Concerts and Cake

Good afternoon!  I usually posts in the morning, so it’s rare I get to say that!  :)

So far the weekend has been a whirlwind.  Let’s give you the highlights.

Cross training went awesome.  Same routine as usual (with the elliptical, weights, abs, and stairmill).  Got to see the Avatar guys.  No obnoxious sayings as they went through their routine… I was a little disappointed.  But I’m patient.  I know it’s coming…

My new favorite quick dinner?  It involves an asparagus wrap with some cheddar cheese.  Simple.  Yet fabulous.Mon, her friend, and I went to see the band Mike and Joe play at Durty Nellie’s in Palatine that night.  Here we are preshow- taking nonsense pics like we’re getting ready to head out to the big dance…I was a little self-conscious about my feet.  They’re starting to look a little rough again… Ick.

Since I moved from Palatine, I haven’t frequented Nellie’s as much as I used to.  And I have to say I miss it!  The show was great- Mike and Joe play a HUGE variety of covers.  We rocked out to Sublime, Michael Jackson, Modest Mouse, and even Gwen Stefani.  My fav were the Sublime covers.  Aaaahhhhhhh how I love 90’s music.  We all did.  So here Mon and I are busting out a couple sweet moves…We had such a great night!  I don’t think we sat down once while we were there.  Luckily, I had flip flops on (I had a serious wardrobe issue and couldn’t find a pair of heels that would work with my dress.  Blessing in disguise!).  Mon and her friend were hurting a little by the end of the night because they both had some serious footwear going on.  Sassy- but painful.  Totally worth it, though.

So in theme with the night, what’s your favorite 90’s song or band?  I’m curious…  I grew up with some serious love for Third Eye Blind, Sublime and Green Day.  I was a hard-core rocker in middle school.

3:00 bed time.  7:30 wake up.  I am lame.

But that’s ok- I still had work to do.  I finished Annie’s birthday cake!  Now to review- it’s for her and a coworker because their birthday is on Flag Day.  So I finished it and took it into her work this morning.  Ta-da!I’m happy with how it turned out.  And Annie texted me later  on to let me know everyone there had a sugar high.  Mission accomplished. 

Lunch was with a friend who’s doing some apartment hunting in the area.  I’m slowly getting everyone to realize how cool the ‘burbs can be… ;)

Now I’m resting up a bit before I seriously hit up the yoga.  I need some movement before I retire to my lovely sofa for a movie this evening.  And I’m excited to give crow pose another go.  :)

Have a great day!

36 Responses

  1. That’s definitely one super cute dress you have on!

  2. That cake is so neat! Yum. I just want to stick my finger in the frosting and take a bite. No one would notice…

  3. i was a serious teenybopper in the 90s. like nsync, bsb, spice girls….embarrassing to think about now but so amazing back then haha

  4. Wow that cake looks amazing. And I love your dress! You look beautiful as always! Glad you had a good night! xoxo

  5. Seeing a post from you at this time threw off my entire day! I felt like I should have been eating breakfast while reading it, and not dinner.

    Glad that you’re having a good weekend, though. You look great in that dress, and that cake looks so good. Seriously, I don’t know how you do it, but I’m impressed ;)

  6. Now that sounds like a seriously good time! The cake looks GREAT! I need some yoga desperately! HHHMMM music, Enigma, Gin Blossoms, Luscious Jackson, Smashing Pumpkins…now those were the days of music! Enjoy yoga…I need some too!

  7. SUUUUPER cute cake!!! How’d you make all the stars in it?? Seriously, it turned out really well :)

  8. That cake looks amazing!

    90s music is awesome. Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls bring back major memories for me. I’ll Never Break Your Heart was playing the first time I danced with my ex. I believe it was grade 6. It was “our song”. I find it very ironic since he took my heart, stomped on it and then laughed. Guess he never listened to the words.

  9. How have I never thought of making an asparagus wrap?! Great idea! And that cake looks awesome. Very patriotic! And I love Modest Mouse. And 90’s music in general! Glad you had a wonderful time!!

  10. LOL @ your comment about taking pictures like y’all are about to go to a dance. 90’s music is the best and I looooooove all things Sublime. I love when bands play a lot of covers and not their own stuff b/c if they are a smaller band, I probably won’t know that stuff.

    And that cake! I can’t believe you made that, it’s gorg.

  11. I love, love, love 90s music. I seriously cry at least once a week because I miss it so much and music just sucks these day.

    The cake turned out so well!

  12. Impressive! You should be on Ace of Cakes. Genius!

    You look like you had a lot of fun. :)

    I also like your dress.

  13. Your not lame for going to bed at 3 and waking up at 7:30.. I did the same thing except mine was 3am-8am. It’s what all the cool people do. ;)

    Now.. THAT CAKE IS AMAZING! I’m honestly in awe right now because I don’t think I could EVER do something like that. I hope you have other friends that need fancy cakes because I want to see more of what you can do. :D

  14. wow, that asparagus wrap looks and sounds great… I love anything asparagus…

    and the cake turned out awesome! :)

  15. what a fun and simple wrap idea!

  16. LOVE your outfit – the music sounds awesome, I love cover bands! Your cake turned out great, too.

  17. You are soo cute! You need to open up your own cake shop asap! PS. Chicago was crazy on Friday with the whole Hawks thing. I was shocked to see how many ppl were downtown.

  18. love the asparagus wrap-how good is that?! and so cute with the dress and havianas-i think i have the same pair :)

  19. Your dress was very sweet and the way you are enjoying is amazing………..

  20. You look fabulous!! I should really just wear flip flops out too.. it’s so not worth it to wear heels at the end of the night! I love the cake.. so cute! Baking is something I like to do, but never get the chance. It’s one of my goals in the near future.

  21. Oh fun! I love dancing until my feet hurt. :D

  22. That cake is so gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend – dancing is fun! But I hate when my feet hurt afterward – I have a BIG bandaid on my heel as a result of this weekends dancing

  23. I Love Mike and Joe! They came to my college a ton and I’ve seen them play in Chicago too.

    Great work on the cake! It looks amazing.

  24. I LOVE 90s music. I think it’s my fave musical decade. Sublime, Nirvana, Three Non Blondes, REM, The Verge. I’ll take it all! Sounds like a super fun night and loved your dress!

  25. I love your dress! I loved (and still do) Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Sublime . . . I listen to Nirvana every once in awhile. I dated this guy that looked exactly like Curt (Kurt?) Cobain. Sigh . . . he was dreamy!

  26. […] my last few baking extravaganzas for my friend Jaime’s wedding and for Annie’s birthday, I took a bit of a break.  But I’ve been feeling the need to break out the mixer again.  So […]

  27. […] seeing my work with Jaime’s wedding cake, and Annie’s birthday cake, Mon has asked me to make a little somethin’ somethin’  for the upcoming baby shower […]

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