Goose Island Rewards

So the majority of us don’t love Kristen Stewart.  And I’ve been so turned off by her for so long, I had no idea they call her K Stew.  True story…  So thanks for informing me.  I am a firm believer you learn something new everyday.  I guess we all know what I learned yesterday.

Also, my favorite character at the gym came from Ms. Salty Tooth.  Seriously- the guy kissed his muscles in the mirror?  Seriously?  I didn’t know people actually did that.

Moving on…

I did four miles last night on the trail!  And this time, I was able to finish before the rain attacked.  Whew!  And I even ran an 8:28 pace without being freaked out about being shot down by lightning.  Thank goodness.  Although I am slightly suspicious that my Nike+ is off and needs to be calibrated again (as in I think I’m a bit faster than what it says- if it were the other way around, I don’t think it would bother me at all- ha).  Being the procrastinator that I am, I’ll just worry about that later.

I know my pace wasn’t an improvement due to the copius amounts of sleep I got.  Because I slept like crap.  Maybe it was all the caffeine I took in to compensate?  Or it could have been the most filling salad of all time?Black beans, corn, and the leftover BBQ chicken I made the other day.  This is probably one of my favorite lunchtime salads to date.  Just sayin’.

I’ve also been meaning to tell you my thoughts on the edamame hummus I picked up at Trader Joe’s about a week ago…It’s ok.  But I really do like my standard chick pea hummus better.  I think this stuff is a little too creamy for my liking.  But it still works well in wraps and such.  I don’t hate it.  I just don’t love it.  Ya know?

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it recently, but this weekend I am volunteering for the Girls on the Run 5k in Chicago.  If you’ve never heard of the organization, definitely check it out because they do it in quite a few cities!  I think it’s a great mentoring program.  Unfortunately I don’t have the schedule that would allow me to do after-school stuff with the girls, but I am glad I get to help out in other ways by volunteering at the races!  And hello- I’m supposed to be helping with the tiara decorating stand.  If that’s not awesome, I don’t know what is.

Enjoy your Thursday- can you believe how quickly the week has flown by?  Love it.  Mon and I decided if we do a good job with our workouts, we’re celebrating with a cold beer.  Goose Island Summertime brew of course.  As long as weight slammer is no where to be found, I plan to kick some elliptical ass.  :)

That is all.  Peace out, kids…

50 Responses

  1. That salad looks great and perfect for summertime. Sorry you didn’t fall in love with the edamame hummus but at least you finally got to try it!

    And is it not raining anywhere?? We’ve had rain for the past wk-dislike!!

  2. Boo. I have TJs Edamame hummus waiting for me in the fridge to try….
    But I already knew there were no way it could compare to their Cilantro and Jalapeno hummus. I could eat that stuff by the spoonful.

  3. Wow, swifty runner! It’s supposed to rain here today too (it did yesterday). I’m going out for a run no matter what.

  4. I’m with you on the edamame hummus; chick pea is definitely the way to go. There’s just no substitute for the real deal… believe me, I’ve tried it in baking and it doesn’t work out so well. Applesauce instead of butter? Edamame instead of chick peas? Yeah, no…

  5. it’s only 9am but i want lunch right now because that salad looks soooo awesome. glad you were able to get the run in before the rain and run so fast. fast running is never a bad thing :)

  6. My Nike Plus says I’m faster than I am. And I like it just fine! :>
    Yummy for that salad!!! It’s like the bbq chix salad from California Pizza Kitchen…my absolute fave.
    adventures in tri-ing

    • Yeah, when I first got it my pace was fantastic! ha ha. Then I calibrated it and it sounded about to what I normally run… now it’s like it’s not tracking the distance accurately (according to the track, I ran the marked miles, but it’s .05 behind)- which adds up!

  7. Okay I am going to be the one person who actually liked Kristen Stewart…a lot. I kind of like her stoic, nonchalant attitude. I love how she acts like she doesn’t give a rats ass about any of us…it is kind of refreshing not to see someone bending over backwards to have the public adore her.

  8. yay for the quick running pace. i am the worlds slowest runner……i love all the new summer ales that are rockin right now. one of our local brewerys makes a bumbleberry blueberry ale that is amazing. not too sweet, with just a subtle taste of blueberry. they even put blueberries floating in it. DELISH!

  9. You’re a quick runner! Do you have any ideas for what you’d run your half in? I use a Garmin, not the Nike +, but I’m the opposite: I always assume that I’m slower than what it’s telling me. When my friends and I ran a really good track workout, I went around claiming the track was short, and that’s why we were fast.

  10. Hey! Random but how long did you cook the mini cupcakes for? I’ll check back here for a response : ) Also any other tips for adapting the recipe would be awesome!

    • hey! I think the mini’s were 8-10 minutes? I’m seriously ocd about it, though. And used toothpicks to check each time. Also, I’d cut into one on the first batch, just to make sure… and of course to taste it. ;)

      I don’t think I changed it much other than that. Although I was pretty generous with the Bailey’s in the icing and used a little more whipping cream than what the recipe calls for because I like the icing when it’s a little lighter and fluffier…

  11. Tiara decorating stand? Awesome!
    Ny week has not flown by at all – it just keeps going on and on and on.

  12. hey! thanks for stopping by my blog. can’t wait to start reading yours too :) i haven’t tried edamame hummus. it seems weird!

  13. When I used Nike+iPod, I would always have to recalibrate it every week. So be careful. If anything, don’t be surprised of your real pace once you recalibrate it.

  14. Great pace! And I’m not sure how I would feel about edamame hummus either.

    I’ve been sleeping like crap too. It’s killing me.

  15. Thank goodness this week is flying by!! I had no idea that was Kristen Stewarts nickname either. I just learned something new today!

  16. That hummus looks so interesting, I love how there are so many cool flavors out there!

    I’m partial to my Sabra garlic hummus!

  17. I tried to join GOTR, but thought I couldn’t because my schedule wouldn’t allow me to do the weekly meet-ups…..that is good to know there are other options! It seems like SUCH a great organization.

    Yes, K Stew seems to have a LOT of teenage angst goin’ on. I mean….you’re famous, you date R Patz, you make more money in one day than I do in a year (I’m guessing)…..why so pissed off?!

  18. Oh how I long for a Trader Joe’s!

  19. oh i have heard so many good things about girls on the run!

  20. im gonna kiss my nonexistent muscles tonight! im gonna give my gym something to talk about…lmao

  21. working out for beer…i love it :)

    – Beth @

  22. You make me feel slow. 8:28 pace is super fast, nice job! I think thursdays should always be celebrated with a drink!

  23. Congrats on the run!
    I’m SO HAPPY that this week has gone by fast. And it was been one awesome week, must say. Just hope that keeps up!
    I like your idea of a reward in the form of beer.. hm.. may steal that after I endure the fun (ha!) that is PT.

  24. I have most definitely seen “I run so I can drink beer” headbands before. I most definitely wanted to buy it.

    If the motivation works, it works ;)

  25. I too was unaware of the K Stew thing, and I actually got the same magazine in the mail yesterday. (Apparently I have a subscription? I have no idea how.) But oh my god, so dead on. She’s awful. A boring actress who needs to learn that lip biting is not emotion. And she has the dubious honor of being perhaps the worst thing about Sean Penn’s horrible adaptation of Into the Wild, which is a tall order. (The original story is fascinating not for its result, but for Krauker’s treatment of the subject, IMHO. Penn doesn’t do any of that.)

    Also, that gym guy is a freak and you salad looks good.

  26. What? You don’t kiss your muscles? People don’t do that? EEEEK. ;)

    You are mayjah-ly fast! I’d love to try that edamame hummus. Maybe next year b/c it takes awhile for us Okies to get things.

  27. I love the reward of a beer after a good work out.

    I just had an awesome run today will have to hold on to the beer celebrating til tomorrow, since the Husband and I actually have a baby sitter for once. Hope your work out kicks ass.

  28. I literally just got back from TJs and was holding the edamame hummus & the roasted garlic hummus in my hands for so long…contemplating. I eventually went with the garlic & I’m glad I did!

    Have fun at the tiara decorating stand this weekend :D

  29. I think that is great you are volunteering with GOTR! I really want to be a mentor but also do not have the time. I did do one of their races in Nov ’08 though :)

  30. Thanks for the shout out! The dude kissing his own biceps is an image that I will NEVER get out of my head.

    I recently made my own edamame hummus and it was just meh. Not something I will make again.

  31. Love the salad! It looks great!

    There is nothing better than a Goose Island as a reward! I love their 312!! YUM!

  32. Wow, I hate her even more now that I know people call her K-Stew. Her and K-fed should date! There’s just something about her that freakin’ annoys me. Glad you beat the rain on your run! Glad you week is flying by too – mine is DRAGGING terribly. Thank god I am going on vacation next week or I would have to call out tomorrow LOL.

  33. Edamame hummus? Interesting! I have never heard of that? I am going to have to look for that and possible try it.

  34. […] the note of unusual gym characters, Mon messaged me with a good one.  It might even rival the guy that kisses his biceps!  She said that the two newbies to the weights area of the gym were there when she was on Monday […]

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