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I’m exhausted. I baked for a majority of the day on Thursday.  It was nuts.  Either way, this is going to be somewhat short and sweet. No pun intended…

Thanks for the great comments yesterday.  I’m pretty sure we went with the fill-in option of having a bug fly into your eye as the worst way to encounter bugs on a run.  It sucks.

The day off was nice.  I did get in a walk on the trail.  I knew it was my rest day, but it’s not like it was strenuous. 

I still have a lot of baking to do after work today.  An entire white triple-layered cake.  And then all the icing.  And then finishing the cake bites that came from the cake that will also be served at the wedding.  Holy crap I’m gonna be busy. 

What did I get done?  Two chocolate triple-layered cakes are layered and ready for final icing.  Scotcheroos (a favorite I make that was specially requested for) are done.  And all the cake leftover from the chocolate cakes are rolled and ready for dipping to turn into cake bites.  The “sand” is made.  The cakestand, flowers, and sea shells are ready.  Whew…

Because I was baking tasting all day, I totally ruined my dinner.  I didn’t have any.  This sucks.  Because I had seriously good planned eats.

I did, however, have this baby while doing some icing work:I used it as a way to cut the sweetness of everything I had been eating.  And since beer and icing don’t mix, it kept me from sticking my finger into the bowl for awhile.  It worked.

As I was lounging in sugar coma, I did decide to watch Grey’s Anatomy.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Anyone else catch it?  I’m pretty sure it made up for the entire season of suckiness.  Way to pull out the big guns, Greys.  Literally.

I had a fun google search term yesterday that someone used to get to  my blog.  “Fish think but too slowly, second city.”  Um… ok.

Although I’m crazy busy, I still have cross training to do tonight.  And am looking forward to it. :)  I need to sweat it out!

Just so you know I did actually eat something healthy yesterday, here was my lunch!Southwestern theme of course.  Because I love it.  Wish I had pulled out the salsa.  Didn’t cross my mind.  Surprising…

Happy Friday!

44 Responses

  1. beer and baking! ur so hardcore haha <3

    day well spent my dear!

  2. your salad looks great! i wish i could see some of the cakes in pics…..they sound drool worthy for sure! happy friday girl!

  3. Wowie. I can’t imagine doing that much baking in one day. I love to bake, but after that kind of thing, I doubt I’d be wanting to look at sugar or flour for quite some time.

  4. Wow, that’s a lot of baking. I’d do a lot of tasting too, and wind up skipping dinner, or maybe making a huge salad to balance out the sweets.

  5. Greys was amazing!! It was so intense even the dog got nervous!!

    Holy that’s a lot of baking!! Baking is fun though. I like to crank the disney music while I’m working away.

  6. My lunch today is very similar to yours from yesterday. LOVE avocado + black beans + corn. I have salsa mixed w greek yogurt for dressing, too. yum!

  7. You got skills! Can’t wait to see the final cakey results. Sounds cool so far.

  8. Ahhhh I’m so jealous. I can’t drink beer anymore (stupid stomach) but I LOVE me some Goose Island. Chi-town genius right there :-)

  9. So, I had to Google Scotcheroos, and then realized that those are those things that I had at my Minnesota bake sales that I really really loved. Yay! FYI, your beer=my gum. I stick a piece in my mouth to stop myself from eating plain creamed sugar and butter, then take it out as I eat the sugar and butter. Sort of a fail, but my arteries have it too easy.

  10. Whewie – that’s a lot of baking! I made bread and cornbread the other day and now I’m DONE baking for a couple of weeks at least :D Hehe

  11. beer and baking? definitely sounds like my idea of fun….well the beer. i think i’d let someone else bake :) you are such a baking queen! i bow to you :)

  12. Kind of jealous your going tothe HLS!! Wish it was closer to me..

  13. Yummmm. That salad looks good. And that baking sounds awesome, if not long and tiring. Also, I heart scootcheroos, even though I don’t like peanut butter. Weird? Maybe.

  14. I love me some Goose Island beer! Nice choice! :)

  15. Wow that is a lot of baking! Good thinking by having beer to keep you out of the icing too much. I haven’t watched the Grey’s Finale yet so I skipped that part. I don’t want to ruin anything. I hear it was good though.

  16. I can’t wait to see the final product! Cake baking and decorating has always intrigued me. I even took a class but really didn’t learn too much. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  17. I have yet to watch the Grey’s finale.. this season has been HIGHLY disappointing but everyone and their mother has been talking about last night’s episode.. I have it DVR’d so it’s all good.
    Enjoy the baking!

  18. Grey’s was insane!!

  19. Yum, that salad looks right up my alley. I have a few avocados ripening on the counter.

    Someone searched raccoon husband to find my blog yesterday LOL

    adventures in tri-ing

  20. Holy crap woman that’s a lot of baking. As you already know I watched Grey’s, I was having like a two hour panic attack!

  21. girlfrand you are a baking QUEEN!!
    i havent watched greys! Im not a “greys” girl! I wish i was tho-heard last night episode was INSANE!

  22. Dang girl, that is some serious baking! I would have given myself cavities with all the tasting. I can’t be trusted.

    I’m so excited to watch Grey’s. It sounds like it was a doozy.

  23. Yeah, I pretty much hate Greys now but the finale was amazing! I’d also like to put in a vote for baking pictures :D

  24. LOL that search phrase to find your blog is hilarious. That is a ton of baking – I can’t even get myself to make cookies so I am impressed lol. Enjoy your workout! xox

  25. Your cakes sound great! I could really use a Goose Island right now or a Blue Moon. Love those two beers!

  26. OMG I dont watch greys but my roomate does so we watched it yesterday..I had to walk out of the room bc it was so creepy! if I watch stuff like that right before bed, I will have nightmares, so I had to watch something ulifting and happy! that guy creeped me out SO SO bad!!!

    mmm beer and baking :)

  27. My weird search phrase: boy spanking. What. The. Eff.

    I quit watching Grey’s after the second season but after all the FB freakouts yesterday, I totally wish I still watched it!

  28. whew – baking extravaganza!! do we get to see the final product?!
    and i get the biggest kick out of google search phrases. it makes my day when i get a funny one. and you’d be surprised how many people google “what does celery smell like” and arrive at my blog.
    i missed grey’s!! bummed :( hope all of the baking/icing goes well tomorrow/.

  29. I can’t wait to see your final cake product! The first one you showed us looked awesome and I know that whatever you make now is going to look even better.

    I’ve never watched Grey’s Anatomy but after seeing so many blog posts about how amazing this last episode was, I’m kind of tempted to get season one and start watching.

  30. Mmmmm…..the avocado looks great!

    And I hear the finale was good–I haven’t watched Grey’s in two yrs but an contemplating doing nothing one wknd and just catching up.

  31. can you drink that while doing work? I’m impressed; I don’t think my hands could be steady.
    I have new respect for you

  32. That salad looks fantastic! I love that you are a good baker…I am so envious! Everything I bake is always a massive FAIL!

  33. loving your blog! that salad looks amazing – you know i’ve never had avocado in a salad? crazy right? i don’t know where i’ve been all this time?! but that looks incredible!

  34. That salad looks fabulous! Anything that has avocado and beans is amazing in my book!

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