What are ya waiting for?

Thanks for making me not feel so bad about not getting into the World Cup games.  Like I said- kids in the area that I grew up in just don’t play soccer as much as they do baseball and basketball.  I guess we’re yet to get swept up in the craze…

I was slow getting into my run last night.  My warm-up walk went a little longer than normal.  I don’t really know why I wasn’t feeling it.  I almost let myself settle on just one lap (which would have been a little over 2.5 miles) and call it a day.  Then I almost decided to walk the whole loop and call it an off day.  Then I said, “what the hell are you waiting for?” and just went.  And I did ok!  I just needed a little push to get started.  :)  Four miles at 8:28.  It was over before I knew it.  Sure, I didn’t enjoy the run like I usually do.  And sometimes I feel bad because earlier this year when I was off the leg, I would have given anything to get to run just a half mile- so I should be grateful.  But I know it’s ok.  You can’t expect to like every run, right?  If you do, let’s chat so I can figure out how you do it.  Thanks…

Then I got home and decided to make this for dinner:Some sweet potato gnocchi I picked up at my local grocery store (I believe it was Jewel-Osco?).  I’ve had it for quite a few months.  And have no idea why it’s taken so long for me to make it.  I mean, come on- sweet potato gnocchi!  Sounds awesome!  What was I waiting for?  Really, I guess it’s because I don’t do as much with pasta as I used to.  I got a little burned out on it after making it almost every other day for a meal back in the day (don’t judge- it was just so easy!).  I was obsessed.  I still adore gnocchi, but I just don’t have the urge to make it like I used to.

I just used a little olive oil and garlic powder as a light sauce.  Then put it over some spinach and topped with feta. Eh.  Maybe I had overly high standards, but I didn’t love it.  :(  I guess I assumed it would be a bit sweeter?  And it was waaaay saltier than I expected.  Through deductive reasoning, I could have known it would be that way if I had read the nutrition label closer.  25% of my daily value?  Considering I rarely add salt to anything, this was a bit much.

Do you guys watch over your sodium intake?  Or are there other factors you consider more serious?  Like I said, I rarely add salt to anything because I know that most things (such as my dinner) have quite enough sodium to get me through.  And so now, when I do have something like that gnocchi, I feel like I have a food baby in my stomach.  Sassy…

I love gnocchi, but next time I pick some up, it’ll be my favorite mushroom-filled stuff that I get from a fresh market.  Can’t beat it.  Trust me.  I tried.

Well it’s Tuesday again.  Ick…  I’m hoping to keep busy enough at work not to notice this.  Wish me luck.  Because it’s easier said than done.

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  1. I don’t ever add salt to anything either because I know I get enough through other foods I eat. I don’t monitor it closely at all, but I just try not to add extra. Sorry the gnocchi were a let down. I always hate when that happens with a food you think will be really good.

  2. I wouldn’t say I watch my sodium intake, but I do try to avoid crazy-salted packaged foods. They’re just not that good for you. Condiments and pretzels are an exception, because salt is the point there, but I agree – pasta? Isn’t that delicious on its own? I made sweet potato gnocchi once, and it was good, but not worth the effort. Mushroom-filled sounds good though.

  3. I am the same way girl! I just need that extra push. I wish I had a Jillian Michaels with me 24/7 and I would be a super star! I don’t like ANY run so I can’t help you out there! But (as you know) I desperately want to be a runner so I really need to get some shoes and get out there!

  4. i love gnocchi. that’s a shame that you didn’t enjoy it! i never add salt to anything (well sometimes hard boiled eggs) but i think i get plenty of intake from beer. oops.

  5. i saw that gnochhi a while back and allllmost bought it – but passed. i guess i didn’t miss much? i made it once and thought it was fun, so that was the only reason i didn’t buy it. i’ve never had “the real deal,” though!
    and i’m not too picky about my sodium intake…i know there are other things to worry about, and the most guilty are pre-made food – which i usually avoid anyways! i do get low sodium beans and tomato sauces, though.

  6. Seriously that is what I am having for dinner tonight…I am bummed you didn’t like it! This is going to be my first gnocchi experience! :(

  7. I used to be crazy with the salt, I added it to everything. My friends used to tell me I was going to get “salt disease”. I still don’t know what that is, but I rarely use salt anymore, and when I do its only a little bit.
    I try and watch my sodium intake, and when I don’t I can totally feel it the next day.

  8. i love salt. i used to add it to almost everything. just within the last two weeks, i have been really trying to watch. we had our blood pressure screenings at work, and mine was high for the first time ever. which is so weird because its normally super low……weird…so trying to watch

  9. Everyone has an off day. I probably have one forced workout a week. I don’t wanna! But I need to. And I always feel better once its done.

  10. i don’t watch my sodium intake at all! i add it to all my food. i should be more conscious about it because my gma has high blood pressure but i dont!

  11. I used to take in a tonne of salt back in my junk food eating days, and while it was kind of a shocker switching over to whole foods (everything tasted so plain at first!) my tastebuds have adjusted and now I can’t really tolerate very high amounts of salt. I still add a touch of salt to some things, like baked potato fries or fried eggs, because we need a bit of salt in our diets and I don’t tend to get much in the packaged foods I eat, since I avoid the overly salty ones. The one exception to that rule is salsa, though… there, salt is really the point ;)

  12. I have never watched gnocchi; I need to get on that ASAP.

    I make sure to grab the lower sodium options of products, but that is as far as I go to watch my sodium intake. Good question, it’s got me thinking.

  13. Some runs are better than others. It sucks that not all runs are great and some are bad, but hey, a run is a run.

  14. I don’t salt things either, but I do probably get more sodium than I need. It’s hard not to these days.

    Way to go pushing yourself through the run!

  15. i only add salt to roasted veggies… to me they just need a little extra help. :)

  16. I love gnocci!! I’ve been craving it lately, and this just made it worse. You said it wasn’t the best but it sure looks good!

    Congrats on finishing a good run withought being into it like normal. A lot of people would have probably said screw it!

  17. Way to go pushing yourself through your run! Sometimes the days are off, but it’s awesome that you pushed yourself enough to get through it!

    I don’t really watch my sodium intake, but I also don’t add salt to everything that I eat!

  18. I really don’t watch my sodium intake as much as I should but I also don’t eat too many packaged foods so that makes me feel better about it I guess. Hmm, will have to pay more attention.

  19. I love gnocchi! And mushroom-filled? That sounds ammazzinng!

  20. […] Lovely.  That still hurts! Guess I’m going to have to break the salt addiction soon right Amy? Gahh I’m such a salt-a-holic (I put it on EVERYTHING. For […]

  21. sometimes i do go a bit overboard with salt…mostly in the form of mustard ;)

    but i retain water so easily so i pay for it the next day with sausage fingers and toes lol

    but sometimes i need a good amount of salt cuz i do tend to dehydrate quickly and im a heavy sweater when i workout. i finish a run drenched! its pretty gross lol

  22. I don’t really watch my sodium levels that much, but I hate it when things taste too salty. I usually add some salt and pepper to most things I eat or cook but hate it when there’s too much!

  23. I got sooo excited to hear about whole wheat gnocchi (didn’t even know it existed), but then came your review. Guess that won’t be a part of my whole grains for the day, but it sure is worth it!

  24. I hate salt, I even buy saltless pretzels. I can very much do without it.

  25. the only salt i get is in packaged things so i dont worry about it too much. but ya…how about ramen noodles in college? sodium overload much?? lol.

  26. My dad has super high blood pressure and it’s genetic so I am super careful about my sodium intake. I try not to eat a lot of prepackaged foods, but I RARELY add salt to anything. And I’ve stopped drinking sodas, those suckers are loaded with sodium.

    I hope I’m doing the right things, but you know, I still love to eat good food :)

  27. wow fabulous way to push through and get in a great workout! i will think of you next time i am having one of those moments! whole wheat gnocchi-love it!

  28. good store bought gnocchi can be such a hard thing to find! there are really not that many brands that can compare to a good homemade plate. that mushroom filled gnocchi you mentioned though sounds AMAZING!!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  29. I’m sad say this, but I love anything salty. I really have to watch how much I eat because before I know it I’ve consumed an entire block.

  30. Thats very depressing about the gnocchi. I’ve never tried the sweet potatoes gbocchi but love both sweet potatoes and gnocchi so I wouldve thought it would have been awesome.

    My body loves to retain sodium so I try to watch my intake ad closely as possible and if I have too much can tell the next day.

  31. I’ve never made gnocci before, but it sounds like something I would love!

  32. It has been so long since I had gnocci…I don’t even remember what I thought. I was thinking about making it for soon since my guys love dumplings…I think they would like it? I do watch my salt intake. When I couldn’t have dairy anymore, I started to use other things as a flavor sub and unfortunately, I have a heavy hand with the salt and hot sauce (I am beginning to think I need therapy for that one). I have now started backing off on the salt big time!

  33. Dear Amy,
    I heart your blog almost as much as I heart you! I gave my little sis a link to your randomness so that she could read up on marathon stuff. Where she gets that kind of drive I have NO clue. I have a super amazing recipe for gnocci. Maybe next time I’m in Chicago I’ll make it for you. I miss you, Penguin!


    P.S. Penguin is going to be your nickname from now on, so you should most likely start getting used to it :)

    • My dearest Ashlee,

      I love that you still read my random ramblings. :) And you will definitely have to make it for me next time you visit. I’ll do dessert (maybe a good pie since that’s what you love? he he).

      And hellloooooo Brooke! If she’s running a full marathon, tell her to check out some of the blogs on my blogroll- these girls are serious about what they do!

      I like the name penguin. I think it fits well…

  34. I’ve actually never tried gnocchi & I’m not even sure what it is (should I be embarrassed?)

    I most definitely add salt to foods. Do you sweat a lot when you run?? In the summer, I do and I lose a lot of salt so I def. have to consume more. But then again, I eat very minimal processed foods & I’m vegan.

    If you have lower blood pressure, then it’s ok to eat salt! Also, if you consume more potassium then it’s ok to eat salt! Well gee, why don’t I just type a whole nutrition booklet on your post…lol

  35. I don’t watch my sodium, but since most of our food is made at home and I know what’s in it, I don’t worry about it.

  36. i am the same way about salt and sugar. we get SO much in the foods we eat…no need to add more. well, a lot more that is. that is too bad about the sweet pot. gnocchi! it sounds flawless. now mushroom filled gnocchi….that sounds TOO good to be true!

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