cutter…I can’t leave my bangs alone! Sounds like you had a good weekend! Have fun on the run today!

  18. I had my bridesmaids pick out different styles of dresses so they could end up with something they liked. One of my sister-in-laws picked a 2 piece combo. The top she could re-wear with a jean skirt or something. But with the bridesmaid skirt she cut out our initials and made pillowcases….so my pillowcase says EAD <3 JTD and his says the reverse. I thought it was so creative. My mom thought it would offend me that she cut up the skirt but I thought it was the best idea!

  19. It’s crazy how much your sweat can smell like alcohol–eek! I second Taco Bell–that used to be my hangover cure–or some Sonic!

  20. I always go darker in the summer. Bucking the trend we are (apparently I’m channeling yoda :) )

  21. The minute I read “what am I going to do with these dresses” I thought of 27 dresses.. you can have those brides wear them to your wedding as your bridesmade :)

    • If I weren’t so weird about color coordinating, it could have been a fun idea! :p At least they’re not busting out of the closet like in the movie, though!

      • I was totally thinking the 27 dresses movie as well! That would be fun ha!
        You are soo pretty girl! Great job on the run!

  22. There is no such thing as a re-wearable bridesmaid dress! I don’t care what they say at the store, you won’t ever cut it short and wear it again.

    Also, I tried to do my hair like you explained, not so much luck. Part of the problem could be that it desperately needs to be thinned, but the curls were actually too big. I guess I could try a smaller iron?

  23. He he you said whacked off.

    I agree on the color in a box…too harsh! It either never stayed long or damaged my hair beyond belief. I would rather shell out the extra dough for it to look pretty.

  24. Aww I think its awesome that you went darker for the summer! Everyone goes blonder, so at least you will stand out! I went blonder a few months ago (I am a natural red-head) and now I would kill to have the red back, but I have to even out all of these highlights first. Hopefully I can go back to rockin’ the red by the fall lol.

    Sorry your camera died! That ALWAYS happens to me. Anytime I go out with friends, I whip it out of my purse and poof – power is gone LOL.

  25. Professional bridesmaid huh? Too bad I’m already married otherwise I’d definitely be booking you for my next wedding. Maybe you can dye the dresses? Or I like to donate mine to this charity that takes dresses and gives them to girls who need a dress for the prom. A worthy cause!

  26. haha sweating off booze is the secret to all good things. that’s my plan for tomorrow. the bartender poured me a glass of wine and then put the whole bottle next to my glass and just left it there tonight! EEK!

  27. Burger King is the best hangover food…a little grease will get rid of it!

    Maybe you could donate the dresses? Although I do have a few that should never see the light of day again!!

  28. I’m in on this professional bridesmaid thing. Let’s get our business up and running. With my 4 (I feel like a slacker) and your 7, we probably have every color possibility. :)

  29. I used to live off alcohol + panera haha but then I went through this weird phase Freshman year where I’d eat broccoli as a hangover remedy. It might not have done much, but it felt “cleansing” :)

  30. My hangover secret is.. sushi. Seriously. Some people think it’s gross and unappealing when hungover but for me it’s fabulous and makes me feel better. Then I go for a run because exercise definitely sweats out the toxins. It does. Or at least it feels like that’s what it’s doing.

    I wish that I could be a bridesmaid! I’ve never even BEEN to a wedding yet.

  31. its like 27 dresses!! you could donate them though in all seriousness, i think tahst what she even did in the movie!! I haven’t been a bridesmaid yet!! then again i am 24 so not many of my friends have gotten married (none yet actually!)

    i like my hair darker in the summer too! I think it looks greatt with tan skin and dark hair!

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