Girl Hater

I got my cookie that I wanted.


The lady who did the food presentation yesterday was great.  She brough five random boxed lunches for three of us.  We all dug in.  I’m a big fan of the Turkey Bacon Bravo.  And the BBQ Chicken Salad.  And, of course, the cookies.

Ah the perks of my job.  Sometimes they’re justs wonderful.  Free lunch just tastes better.  Always.

Now that I’m constantly hitting the trail, I watch the weather pretty closely.  And I swear at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, thunderstorms popped into today’s forecast out of nowhere.  Being as how I’m a flexible kind of gal, I just switched up some days.  Instead of cross training last night, I ran outside while I could.

It’s unfortunate I had to do that.  Because my legs felt like lead.  It was one of those days.  I know we all have them.  Clearly, I just had to slow down and enjoy my surroundings.  A crap run is still a run down in my book.  I saw deer on the trail.  I saw a family of geese- the little ones were so cute it almost made me forget about why I hate damn geese so much.  I saw a girl in a stroller who seriously looked like a cabbage patch doll.  Sure, cabbage patch dolls are sort of ugly, but I assure you, this baby was not.  She was really working it.  And was adorable on all accounts.  I also found it amusing how, even when you’re outside with open air all around you, that you can still smell the horrific body odor of a sweaty gross man who passed you 10 seconds earlier.  Sick.  I also picked out a couple gnats from my hairline afterwards.  They probably drowned in my sweat.  Double sick.

To make me feel better about my lackluster three miles (at an 8:40 pace- nothing to cry about, but not what I like to report, either) I did The Shred when I got home.  This sort of made me feel better.  And really wore me down at the same time.  Level 2.  I took a shower immediately after.  Because I wasn’t going to let my sweaty ass sit on my couch without doing so. Dinner was pretty simple.  Again, I had some serious snackage pre-run, so I kept smaller with a breakfast burrito.  Eggs, spinach, and mushrooms.  Nothing fancy.  Just tasty.  Then, I was prepping today’s lunch and snuck some zucchini for myself.  Veggie power…

And I’ve finally broke into my new almond butter from Trader Joe’s that I hadn’t tried yet.  It’s fantastic.  And cheaper than the almond butter I had been picking up.  Score.

So you know how I mentioned I have friends coming this weekend?  They’re all guys.  All of them.  My lovely Annie who is also part of the Mizzou group of kids I hang with will be out of town.  So it’s just me.  And the boys.  Do I have a problem with this?  Not really.  I dated one of them for three years, so I’m actually quite used to hanging out with just the boys (often I’d have to drag my girlfriends over to the bf’s house on the weekends back in the day so I could get some more estrogen in the room).  And it’s not like I’m sitting there just soaking in the fact that I’m the only female- the majority of them are like my brothers and we treat each other as such.  And some of them I even talk to like I talk to my girlfriends (because really- I have no filter).  It’s like that.

My only problem with this is that often other girls outside of the core group think I’m a girl hater.  This is soooo not true.  It just so happened a lot of times my other girlfriends had plans.  Or didn’t want to hang out.  Simple as that.  I prefer having chicks in the group.  I’m even hoping a few randomly pop in at some point over the weekend.  Because then I can talk about Sex and the City 2 without feeling like an idiot.

I do, however, now have a few rules about hanging out with all guys.  I often just meet them out and don’t meet up before.  This is sometimes shooting myself in the foot when they don’t go out until midnight because they pre-party way too long.  And my thing is, if I’m the only one that’ll be wearing a bra in the room, I’m not going.  No need to be THAT girl- I try to keep distance from myself and that classification.  Do any of you guys have this issue?  Do you ever feel like you’re cock-blocking (for lack of a better term)? 

This would all be so much simpler if the majority of the Mizzou girls didn’t live in St. Louis…

I’m crossing my fingers that one of the guys’ girlfriend shows up.  We’ll be outnumbered together.

47 Responses

  1. I know you are a girl hater :-)

    And I have that TJ’s nut butter in the PB kind and its soo delish. I love the crunchy-ness

  2. YAY for cookies :) glad you got them. and ahaha to being possibly labeled a girl hater. hope some more estrogen shows up this weekend for you

  3. I’ve always had an easier time getting along with guys than with girls. Its kind of sad but that’s just how it is.

    I was thinking of kicking it up to level 2 of the shred. Am I going to hate it?

  4. I’ve always gotten along with guys really well and been really close with all my girlfriends’ boyfriends. I think its a good thing!

  5. I actually kinda prefer to hang out with guys (in groups), because there is generally less drama and guys just don’t give a shit. :-) But I know it does get old after awhile. And I won’t lie – I do like to have a bathroom buddy! (Yes, I’m one of those girls).

  6. I wish I had girlfriends that lived closer. In college I was on all-women’s teams, and the camaraderie is just unbeatable. Now, though, I seem to do most of my chilling with dudes. Which is cool. I can make fart jokes with the best of them. But, yeah, having a bathroom buddy or someone to give you clothing advice is clutch.

  7. Ahh, it’s been so long since I’ve done the Shred. I miss Jillian’s crazy ways. Also, I’m with you on having at least one girl in the group. Guys are fun, but you need a buddy. Who is a girl. :)

  8. I always had a lot of guy friends too. They are so fun to hang out with. I hope you have a fun weekend with them.

    And yes…a crap run is still a run. I wonder if I can apply that to my crap 15 minute walk today and still call it a workout? Hmmm. :D

  9. for a long time, whenever we went to Chicago, I would end up hanging out with my husband and his friends, but now most of them are married so some girls are usually around too. Sometimes I prefer to hang out with guys because girls can be stupid.

  10. Before I got married most of my friends were guys too. I just kind of relate better to guys for some reason. But then after I got married it kind of became inappropriate for me to always just be hanging out with guys. As a result a lot of my relationships with my girl friends got stronger. I don’t think you are a girl hater at all…you should enjoy all the attention (haha…I always did!)

  11. For me, I’m ALWAYS surround by girls and am often the only guy among girls. No, I’m not gay. But to most girls I know, I’m the default guy to go to. According to them, I’m understanding but can also be frank. Thankfully, none of them have picked up that I’m clueless when it comes to girls. =P

  12. I miss having guy friends. All mine have gone by the wayside it seems, but I totally know where you’re coming from here.

  13. I don’t really have any guy friends anymore that aren’t The Lover’s friends since I’m a married bag now. Ha. I’m crossing my fingers that you won’t be the only chick at a sausage fest. ;)

    I find gnats on my lips after running outside. SWEET.

  14. I am definitely a girls girl and prefer guys for dating :). I admire your ability to hold your own in a room of men though! :)

    – Beth @

  15. Unless they’re MY girls, I’d rather hang out with just the boys. I’m very picky about my girlfriends haha.

  16. Yay for cookies! When I go up to visit my bf it’s always me, him, and his two other roommates so I’m constantly the girl going out with three boys. And their girl friends that we usually meet up with hate me and don’t talk to me so I’m always just talking to them. One of them actually told me once not to be a cock block haha.

  17. I’ve had both girl/guy problems. It’s seemed to depend on what city I’m in. I used to have the problem where it was just me and a bunch of guys, and I actually used to be called a “tease” quite frequently because they were all my buddies and I wasn’t attracted to any of them in that way. Now, it seems it’s always me and the ladies. It’s all good unless we’re having a party or something and there’s hardly any guys. I have to say; I like a solid mix.

  18. Honestly I think guys are much easier to be friends with the girls sometimes. Much less drama! Most of the time, not always. I had sooooo many guy friends in high school, more so than girls. Actually, I still kinda do. But it gets awkward sometimes because when you have guy friends, sometimes you end up liking them or they end up liking you which just makes for problems..

  19. Hey girl!!! i find it HARD to be just friends with a guy-seriously.. its like ONE person always has feelings for someone else! ugh, complicated. i however, love your eggie wrap!

  20. Geesh – 8:40 miles and you call that a lackluster run? You’re crazzyyyy girl! :P

  21. I can understand relating more with guys! I mean, for me at least, I just like people who are laid back and joke around and aren’t too emotional. And usually, guys are like that. I don’t think you’re a girl hater lol otherwise you’d be blogging for no audience! (I mean, I’m sure there are guys who read your blog…I’m talking the majority ;) )

  22. I actually prefer hanging out with guys! Girls are just too much drama and plus (even though I’m married) flirting in a harmless way is so much more fun! BUT nothing beats some quality girl time either! boys just don’t appreciate sex and the city lol

  23. I’ve always gotten along better with guys, but I tend to find that those kind of friendships don’t last long because one person always ends up developing deeper feelings for the other. It’s unfortunate because guys are so much more fun to hang out with… less drama, less gossip, less crap… but there are certain situations for which having girlfriends is necessary… going to see SATC2 being one of those situations.

  24. Your breakfast burrito looks yummy! And I would love to have an 8:40 pace haha. Glad you said you liked that TJ’s almond butter- I’ve been debating whether I should try it or not and now I just may have to! Hope your night out goes well :)

  25. I prefer hanging with guys over girls too. With them I tend to have more fun and I can just chill. I’m sure I’ll meet some females that aren’t so dramatic but right now the only ones I know are way too high maintenance.. and boring. Listening to guys talk also amuses me.

  26. oh i hate when my legs feel like lead and i run! love that you got the cookies you wanted though :)

  27. All boys and one Amy? Do you want company?? Lol. I get along with guys but they always end up wanting more and me not so much or we hook up so yeah, never the only girl. Loving your rule about being the only one wearing a bra though. Who knows one of them may be a cross dresser now and you won’t have that problem!

  28. i totally relate to guys better than girls.. but not a girl hater.. thats cool tho!! HAHA… i think its just cuz i have two older brothers.

    o well. YUMMY BURRITO! i never get tired of them!

  29. It sounds like you have a great weekend planned! I love hanging out with the guys…they are always so much fun! Sometimes they are much less drama! I do also love a good girl’s night out too! :)

  30. An 8:40 pace is seriously no joke! I’m totally loving the Shred right now. Have you tried her new Yoga? It’s pretty intense!

  31. I have a lot of guy friends, I understand! I guess that’s what happens when you play on “co-ed” hockey teams and you’re the one who makes it co-ed. Guys are just less dramatic than girls! And girls that thing you’re anti-girl are just jealous!!

    P.S. Nice run, and I HATE geese, too!

  32. That was ALWAYS me before I starting dating my boyfriend I’m with now. It was usually just me and the guys. Now that I’m in a relationship, it’s usually a bunch of couples. It’s now usually girls in one room, guys in another..just like jr. high.

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