A Love Letter

I’m glad I’m not the only one who cleans in increments.  I don’t call it lazy- I call it pacing myself.  See?  I keep that racing mentality in all aspects of my life…  it’s all about focus. ;)

Speaking of racing… my legs were definitely feeling a little tight from my Sunday of racing, more running and yoga.  Did I not mention I did yoga?  I did.  And I actually was able to hold crow pose for about 3 seconds.  And then almost fell flat on my face.  Success?  Fail?  A bit of both?  Sure.

So yes, my leg muscles were not so happy with me.  I promised them I’d stretch them into a state of contentment if they got me through my 3.5 miles last night.  They did.  Even though it was the definition of “crap run”, they did.  So I kept my word and took some extra time to stretch it out a little.  In the words of Jillian Michael’s, “no injuries please.  Injuries are not part of the program!”

And now, on a somewhat sad note, a letter:

Dear Nut Butter,

How are things?  Going well?  I’ve been great.  Keeping busy with work, friends, and working out.  As you may have heard, I’m in training for Chicago Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in a couple months.  So far everything has been going well.  I feel stronger and healthier than I ever have before.

I’ve also felt hungrier than usual.  The increasing mileage and cross training that I’ve been doing really help me work up quite an appetite.  That’s where you come in.  We’ve been pretty good friends as of late. Best friends.  I like hanging out with you while eating toast, oatmeal, sandwiches, and just straight out of the jar.  You’re yummy in my tummy.  You and I both like the variety you provide with peanut butter, almond butter, sunflower seed butter, and so on.  Crunchy?  Creamy?  Doesn’t matter.  And you’re quite satisfying.  I’ve never had any complaints with our relationship. 

Until now.  I’m aware that weight is a very minor issue in the big picture of me taking on this half marathon.  I realize I may gain weight because of all the hard work coming up.  But I also know there is no reason for me to be over-indulging when it comes to time spent with you.  Sure, you’re filled with healthy fats that everyone needs.  Your helping me with my daily intake of fiber and protein is appreciated.  But, there is a recommended daily allowance.  And we’ve been spending TOO much time together.  I think I should be gaining weight because of built muscle.  Not because I’m one step away from spackling you to my ass.

I’ve been aware of this problem.  But didn’t say anything as to not hurt your feelings.  And I was being selfish.  I wanted more.  And now I see I cannot have this.  I also need to spend time with others- like more vegetables.  You and I both know this is true.

So.  Where does that leave us?  I still want to be friends.  Good friends.  But maybe we should spend our time under supervision.Yes, I know a standard serving size looks like a golf ball.  But I’ve always known that- and still didn’t listen.  So I’m measuring you out in two of these bad boys from now on.  Don’t be scared.  I promise, you still look good:See?  Still plenty to go around.  My only sadness comes from not enjoying your presence by the spoonful for dessert after dinner.  But I really think this will work out for the best until I get my cravings for you under control.  I just can’t help myself otherwise.

It’s me, not you.

I hope you understand. I still heart you. I’m doing this for our own good.

Until tomorrow morning,

-Amy B

59 Responses

  1. Lol I love the letter. I have a ‘problem’ with pnut butter too, the only difference is that my ‘problem’ goes to brown sugar as well >< (BAD).
    aha well, you're still beautiful and look really fit so hey, no worries :)

  2. Ha ha, love the love letter! Yesterday I used a tbs to measure a portion of cheese spread. Desperate times call for desperate measure, and I cannot be left alone with the entire container!

  3. I’m glad to see that you’re legs haven’t failed you just yet!

    & Hopefully your PB will understand when you start changing your ways…I don’t know though…:)

  4. It’s not a goodbye. It’s an intervention. Couple’s therapy. The spoon is your moderator, your Gabriel Byrne to the “In Treatment” of your diet.

  5. Haha. That love letter is great :). I should write a love letter to chocolate, even though he is sort of a bad boy.

    So funny!

  6. I think they’re secretly putting crack in nut butters, because it seems to be a blogwide addiction for so many of us… I know I get all shaky and break out in sweats if I don’t get my daily fix.

    Sometimes interventions are for the best…

  7. I love it! Your intense love for nut butters makes me want to try them again. I am, ashamedly, not a fan of the peanut butter. I might have to go to TJ’s and pick a different one up. :)

  8. You are cracking me up!!! Seriously…that was priceless!

  9. Hahaha I love it!!
    Nut butter and I have the same problem. I try and avoid the scale as much as I can, that way its like nothings happening!

  10. hehe to the letter. i’d take out the measuring spoons too but i don’t want to know how big of a discrepancy there is between my serving and a “real” serving!

  11. lol @ spackling you to my ass!! hee hee. And that portion size — what is that for, a rabbit?? jeez.

  12. Haha!! I am *trying* (that being the key word) to limit my nut butter to ONE serving a day during this training cycle. We’ll see how that goes… Lol

  13. Haha, I LOVE your love letter! Especially the “But maybe we should spend our time under supervision.” LOL!

  14. LOL! You are wise! Nut butters are packed with nutrition…and calroies. And those portion sizes grow over time in my house. Or maybe I should say the golf balls grow larger…? :)

  15. Hah this is why I avoid buying PB & Co. It’s just so good that I try to be judicious with how much I eat but sooner or later, the whole jar is gone!

  16. Haha, hilarious! I too have been over-indulging a bit on the nut butter. Perhaps I should send this letter to my nut butter? Couldn’t hurt…

  17. im so glad you made sure to let nut butter know what was going on!! i luv ya so much more now haha ur fantastic <3

  18. love that you held crow pose! i can’t………and i wish you would have said what you were thinking when you read my post about the balls-hee hee!

  19. HAHA love it!!! I have a nut butter addiction too, it’s all good. Measuring? Pshh… In all seriousness, I probably should. My eyeballing it serving size has gotten a bit bigger… slowly but surely.

  20. Hi there, just found your blog and love it! I totally get the whole nut butter obsession….I’m there :)

  21. Hahaha, I need to write one of those to potato chips! Too funny, thanks for the email btw, I’m still considering it!

  22. Your letter had me rolling! I have had a very torrid affair w/ PB myself and have slowly cut down our special times. :)

  23. Oh my gosh….can I copy and paste your letter, and send it to almond butter from me? FOR REAL. I finally had to tell myself I had to stretch a jar out for at least 2-3 weeks, it was getting ridic (and $$$). Why, oh, why is it laced with crack?

  24. hahahah this was hilarious!!! omg, peanut butter is sooooo easy to over eat, it sucks. I love it :) you are too cute



  25. haha, I hate finding out what an actual serving size of nutbutter is…it’s never enough!

  26. that is too great lol!

  27. ha that is too great!!

  28. hahahaha, i LOVE this letter. nut butter and i have a very similar relationship. perhaps ill print this out and tack it to my cabinet :)

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  29. I love your letter. I think I might need to send it to my peanut butter too!

  30. I feel the same way about peanut butter. I’ve gotten better, but when I was half marathon training, I’d eat it by the spoonful!

  31. I so want you to sing that letter to the tune of “These are my confessions”

    Thanks for the laugh. I still wish I was a huge fan of butters but can do without it. I had some with my quick oats this morning and it was just meh. Shoot me, I know.

    • hmmm… maybe I should put it to music? I’ve always aspired to be a rapper… I think it’s crazy enough to work!

      I don’t judge you for not liking nut butter. I don’t quite understand it, but definitely don’t judge… :)

  32. I easily demolish a jar a week! I am just now having the realization that maybe I should break it off a bit – this letter was perfect timing for me to read. I mean it is an every day, sometimes multiple times a day thing for me! I need to get a grip.

  33. Ahhh this post cracked me up! I LOVE nut butter. The other day I ate five tablespoons (roughly.. may have been more) and was going for another spoonful when I finally stopped myself. I have started trying to measure but a tablespoon seems so tiny! =P

  34. I’m a nut butter measurer too (for the most part..) because if I didn’t measure then I could and would willingly eat 1/4 of a jar a day. If not more. One day I’m tempted to just eat nut butter all day.. except that I would probably weigh myself down so much that movement would be impossible. Worth it though? Definitely.

  35. haha I’m pretty sure I’ve have that conversation with Nut butter before :)

  36. Oh my word…how sad!!!!
    I do hope PB gets over your rejection.
    If not…don’t send him to me!!!!

  37. ha, I love this :)

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  39. The letter was hysterical!!

  40. […] not an obnoxious amount of peanut butter… it’s less than a serving (I know because I still measure it)!  Looks big, […]

  41. […] I went back for an encore with another spoonful.  And even more chocolate chips.  I tried to cool things down with you, nut butter.  But I can’t help but love taking this casual dating to the next level every once in a […]

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