Just so you know…

Hey guys!  I’m glad you liked the shoes!  They’re not Hurricanes (which seem quite popular around the blogs) but they’re Progrid Omni 9’s.  I’m excited to let you know how they work out!  :)

Where did I spend a good portion of last night?  In here:Just so you know, I’m not having stomach issues.  Or taking in too much fiber. 

I was cleaning.  But thanks for the concern.  I have houseguests this week and even if my bathroom looks innocent enough, it really is THIS close to being taped off with biohazard tape by the government.  My friends that read this will probably never come visit me again.  Crap…

I’m a huge fan of “shallow cleaning” done on a regular basis.  So the deep cleans take a bit of time and are pretty obnoxious.  And I just can’t stand it.  Because I’m stuck in this stupid tiny room.  Breathing in the lovely scent of clorox and scrubbing my life away miserably.  But I did it.  And you can now even lick the floors with no worries.  For real.  I dare you…

Since my long running day got pushed to Sunday, I decided my Monday night workout would be some light cross training versus my standard run (that has worked it’s way to an average of 5 miles now).  I did a combo of elliptical, weights, and the stairmill over about 45 minutes.  Had to get out of there quick- cleaning had to be done!

Oh and I’m totally counting scrubbing the shower and bathroom floors as resistance training.  Just so you know.

You should also know I fueled my cleaning frenzy and crosstraining with some veggie love:I brought back the asparagus sandwich for an encore performance.  With mushrooms and green beans on the side- mmmm…  And I bet I won’t even notice the funny asparagus pee smell thanks to the clorox that is still fuming from the bathroom sink and toilet… 

I’ll probably be taking tonight off.  Even though it’s not planned. *Gasp!!!*  I’ve got about 20 things before some of my good friends from high school come to visit that I want to get done and only a few of the things are actually going to happen.  And I’m bound and determined to be the hostess with the mostess while the girls are here.  Because they’re my lovely ladies and need to be treated as such!  It’s ok.  Just so you know, I totally got up early and shredded with Jillian Michaels this morning.  Level 2 because it’s the one I love to hate.  So not all is lost.  Hell yeah… 

Lastly, just so you know, you cannot- I repeat- cannot recover from not paying attention to what song is playing when you have the windows down and you’re stuck in traffic.  Here I was zoning out (but still paying attention to the road- I swear!) and came to when I saw two guys next to me smirking.  I’d smirk, too.  Somehow I missed Sir Mix-A-Lot coming on and I was currently in the middle of blasting “I like big butts”.  Blasting.  Yeah… you can’t come back from that.  At all.  Thank god I was wearing my stunna’ shades.  Eye contact would have just made me want to die right there.

Well it’s Tuesday.  And you know how I dislike Tuesdays… ick.

How am I combating it?  One of the things I’m trying to get done tonight is some baking!  Gotta keep the houseguests happy, right?  (Plus, I work with mostly guys and they’ve been nagging me about the next time I’m bringing stuff in…)

I’m  doing cookies tonight.  What’s your favorite?  I’m usually all about the classic chocolate chip, but I’m thinking I may mix it up a little…  Have a good one, kids! (Or at least try- it is Tuesday afterall…)

54 Responses

  1. I am a shallow cleaner because I am neurotic, haha.

    Also you should make oatmeal chocolate chip!!

    Hope you have a good Tuesday :)

  2. Ugh…I hate deep cleaning. Not fun. Not fun at all.

    Asparagus sandwich?! Awesome. And nothing is better on the side than green beans!

    Good luck with the cookie baking…my faves are currently the cranberry oatmeal raisin ones I made last week! I love ’em!

  3. Ugh bathroom cleaning is the worst. I’m going to my old apartment today to get that done and I’m not looking forward to it.

    Lol I do that all the time when walking with my ipod but it takes a lot more time to get away from the situation.

  4. You are so hilarious “Just so you know, I’m not having stomach issues. Or taking in too much fiber. ” hahahahahahahah

  5. Hahaha.. I think I need to invest in a pair of shades just in case I get into a similar scenario involving a song like that. ;)

    I try to be a shallow cleaner but when you live with my family, it’s pretty much impossible. The best thing to do is pretend that you don’t see the random coffee specks on the floor or the hair that my sister strategically places on the shower walls to make “pictures” because “it’s better there than down the drain”.

  6. I hear ya on the cleaning. I was there this weekend and it still looks like a mess! UGH! I think people should be proud to love that song! Who isn’t happy when they hear it? Good luck on the tasks and baking! I love oatmeal cookies the best. I am just an oatmeal addict!

  7. I hear ya on the cleaning too. I try to pick up each day a little bit and then do a deep cleaning once every month or so.

    I want a cleaning lady!

  8. My anaconda don’t want non unless you’ve got buns hun!

    Haha I love that song – its so shameless! :)

    This post was hilarious. I’m glad you didn’t get too much fiber. That’s a relief! I hate cleaning my bathroom. Hate it. The worst part is all the hair. With the amount on my bathroom floor I don’t understand how anything is left on my head.

  9. Oh I know the cleanse of the bathroom. I hate it but it needs to be done. Sadly, I don’t do it as often as I should. Every 3 months? Yeah…

  10. Baking is always fun!
    My bathroom is the same…hehe. Cleaning the bathroom is the one chore i probably hate the most in the entire world.
    Your story about the music literally made me LOL because i’ve done the same thing! Makes for a laugh at least :)

  11. I agree that I am more of a “shallow cleaner” and I hate to deep clean. UGH! We used to have a maid and then she started stealing my birth control pills (SERIOUSLY) and we had to let her go. Then Keith decided we didn’t really NEED a maid…hum…I beg to differ. But so far Keith is winning this arguement! :(

    As for cookies…I am classic sugar cookie girl! They totally do it for me! :)

  12. I need to do a deep clean, but there was a groupon for housecleaning service last week and I totally bought it. So yeah… cleaning lady next week. I’m such a bum.

    I want some cookies. Oatmeal cookies are by far my fave.

  13. I’m the same way – my apartment always looks nice and tidy but I only DEEP CLEAN once every 2 weeks or so. It feels so nice to vacuum and mop and wipe everything down etc.

  14. i enjoy shallow cleaning too. i really hate bathroom cleaning. paying someone to clean my bathroom is totally worth it to me right up along there with packing and moving my stuff. its just stuff i cant bare to do…

    LMAO at the car incident. good thing you had your shades…you crack me up.

  15. I am the SAME way with cleaning! I like to keep things “picked up,” but I’m horrible about dusting and vacuuming. I want a maid (preferably a single male). :-)

    Favorite cookies are sugar, with icing – hands down!

  16. Ugh, I hate cleaning the bathroom. I wonder if anyone actually enjoys it?

  17. I’m getting kind of paranoid that my deep clean is your shallow clean. I’m not going to say which is which. I am just happy that I don’t get salmonella from handling my toothbrush. Sadly, in a house of three, I’m the only person who cleans, deep or shallow or mid-depth. So they better appreciate it. But good for you, Suzy Homemaker, for making your crib nice and shiny for your guests! And baking!

  18. I hate cleaning also, luckily I still live with my mom and she still pays a cleaning lady :) Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite.

  19. I count housework as exercise on my rest days, too… which is just what today happens to be… which is probably why I’ve spent the entire day so far with a broom, duster, or dish towel in my hands. Oh, and a spatula, because my rest day coincidentally fell on a rainy day, which means it’s both a cleaning AND baking day. I went with banana bread over cookies, even though I love a good old fashioned chocolate chip oatmeal cookie.

  20. i totally dislike tuesdays too!! I like cleaning ONLY when i get the mood!! I def think cleaning is exercise- hahah its hard!

  21. Wanna bake for me too?? :) Or clean??? haha

    I’m so with you on frequent shallow cleanings. Deep cleans are always a mess after two-three days in my house. Maybe I’m just a pig… I don’t know?? :)

    Good work nonetheless! You’re so domestic and awesome ;) haha

  22. Is it me or are those strawberries on your asparagus sandwich? That would be weird, right? Have a great Tuesday and enjoy your night off.

  23. I seriously DIED LAUGHING when I got to the “I like big butts” section of your post – priceless.

  24. We’re on the same page this week, huh? Cleaning machines. I go on a major cleaning spree when I have guests, too. I like my place to be like a hotel for them since that’s what I’d want when visiting people. Oh, and best thing I ever did was get over my fear of bathroom germs and start using green cleaners instead of clorox. My lungs thank me.

  25. I hate Tuesdays so much! DRAGGING ass and counting the minutes to bed time. That’s how exciting I am.

    Love your bathroom colors! Cleaning totally counts as a workout!

  26. i just sampled a whole bunch of gourmet cookies and my fave had raspberries in them – you should try adding those to your chocolate chips?

  27. Hahaha, I clean the same way as you! I really dislike thorough cleanings – ick!
    I just baked up 2 batches of cupcakes today which will be making an appearance on the blog tomorrow – they’re scrumptious and easy! :)

  28. Haha the fiber comment made me laugh! And for cookies, you should totally try the flourless pb ones! So good and, best of all, easy :)

  29. oh ahhaa i tohught u were going to say u had a wild night of partying!! awee cleaning.. well hey better than what i thought lol.

    xoxo <3

  30. Cleaning bathrooms is THE WORST. I don’t mind cleaning and organizing every thing else in my house but honestly, I gladly forgo an expensive dinner each week just for the luxury of having someone else clean my bathrooms every Monday So worth it!

  31. i didn’t think you ate too much fiber – i had visions of you puking, nice right? i’m glad you’re not sick, and i’m glad you have a clean bathroom. i love surface cleaning – and i HATE cleaning bathrooms. that one will go on FH’s chore chart! :)

    Boooo on being out of town for the Veggie Fest!!!

  32. Ohhh an asparagus sandwich sounds awesome!!

  33. I agree…I hate bathroom cleaning. And I’m a shallow cleaner too. My apartment is small so it is easy to keep things tidy, but I love how it feels to have a deeply cleaned house.

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