Semi-Recovery Day

Thanks for all the sweet comments everyone- I was so happy everything turned out and that Jaime and Scott were happy with the end result of the cake.  Hooray!  And thanks for the compliments on the dress- first J.Crew purchase I ever made.  Last year.  Final clearance.  BAM!  :)  Did I ever mention when it comes to shopping, I’m a recessionista?  I totally consider Target as “designer”.  For future reference…

Sunday was wonderful.  Originally, I had said that I wanted to sleep through the entire morning and pretend it just didn’t exist.  Be lazy and lay around in bed the entire time.  Obviously, you know me and this did not happen.  It never does.  Although it’s a fun idea in theory.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t lay back down.  Because I did.  And woke up sweating my butt off.  At some point, the weather decided to get crazy and all the sudden it was 85 and sunny outside.  85!  Luckily, I woke up right around the time for optimal sun exposure on my teeny tiny balcony.  So I sat outside and caught up with some friends and my parents while soaking in a little sunlight.  Using spf of course.

Yesterday was a yoga day on my training schedule.  But since I’ve been ignoring The Shred recently, I also threw in Level 1 along with some Yoga Meltdown.  Because I’m just crazy like that… ;)

Now that the wedding weekend is over, I’m back to my regular routine and “veggie detox”.  It’s always refreshing to have a day of somewhat cleaner eats.  I say “somewhat” just to cover my ass.  I’m very much a work-in-progress.    Spinach and mushroom sammy with zucchini and yellow squash.  Let’s say it together.  “Ahhhh.”

Here’s where the “somewhat” comes in.  I discovered that I accidently forgot about the couple scotcheroos that didn’t fit into some of the tupperware for last night… I wasn’t disappointed that I found them.  The little things that put a smile on my face… as I completely finished them off.  All at once.  Good work, Amy.

Embarrassingly enough (along with my binge of scotcheroo fabulousness), I barely left my apartment all day.  So when I went to get something out of my car, I realized the Sunday paper was waiting for me.  Now this was surprising.  Because lately, someone’s been stealing my paper.  Not during the week- just on Sundays.  Which is frustrating.  Especially when I run down early in the morning and it’s already nowhere to be found.  I don’t always have time to read the Sun Times during the week but I LOVE my Sunday paper.  I mean- hello!  If anything, the ads alone are worth it!  Apparently someone else in my unit thinks so as well.  So I’ve gotten used to only reading it every other week or so.  But I caught up on my reading over dinner:Go Hawks! Dinner was small due to the amount of snackage that happened between the two meals.  But I brought back the TJ’s pizza sauce to mix with spinach and cheddar for my pretend pizza.  :)

What else did I do yesterday?

Realized once again there’s a reason I think Jersey Shore is stupid (did anyone else see there was a marathon of it on?).  Geez…

Contemplated vacuuming but took another nap on my couch instead.

Contemplated doing laundry but caught up on my google reader instead.

Contemplated being semi-productive in any way at all and then just said screw it.

And that’s about it.  So I wasn’t the most exciting person.  I was drained.  Although I had a cocktail and a half, I felt like I had been out all night with pitchers in each hand.  But nope.  I’m just getting old… eek!

Welcome back to the work week.  Five days until a three-day weekend!

42 Responses

  1. Your meals looked delish and very balanced! Everyone needs a day like that sometimes. And yes…holy hot! Luckily I biked yesterday so I got a little breeze but all the runners on the path looked miserable. Welcome to summer a month early!
    adventures in tri-ing

  2. i am with you on the veggie detox and i am having no wine until friday-been overdoing it quite frankly and my tummy seems to be growing-ugh

  3. GO HAWKS!!!!

  4. I’m liking the sound of your Sunday, especially the part about thinking about vacuuming but taking a nap instead; vacuuming is my most hated household chore and I’ll take any excuse not to do it.

  5. Your Sunday sounds perfect!

    That seriously sucks that someone is stealing your paper, a-holes!

  6. It was too hot to go outside anyway, staying in = totally acceptable :).

  7. That’s so crazy that someone is stealing your paper.. I mean really, how much could it cost?!
    I’m always ready to get back to my usual food after indulging a bit.. I always feel kinda gross and blah.

  8. i’d be pissed if someone was stealing my sunday paper. sunday = best time to kick back and read the funnies (because clearly they are the only section worth reading hah)

  9. I can’t believe someone steals your paper all the time! You should set up a hidden camera. you totally deserve a nice rest and relax day after all your hardwork on those cakes. You have some very lucky friends!

  10. Stupid paper stealers. Randomly last week we had a paper show up on our driveway and we are not subscribe to any thing. Needless to say it is still there….whoops! I’m not a big paper reader which is kinda sad!

  11. Hey you earned that day! TOTALLY!!!

  12. sounds like a lovely Sunday!

  13. im already counting down til my three day weekend ;) sad part is that its only monday :(

    p.s. i rate target as designer too…lol.

  14. I’m glad I’m not the only one already looking forward to a 3 day weekend! :)

    I love days where you just chill like that!

  15. I would be so pissed if someone was stealing my paper. I was mad at the neighbors for a week after they took my recycle box and that wasn’t even on purpose. You should try and catch whoevers doing it.

    • Maybe it’s hot neighbor boy??? Hmmm… that would create a situation for sure…

      • Haha Im glad Im not the only person who calls people by names like “hot neighbor boy”. Of course, I also have “neighbor girl” “pregnant neighbor girl” and “neighbor girls boyfriend”.
        I should really start learning peoples names!

  16. Happy to hear that you were wearing spf!! So important! Take my challenge girlie!
    Also, I LOVE jillian’s yoga meltdown! I only did level one bc that’s all they had for “free” on exercise tv. Are there more levels on the actual dvd or do you have to buy them seperately!?

  17. Haha my bf tried to get me to watch that jersey shore marathon. I refused. That show gives my beaches a bad name.

  18. haah whenever i contimplate…nothing gets done!! hahah yes I did see the marathjon and the episode “before the shore’ omg they are ridic!!! however it is my guilty pleasure!!

  19. OH MY GAH I LOVE JERSEY SHORE! my guilty pleasure FOR SURE!! haha!

  20. Haha, I love that you “contemplated” doing all those things. Sundays are meant to be lazy!

    It was seriously hot as balls yesterday though for sure! I was outside at a bbq. I was sweating my ass off too!

  21. Ahh yes 5 day weekend. I cannot WAIIIT.

  22. Hmmm, spinach and mushroom? That sounds like an amazing sandwich combo!!

    Today is a holiday in Canada and I am soaking it up as much as I can, back to work tomorrow :( Haha

  23. Haha I’m with Kelly. Please don’t judge the actual Jersey Shore by the show–its actually a fabulous place, just know which shore spots to hit (obviously cross Seaside off the list unless you want to get an std or other assorted JS crew cooties).

  24. Sounds like a nice relaxing day. I love eating cleaner the day (or entire wknd!) I indulge, it just makes me feel better. And nothing wrong with being a recessionista…its great saving money!

  25. I love me some JCrew but I always head straight to the Clearance!

  26. Sounds like a great day! Lazy Sundays can be the best! I can’t believe that someone steals your paper! That’s horrible!

  27. I am SO excited about the long week too. I need to try a veggie detox!! Can I tell you that you are my hero? This sentence “recessionista? I totally consider Target as “designer”.” had me dying! You are awesome.

  28. Oh I am soooo frugal when nit comes to buying myself clothes. It’s a little bit ridiculous since I have no problem when it comes to food ;)
    You totally deserved a day of relaxing in the sun after that crazy weekend – glad you were able to enjoy the day!!

  29. be confident in yourself and get rid of that somewhat! you do have clean eats

  30. the first week Jersey Shore premiered i cringed.. hated it with a passion. by the second week i found myself eagerly awaiting an episode.. and by the 3rd week i was doing a play-by-play to catch everyone up on what they were missing. its addicting that mindless trash tv lol.. im guilty…

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