Frontier Days 10k Stampede

My chill Saturday night at the movies really paid off for me when I got up a little after 6:00 on Sunday morning.  Even though it was my first 10k of this month (I’m pretty sure I’m doing another one in two weeks), I wasn’t really nervous at all.  Honestly, I really didn’t think about it too much until the night before.  No idea why.  Maybe I just didn’t see a point in stressing out about it?  I’m far enough in training that it wasn’t going to be a problem to actually run it- I was just wondering how well I’d do with pacing myself.

Did anyone else do a holiday run this weekend?

Mon went with me as emotional support and took over photographer duties.  She was sitting there waiting with her coffee when I walked out of my apartment.  She’s awesome like that.  :) 

I knew of the Frontier Days festival last year when I moved to the area, but didn’t go.  So we were both quite surprised in how big this race was (for a smaller suburb race).  A lot of it had to do with the fact that they started the 5 and 10k’s at the same time.  Here I am all chipper and ready to go.  Or slightly delirious for being up this early on a holiday morning?  Either/or.We all packed into one of the neighborhood streets.  The gunshot went off.  Weeee!

The first two miles were pretty crowded.  I tend to enjoy finding someone to pace with and just go.  This was hard for me because I couldn’t differentiate who was running the 5k and who was running the 10k.  So I waited to do that after the third mile when the two groups of racers split.  After mile 3, I followed a girl and kept a solid pace around 8:20.  This was working out well, but with a mile and a half to go, I wanted to kick it up.  A guy passed me who seemed to be going a decent speed.  So I took it up a notch and decided to follow him for a bit.  It was a challenge at that point, but I kept an 8:10 pace the rest of the way.

The last 20 seconds were a blur.  And quite stressful because I was serious disheveled.  All the sudden, there’s Mon to my right.  The finish line.  Then someone to my left ripping off my bib number.  Seriously- chip timers.  It’s what all the cool kids are doing… Let’s get with the times!I guess this was taken before I noticed Mon standing there.  Or at least I like to think it was- so that I would have smiled instead of snarled.  Oops…

I finished the 10k in 51:21- or an average pace of 8:17.  I was cool with this.  But I know I have a little more work to do in order to get that goal time I’ve got in the back of my head for the Rock n’ Roll half that is LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!  Eek!

Let’s see if I can shave some time off in a couple weeks on my next 10k?

Afterwards, I got in line for the goods…I’m now stocked up for my pre-workout snacks next week.  Thanks Park District of Arlington Heights!  :)

All in all, I had a good time.  So did Mon.  She was apparently in people and pet-watching heaven.Apparently ALL the neighbors came out to watch… :)  I did really enjoy that- people were all up that early, sitting out on lawn chairs cheering everyone on.  Every few blocks, people would have their sprinklers on and directed towards the streets for our benefit.  On the first mile I was kind of annoyed.  By the last I was running straight for the H20 whenever I saw it.  Little kids also had hoses in their hands, eager to spray you down if you indicated it.  I was smart enough to stay away from that situation- there was fire in their eyes that made me slightly uncomfortable…

Afterwards, it was time for the mandatory post-race breakfast.  Rough morning, right?  ha ha  I was hungry pretty much immediately, and so was Mon, but as we were walking back to my car, I asked if could swing by my apartment so I could change.

Mon:  Well it doesn’t make a bit of difference to me, Amy.  You just ran.  It’s ok to be a little sweaty.  I don’t care.

I contemplated what I had on.  My running shorts and a soaked sports bra top.

Me:  Well, I should probably have on underwear and not be nipping out in the restaurant.  I’m sure the church crowd will be joining us soon.

It was a good call.

Another good call?  Sausage and mushroom omelet with rye toast at Walker Brothers.  Oh buddy…

And so that was my race experience from yesterday.  I’m going to let you go now- I have my day off of work to go enjoy.  Do you have the day off from work?  How are you spending it?

Have a good one!  :)

54 Responses

  1. That sounds like a great run, Amy! Your time is great! Can’t wait to hear about the next one!

    I laughed out loud about your conversation with Mon…hilarious!

  2. That’s awesome! I’ve yet to run in a race, but I’d love to! Congrats!! :)

  3. I think you did an amazing job! What a great friend you have there! You have a great support system! Enjoy your day off!

  4. Great job on the run!! SO proud of you! And proud of you for changing, no nipping for the church crowd please!! ;-)

  5. Holy crap you did awesome!! I ran 10k in 1 hour 6 minutes. I’m officially impressed! :)

  6. great race! you have some speed in you. and i love that picture of you running. hardcore for sure :)

  7. Ooo you got that “don’t mess with me” look on your face ;) Bad*ss. Sounds like a great run, girl. Hope you’re enjoying your day off. I’d be enjoying mine a little more if the weather decided to cooperate. Uhm… summer? Hello?

  8. your 10k went great! I’m so proud of you!! Congrats girl!

  9. 8:17? That ‘s great and on par with our run

  10. Nice race! 10Ks are pretty hard to pace, so I’m guessing you’ll be able to push it harder in your next one. Also, heyyyyo, that’s pretty amazing foodstuff at the end. Usually I just get bananas and old bagels.

  11. aw, enjoy your day off. i’m totally jealous!! i have to work which sucks…but i don’t mind the holiday pay at all :).

    – Beth @

  12. Awesome run! Looks like a great day too.

    Hope you enjoyed the day off. Good call on wearing undies to the breakfast place.

  13. Your pace is KILLER!! Way to kick ass! Love your race face. It was very intense. And yeah, good call on not nipping it up around the church folk. :)

    Enjoy your day off! I’m at work today but that’s cool. It’s half over and I haven’t done much. So yeah, pretty much the norm.

  14. Nipping out at the restaurant, lol! That always happens if you go our all sweaty, doesn’t it? Awesome time, girl! I love the pictures! Arlington Heights is beautiful!

  15. Hooray for freebies. You run like a pro. Great work!

  16. Nice race. It definitely helps to have someone to follow pace-wise. I am horrible at setting a pace for myself.

    And yes, there seem to be a ton of people with birthdays all in the same week. Of course, the 25th is the best.

  17. Congratulations on your run. You look so pretty in pink. And I love all the goodies you got to try/take. Those would be great motivation for me!

  18. What a great action shot…you look like a pro! :)

  19. So proud to hear you stocked up at the post-race chow down hahah. I love doing that. Free food for a week, what?!?!?!?

    That pink top’s also adorable!!!

  20. Great job kicking ass on the race girl!! WOOT! I’m so psyched that I will be doing that some day. YESS!!
    I’m off today. Getting a massage in about 10 minutes, then heading over to hang with the fam for some cookout fun. ;-) Yea, I’m diving head first into some serious potato salad with no regrets.

  21. Nope, I don’t have the day off – so I’m spending it sulking at work :(

    Great job on your race!

  22. Sounds like a great run!! I am so jealous that you look that good when you are in a race LOL. Thanks for thinking of me to be an HLS roomie! I think the BF is going to come with me though. Neither of us have ever been to Chicago, so he was going to explore while I do the HLS stuff. We HAVE to meet up though.

  23. Congrats on your race! You did an awesome job. I bet you will be able to rock your Rock N Roll half. Hehe. I’m such a dork!

  24. Congrats of the race! I wish I looked that good while running.

  25. Gottav love a race that hands out Bare Naked granola and Luna Bars!! Most are just fruit, bagels, and water..which isn’t bad..but not as cool as those goods!

  26. wow that is such a great race result! good for you and you look so cute in your running clothes :) yes i did a 5K yesterday-it was awesome :)

  27. Congrats on your run! That’s awesome. That looks like mint builder’s bar??? Yum. I love those things!

  28. Whoa! Awesome giveaways at the end. The races I run always just have bananas, oranges, or maybe a Quaker granola bar if they’re really feeling giving. No clif representation or good quality granola! Seems I need to run up in the Chicago area.

    Good job on the time, too. You’ll rock it at the Rock N Roll for sure!

    umm wow those are amazing freebies there at the end of the race-thats my fav thing about races! haha

  30. Nice race! You’re such a ham in that first pic before your race – I love it! :)

    I did not run any holiday races, but spent it in a car for 12 hours with 2 children. Ay carumba (sp?)

  31. Congrats doll!!! I love hearing when people run in races, it makes me want to do it! I am honestly not the best at cardio, but would love to build up to it!


  32. […] for all the comments about the 10k on Sunday!  I really had no idea what to expect, so I was very happy with the end results!    Oh and […]

  33. Dude, you kicked ass with that time! Those were some good race freebie snacks too.

  34. Great job! You’ll be ready for the RNR — just do that twice and you’re GOLD. Also: you and your 8:17 pace can suck it! :-)

    I need to drag the husband out to more races so he can photograph me.

  35. Congrats! Great time! And hells yeah on the freebies. Those are some good ones!

  36. congrats on an awesome race!! :)

    also i have read that its good to change out of sweaty race clothes w/in 30 mins…something about regulating blood temp or something. that and the church goers :)

  37. **sweaty running clothes, not just after a race

  38. Wow! Awesome job at the 10K! And awesome goodies.

    Love the new masthead!

  39. […] the 10k- which will be my second one this month.  Since I just recently did the Frontier Days 10k Stampede, I’m hoping I’ll have a better feel for the race going into it.  Plus it’s […]

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