It’s Complicated

Let me first say I’m not feeling so hot.  So lets see where this post goes…

Mon and I had our little pizza and a movie get-together last night.  It was fun.  You know what else was fun? Thoughtlessly posting “date night!” as a facebook status and getting a crap-ton of messages inquiring about it.  Apparently I need to be careful about these things.  Comments, messages, texts, and even a drunk dial.  Not kidding.  My brother’s friend was very distraught about my current status at 2:35 in the am.  I could have cleared up the “confusion” with changing my status to “girls night in”.  But didn’t.  That’s probably mean.

I’m startled by the fact that one mention of me dating and everyone’s in a tizzy.  Obviously, I need to work on this.  Or maybe I’ll just continue to fly under the radar when it comes to such things.  ;)

Even one of my best friends texted me, somewhat upset she hadn’t been filled in about my date.  I should probably tell her to read my blog more often…

Anyways, my “hot date” was lovely.  Here’s the pizza:Spinach, sausage, and mushrooms over the Trader Joe’s whole wheat dough and pizza sauce.  All topped with feta.

It was love at first bite.  That could be the corniest thing I’ve ever said in my life.  And I actually took a pause to look at what I just typed and considered deleting it.  But instead will elaborate and point out how awful it really was.  I apologize.  Like I said, I’m feeling a little rough.

Before I move on, let me say, this pizza turned out waaaay better than the last one I made.  The last one was good, but was a definite learning experience.  This time around, I let the dough “rest” a little longer outside of the refrigerator.  And was much more liberal with the flour as I was stretching and putting it on the pizza stone.  Last time it stuck a little too much to the stone.  And finally, I started baking the pizza crust for almost 8 – 10 minutes before I put the toppings on.  I really think this helped make it more crispy overall- or specifically in the middle.

Now you can just call me the pizza master.

But back to my story, I’m feeling not so chipper this morning.

I have strong suspicions that it could be the two bottles of wine we took down during the movie.  What?  It was a long movie…We sat on the floor like kids.  But with wine.  So really… it wasn’t like we were kids at all.

We ended up watching It’s Complicated.  It seems that the majority of you guys liked this one better.  And the point was made that Dear John would be a downer whereas the other would be light and fun.  Thanks kids, it was a cute movie.  Meryl was looking lovely as usual.  Alec and his desire to frolic naked in this movie was somewhat unnerving.  I blushed a little.

Either way, it was a fun movie.  And a good night.  I assume today will be a slow one with so many already off of work for the weekend.  Maybe slow enough for me to get out of here early?  Let’s cross our fingers…

Happy Friday everyone!

50 Responses

  1. Now THAT is what I call a wine glass….easy to stick to one glass a night with one of those!!!
    Lovely post.

  2. Your pizza looks amazing!! And wine with pizza is sometimes just what a girl needs!!

    I had to laugh about the comment about your facebook status…a friend of mine did something similar to that the other day and she couldn’t believe the number of people who took her comment completely out of context!!!

  3. that pizza looked amaaaaazing! I love drinking wine on the floor — its like a little inside picnic.

    I love how retarded people get over facebook updates. my friend likes to change his relationship status every once in a while just to mess with people.

    • Yes. My relationship status isn’t even listed for that reason. I broke up with my bf of three years and waaaay too many people came out of the woodwork to comment. It’s like, “really guys? I just bawled my eyes out for two days… mind your own business.”

  4. Hilarious about the Facebook thing, and I must say that your date is indeed looking hot; I think I might just have to whip up a pizza myself today. I’ve never tried making my own dough, though… I can do the muffin/cake/cookie thing, but breads and doughs still intimidate me.

  5. Facebook can be so complicated, hence why I have thus far avoided getting an account. My life is confusing enough as it is!

    Dear John is actually a fantastic movie. I was really surprised at how much I liked it. Definitely check it out!

  6. haha be careful about what you put on facebook…there are status hawks watching your every move ;)

    Glad you enjoyed date night!

  7. i can see why ur not feeling too hot <3 sorry love!

    btw i like it's complicated too… really good

    yes i think ur friend needs to see ur posts, tehy wouldnt be too upset when they saw how hot ur date was :)


  8. Oh Facebook. It causes so many problems.

    I like to sit on the floor. I sometimes prefer it to the couch, but I’m crazy like that.

  9. Haha I saw your facebook status and I knew what you meant but I thought “Oh God…” I swear, Facebook is the devil. It can cause SO many issues!!! Especially that “relationship status..” However, it can also be quite amusing to see people’s reactions hehe
    Glad you had a good night though! I’m about to go spend the day at the pool with some wine so I may be in your shoes tomorrow.. but it’s all good :)

  10. glad you had a good date night. even if it caused confusion haha. hope you feel better!

  11. Those glasses are HUGE! Sounds like you had a good night, even if you are paying for it today!

  12. It’s fun to mess with people on facebook. Seriously people take statuses/etc way too seriously, why not take advantage of their gullibi..ty? gulliblness? whatever the right form of the word!

  13. amy! the drunken texts and calls are the BEST!!! glad you had fun on your ‘date’ night. i am doing a girls ‘date’ night tonight for sex and the city!!! whoop! whoop! your pizza looks soooo yummilicious! enjoy your long weekend, happy friday~xoxo

  14. Seriously, those wine glasses are the size of softballs. Way to go, date night! I love how people get all crazy when there’s any mention of status change. “[name] is in a relationship” on Facebook gets 20 likes immediately. I mean, really? What if the guy is a douche?

  15. Those are HUGE glasses of wine

  16. Hahaha two bottles, nice job. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that we get out early. And having divorced parents made that movie thaaaat much funnier to me. I watched it twice

  17. I just successfully made homemade pizza myself. It takes a bit of trial and error but is so worth it. I need to put it’s complicated on my Netflix queue.
    PS – I’m hosting an oikos giveaway – check it out if you haven’t already!

  18. have not seen the movie yet! love your pizza….very funny dream you had last night-must have been the wine!

  19. ahh its complicated was so cute! except 4 the old ppl kissing.. that was really weird.. no thank you! LOVE the pizza!

  20. I have winer’s remorse today also. Except it’s not really remorse, because it was damn good wine. I just wish I could blow this popsicle stand and start the weekend NOW!

    Also… your couch is amazing. I know it’s been around awhile, but it looks quite chic and grown up.

    Hope you get out early!

  21. Pizza looks good and the couch does too!

  22. I want to see that movie…would Keith go for it?

  23. Pizza looks divine!

    And my friends do the same on fb and freak out if I mention a boy or date-whats up with that?? Are our lives that interesting or sad?

  24. Glad u girls had a good night! How is it that wine goes so quickly?! ;-)

  25. Ooh, maybe I’ll add Its Complicated to my weekend movie list. I’m about to watch Valentines Day.

  26. Pizza is so good to make at home once you get the hang of it! Now we have to deal with gluten free too so it has made things more interesting! Yours looks delicious. My husband has gone to the box wine and swears they don’t put enough wine in there…hhhmmm. Glad you had a good night and I hope you feel better!

  27. I’m glad you liked the movie. It’s on my to see list! I was hoping to get out of work early myself but I ended up working later than usual. How the eff did that happen??

    HAve a wonderful long weekend, chickie! :)

  28. You crack me up!

    As far as sitting on the floor, I’m a total fan. Even if I have a lot of people over, I’m always on the floor. It’s the cool thing to do! I hope you’re feeling better!!

  29. What? It was a long movie


    I LOVE that movie and clearly my favorite scene was them behind the bush smoking. It made we want to get high and laugh for hours. Too bad I don’t smoke.
    Happy weekend to you!

  30. I heard that was such a good movie, I have to see it. Glad you had a good girls night in! That is so funny that you posting that status caused such a tizzy LOL. I would do it every night on purpose :P

    I am srsly kicking myself for not getting a ticket to the HLS in Chicago now : ( The more I think about it, the more I wish I had just bought one.

  31. that pizza looks amazing! pizza really does have to be paired with a nice cold beer or glass of wine, it does!

    so glad you had a fun night!

  32. LOL, that’s funny how one little mention of “date” and everyone’s concerned to know about it! You must be very well-loved. :)

  33. […] love Meryl Streep and this movie was really cute.  I agree with Amy that Alec Baldwin’s need to be naked was a bit disturbing, but all in all the movie was […]

  34. Wow! That pizza looks fantastic!!! And I LOVE those wine glasses! They’re so big!! :)
    I just got “It’s Complicated” via Netflix and can’t wait to watch it! And I read “Dear John”… not sure how the movie’s gonna be for me… sad book but it was lacking something.

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