Coconut Goodness

Hello Friday.  You may be rainy, but I don’t mind.

Yesterday I lobbied for our office to get to go down to the parade and rally for the Blackhawks.

I lost that battle.

So off to work I go.

Thanks for the suggestions yesterday- I’m glad it looks to me that I’m pretty much on track (with last night’s baking festivities being a bit of an exception).  It seems I just need to do a little adjusting and eat a little more here and there.  Whew!

I’m a little sleepy this morning, but I assume that’s expected on my weeks when I wake up at 5:30.  And when I do baking later in the evening.  Because a sugar buzz is not good to go to bed with.  I know that.  But it seems mid-baking session, I conveniently forget.  Without fail.

Annie‘s birthday cake is well on it’s way to completion.  I decided after much thought to do the same kind of cake I did for one of the layers for Jaime’s wedding– white cake with coconut buttercream filling.  It’s yummy.  The cake is not done at the moment, but no worries- you’ll see the end results this weekend!  Mon came over to help me because she’s just wonderfully fabulous like that.  And she brought chocolate from Prague.  A guy she works with took a trip and came back with a whole bunch of it for her.  And now, thanks to her, I’m the one who has a whole bunch of chocolate from Prague.  But I’m taking it into work today for the secret stash of munchies that Jaime and I sometimes have to resort to….Isn’t it cute packaging?  I almost feel bad for opening and eating it.  Almost…

Also, check out all the fondant stars. Oooohhhhh I bet you’re excited to see what I’m doing, right?  ;)  This is actually the first time I’ve used fondant.  I don’t like using it because, quite frankly, it’s gross to eat.  In my opinion, anyways.  And the taste of the cake is just as important to me as the look of it.  I know there’s marshmallow fondant recipes out there, but supposedly it makes for a softer fondant and I needed something that would harden well enough to make little stars that wouldn’t bend (clearly).

I also made sure to save enough batter and icing to secure a few cupcakes.  One for me and Mon to split, and a couple for the girls at work.The cake is a simple white cake recipe that I found at Food Network.  I like it because it doesn’t have an overpowering sweetness.  So when you finally do add the buttercream icing, you’re not getting the feeling to convulse right off of your chair because of the sugar high from one cupcake/piece.  Speaking of- the buttercream is just a general recipe from my head that I do that includes butter, powdered sugar, coconut flavoring, shredded coconut and whipping cream (to make it light and fluffy!).  I don’t measure it.  I just kinda keep pouring stuff in until I get the consistency I want.  I like to think that makes me a legit baker… :)

When it comes to cake- are you a chocolate or vanilla kinda person?  I’m usually a chocolate gal, but I really have a thing for this white cake/coconut icing combo.  Originally, I had planned to also do a thing layer of chocolate ganache in the filling because it makes me that nervous to not use chocolate- it seriously makes everything better.  But then I decided to skip it (and not be TOO over the top).  And I’m glad I did.  No one likes dessert overkill.

Off to start my day… Hopefully I’ll get through it without too much of a problem.  And hopefully I’ll rock my cross training session in the gym.  Because I don’t have another regular Friday night in with Red Box planned.  I’m going out! 

I know, right?  Say whhhhahaaaaatttttt? (can you tell there’s still an abnormal amount of sugar running through my veins at the moment?)

Peace out, kids…

46 Responses

  1. Omg those stars look adorable! you’re such a little chef!

    AND I would have joined you in rallying for a parade and no work too!

  2. I’m more of a marble cake kind of girl. It’s the best of both worlds! Have a great weekend!

  3. You are definitely a legit baker! I am a vanilla girl! The only chocolate I usually like is dark chocolate bars! YUM!!

  4. Oh I’m excited to see tat cake!! I’m a chocolate cake kinda girl, however, white cake is delicious too. I can’t decide … Its too hard.

  5. You do so much creative baking! It makes me feel like a complete noob with my simple cookies and muffins. Stop making me look bad ;)

    And I’m definitely more of a chocolate cake kind of girl. I still enjoy the taste of white cake, but chocolate is where it’s at.

    • Don’t feel that way! (although I do enjoy the word “noob”) I really really want to make cookies sometime soon. But I do get a little overloaded on sugar, so I have to space out my baking. And no one ever seems to really really want cookies but me… ha!

  6. When I was in high school, there used to be mass absences for the Yankee ticker tape parades – even some teachers were gone – and while they weren’t excused absences, no one seemed to get in trouble. I’m also kind of disturbed by fondant – I think it is a scheme by professional bakers to make cakes more expensive but not tasty. Yeah!

    I’m a white cake/chocolate frosting person. Deep chocolate cake with frosting is too intense for me, usually. I’ll eat it, of course, but I’m just sayin’. Intense.

    • Yeah- I remember my friends in Philly were so excited a couple years ago when they won the world series- it was their first month of work and they couldn’t believe they got the whole day off to go to the parade and rally! Wtf!?!

  7. Those are some pretty fancy looking fondant stars! I suck at baking, you’re like my baking idol. I may actually venture out tonight too, could get crazy!

  8. Cute Cupcake!

    I love chcolate, but I like the vanilla versatility. Vanilla cake can be topped with coconut (sounds yummy) or lemon icing, or cream cheese, or….the list goes on. Chocolate only has a few options since its so rich in itself.

  9. when you open your bakery can i come work for you :)

  10. Your cupcakes are seriously impressive. I know you’ve said you don’t want to go into baking for a job, but you should realllly think about it!

  11. That cupcake looks so cute and yummy. Cupcakes are my weakness.

  12. way to open and ruin the package! JK!! hehe i love little things like that. but uno what i love more- bakeries and cupcakes and how amazing that one looks!!!

    hoep ur friday is starting off good so far!! <3

  13. Geez. Can you make my birthday cake. That cupcake looks so good! :)

  14. I don’t discriminate with cake….I like all flavors! :)

  15. So I have decided that you and I should quit our jobs and open up a bakery? Sound good? I thought so. :)
    I have a fabulous recipe for marshmallow fondant that is delicious and easy to work with. And firm! It’s great!
    I’m all about yellow cake with chocolate frosting or buttercream or cream cheese frosting… haha. I looooove chocolate but I prefer my cake not chocolate.

  16. O.M.G….. that cupcake is soooo cute!! bet it tasted heavenly too :)

    Happy Friday!!

  17. you are so talented! i love the little stars :)

  18. haha aw too bad you couldn’t convince your office to go to the Blackhawks parade! I definitely notice the difference on days I wake up at 5:30, way too early!

  19. Oh man I Love love love coconut cake/cupcakes! So jealous of your lil cupcake :P

  20. i looooove stars. and i love pink, but what i really really really love is WHITE CAKE! omg. sooooo good. i prefer it over chocolate cake. actually, i don’t really even care for chocolate cake. too much. do you like funfetti? ahhhhh

  21. I like vanilla but I’m definitely a chocolate kind of girl and will almost always choose it over anything else. It’s kind of sad because I’m depriving my tastebuds of all the other amazing flavors out there.. chocolate is just too good.

    Maybe your stars won’t taste amazing but they sure look pretty! I can’t wait to see the cake once it’s complete. :D

  22. Wow, I find the use of fondant to be incredibly professional, even if it’s not that tasty. The cupcake looks super cute!

  23. great job on the cuppies! they are adorable. i LOVE the stars!
    have a wonderful night out ! dont get TOO crazy. enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  24. haha i have to make a cake for my friend tomorrow…perhaps I will try the white cake!

  25. So I’m reading your post, and I see “Annie’s Birthday Cake…” and then in the corner of my eye, I see the pic you posted right below that. My first thought was “who wants a hand-shaped birthday cake?” followed quickly by “wow, that’s a really good job on that hand-shaped birthday cake!” So that’s what I get for my eyes jumping all over the place. Those fondant stars do look great!!
    I have always liked the white cake/chocolate ice cream combo, I would say that’s my favourite.

  26. Wow, I’m a tad behind. I didn’t even know the Blackhawks won–yay!

    I love all things chocolate but cannot stand chocolate cake, vanilla all the way!!

  27. MMM THOSE LOOK SOO GOOD!!! I am all about some DELISH cupcakes!

  28. I love baking, but I limit myself to low-maintenance, plop into one-pain goods. hee. I’ve never worked with fondant before…it must be like playing with play-doh!

  29. You are a baking fool lately! I am such a vanilla girl. I am with you on the not so sweet cake part so you can add things to it without overkill! I hope you had fun yesterday! Have a great weekend!

  30. YUMMMM! That cupcake looks so good! I am going to have to try that white cake recipe! Have a great Saturday!

  31. I can’t wait to see the cake, those stars look fabulous! :) I’ve never used fondant, I don’t like to eat it either, but it always looks cool… I will try it one day…

    I’ve been really into vanilla lately…? but generally chocolate. I love chocolate. maybe a layer cake, with BOTH ! :)

    have a fabulous weekend

  32. Love the cupcakes! How fun!

    I’m more of a chocolate cake kind of girl, but if cake is present, it really doesn’t matter what kind it is…I’ll eat it! :)

  33. […] also needed to dip into that chocolate collection from Prague that she left for me last week.  Seriously needed that, […]

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