I’m Gonna Hit My Head

Did you get through Tuesday ok?

I seemed to have a hard time with it.  I was still recovering from an exhausting weekend- yes, the weekend hangover.  Also, I had a fantastic little migraine that set in half way through my day.  I’m starting to get nervous about the frequency of these things.  I used to get maybe a few a year.  But that number has slowly increased.  It’s not extremely often, but if you’ve gotten them, you know that even one or two is more than necessary.  I’m going to watch to see when the next one happens.  If comes relatively sooner than later, I’m getting it checked out and maybe some blood work done.

But on to happier things…

I walked into the workout room and someone else had snagged the “good” treadmill before I could get to it (only leaving the noisy one as an option).  Mon was there and just finishing up and offered to let me just use hers.  Usually I don’t like putting people out like this (I mean come on- it can be noisy in a one-bedroom apartment!), but she said she had to run some errands and I’d have the place to myself (well, with her two cats- but you know what I mean).  So I said ok.

She has her treadmill set up in the dining room area and showed me the ropes.

“I also keep the fan on so it’s not hardly hot at all while I run!”  She’s so accommodating.  And she turned it on.

I stepped on the treadmill.  And looked up.  Um…

“Mon… I’m either going to break a lightbulb as I take a big stride or I fear I’m in danger of getting clipped by the fan.”

I could just see myself getting knocked out and flying off the back of it.  In slow, slightly animated Kill Bill style. 

By pointing this out, I think I made her feel really short.  And myself feel abnormally tall.  We don’t have vaulted ceilings in our complex, folks… sad but true…  So whereas she can run freely and flail her arms about while doing so if she pleases, I have to be a little more cautious for when I use it.  Good to remember.  We moved it so when I stepped up, I was no longer in danger of getting beheaded by the low light fixture.

Either way, eventually I got my miles in.  A breezy 5 miles at an average of about 8:30.  It was nice to have a better look at a television while I ran.  And no weight slammers.  And also to watch her cats pull a Tom Cruise move from Risky Business and come barreling through the kitchen to slide on her kitchen rugs.  It was hilarious.  I am not sure if I’ll ever be a pet person, but I do love other people’s pets!  They crack me up…

Before I did my gym time, I may have gotten some fresh veggies to stock the refrigerator.  And to stock my tummy.  :)

I got pretty excited about all the good eats, so I decided to use a little of almost everything.  Because that’s how I roll…Half of an orange pepper, mushrooms and asparagus.  So colorful…   I also added an egg for good measure (gotta keep up those protein levels!).  So I ended up with a stir fry/scramble/veggie wrap thing…So much veggie excitement, it couldn’t contain itself.  For real.

Overall, the wrap was decent.  But if I were to do it again (which, let’s face it, I will), I would chill out on the pepper.  I enjoy it much more as an accent to the meal- not as part of the main show.  Lesson learned.

What’s your favorite veggie for wraps?  I think mine would be mushrooms… with asparagus as a close second.

The one thing that did top off my Tuesday (and put a smile on my face) is the candy that Monica finally was able to get a hold of from a coworker:Japanese candy!  Sometimes people in her office have to make trips over to Asia.  When they do, Mon makes sure they pick up a treat for her.  And this time she shared!  I was so curious as to what was inside the condom-shaped wrapper… but I waited until after I had gotten home, showered, cooked, and was ready for dessert.  Patience at it’s finest.

It was a light sandwich cookie with a thin layer of amazing white chocolate in the middle.  I didn’t even wait to take a bite.  And yes, it was THAT good.  Perfect.

*Oh and I was asked to give specifics about the bowl of steel cut oats I featured yesterday– I definitely measure them out (about 1/3 cup oats and a little less than 2/3 cup milk).  After they spend the night soaking in the refrigerator, I put them in for 4:00 to 4:30 minutes at 70% power (as to not overflow).  I think I may play with the time a little bit- I think they’d get a little less chewy if I did another minute or so.  I like the texture as-is, but am just curious more than anything… :)

Anyhoo, happy Wednesday!  This week (as awful as yesterday was) is flying by!

45 Responses

  1. I’m sorry you had a bad Tuesday! That’s the pits! Hopefully today is way better for you!

    I LOVE peppers in wraps and cucumbers and lettuce and just about anything else you can come up with!

  2. Ugh, my husband used to get migraines all the time. Since he went off of wheat, they are much better. His are mostly associated with celiac though, which I believe is due to not being able to get nutrients from food. They have really slacked off lately. I hope you don’t start getting them more often! Definitely keep an eye on them!

    Glad you got a good workout in. It seems to make things better!

    I love lettuce, tomato, cucumber and hummus on a wrap!! About the oats, I need to eat some steel cut oats here since my husband is not a fan. Do you think it would work to microwave them for a couple minutes the night before, soak them and then finish cooking them in the morning?

  3. I’ve never had a migraine, but my ex got them quite often, and I seriously feel for the people that have to suffer through them… Hope you don’t get another one any time soon… or… ever again ;)

    My favorite veggie for wraps would probably be bell peppers. And spinach. And mushrooms. Don’t make me choose just one…

  4. Ugh so sorry about your migraine! I’m lucky I don’t get them but I know they are awful. So funny about the treadmill and your risk of being beheaded! Good thing you got to move it! :)

  5. Yes, awful week indeed. Almost there, sista! :)

  6. ugh. sounds like a really awful tuesday. but it’s wednesday now so it’s all good :)

    i don’t even know what day of the week it is half the time lately though so my tuesday was decent. hahah

    funny about the tm! i’d have to worry about that too

  7. I think tuesday was just a sucky day all around. Glad its over!

  8. Sorry about that Tuesday. Sending good Wednesday energies your way.

    That treat looks interesting!

  9. I’m telling you, for the migraines–chiropractor. I know so many people who swear by it as the only thing that helps, including my poor 10 year old cousin who was on all kinds of medicine and missing school a lot for them and is now doing great. Oh and of course my friend the chiropractor thinks its helpful ha. He was explaining it to me and it really is an intersting theory. If you think about the nerve-brain connection, and how awful people’s posture and stuff is today, it makes sense! Plus most insurances help with costs…I would seriously consider it. If my copay wasn’t so high I’d be going right now!

  10. Migraines are horrid! Mine have been increasing in frequency as well and I feel so helpless. For me, making sure I have had enough sugar (apple, TJs cat cookies ;) etc) helps a bit. As does a caffeine.

    Blasphemy that you’re not a pet person! I have 3 so maybe I’m taking your chare too ;)

  11. I feel your migraine pain. (Mine come with wicked awesome auras, vision loss, and numbness over one side of my body. Horray!)

    Maybe you should keep a food journal. I get way fewer headaches (I get a ton of non-aura ones too) when I don’t eat lunch meat, drink alcohol, etc. Nuts are also trigger foods. I try to stay away from the stuff that I eat right before a migraine.

    Oh, and to prevent (sorry, not treat) them I read in a book that a combo of riboflavin, feverfew, and magnesium helps. There are more specifics on it in this: http://www.amazon.com/What-Your-Doctor-Tell-About/dp/0446678260

    • Well that’s why I’m kind of glad I blogged about it. I just need to make sure I mention them and then check out what I was doing around that time…

      And thanks for the suggestions!

      The auras and tunnel vision are the worst! I don’t get the numbness, but I get the slight naseau. Ugh.

  12. oh man, migraines SUCK the life out of me…i hate them! i usually take Excedrin and drink a TON of water at the first inkling of a headache…and if it starts to get worse regardless then i go to sleep…no sense in being awake for it!

    • Seriously- if I were to actually get one before work in the morning, I’d call in. I’m a miserable bitch when it happens- even if I’m trying really hard not to be! I really need a sign on my cube that says “think twice- I have a migraine”

  13. mmm i love stirfried veggies – particularly mushrooms! They’re just so juicy!

    I am also abnormally tall, which makes me hit my head.. a lot. Actually, I’m just clumsy.

  14. My Tuesday was the pits, too. A 6 hour road trip always puts me in a bad mood. Oh well, on to Wednesday. Once it’s over, only two days to go. How’s that for positivity? :) Hey, I’ll grab onto anything!

  15. Geez, it always amazes me how dedicated you are to getting your runs in! I would have taken all that as a sign to take the day off :)

    I’m going through a cold wrap phase, and cucumbers are the star right now.

  16. I have had migraines…not fun! I love how dedicted you are…such an inspiration! ;)

  17. Tuesdays are hard days for me too. I’m sorry you had a rough day, but it seems like you had some good eats and that Japanese candy looked wonderful! My friend is teaching over there and I love it when she brings candy home for me!

  18. What I would give to have my own treadmill….maybe some day.

    • I liked using Mon’s. But really, I don’t think I’d want to set one up in my own place. Even if I had the room- I get a lot of motivation in just making the trip out the door to go workout. Like, I took the time to get here- make it count!

  19. Migraines are the worst. I get one every once and awhile and am out of commission for hours after. Glad to hear you weren’t decapitated while running.

  20. Mushrooms are my total fav. I had them in my omelette wrap this morning, and I tossed a few in today’s PowerLunch mix :) Yum!! I can’t have them raw, though… cooked and ever so crispy is how I love them.

    I’m a migraine sufferer, and you should probably be checked out. Mine only come if I’m super super stressed, so I’ve only had one since I graduated from college. Good luck, I know that pain too well :(

  21. I’m tall and I’ve had similar problems with low celings and work out equipment! The manufacturers should really do something about that. Knocking someone out during a run does not seem good for business!

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  22. Please don’t hit your head girl :) hahah

    I had that happen to me once in a hotel. I ran on the treadmill and it was in the basement kinda, so the ceiling pipes were like directly located over the treadmills. Dumb placement, if you ask me. Why not put them over the yoga mats, you know, where people sit/lie on the floor?!??!!

  23. oh my gosh i HATE MIGRAINES! they used to make me soo sick. GIRL i have been on EVERY medication for them and u know what works the best? acupuncture!! it works WONDERS!!
    feel better lovely!

  24. Oh, just a breezy 5 miles at an average of about 8:30. Um, that’s awesome haha. You’re so fast even when you’re breezy.

  25. You have very interesting experiences in your gym haha. I know what it feels like to feel “abnormally tall”

    My favorite veggie to put into wraps would have to be artichokes!

  26. Great job still getting the workout in. I’m trying to picture it. LOL

    And Japanese candy? Interesting. Looks like a cookie.

  27. I hope your migraines go away :( I am sure you have all the triggers figured out (I know I do for mine) but they are still hard to avoid sometimes!

  28. sorry about the migraines, that’s no fun!! luckily you had the white chocolate cookie to cheer you up =D

  29. I’ve been getting migraines for years and they are no fun. It’s definitely worth going to doctor, for no other reason than to get the good drugs for when you get them. I’m actually on a preventative, too.

  30. Sorry about the migraines – def get that checked out if they don’t go away! :) I am tall too! Us tall people need to worry about things like low hanging fixtures and fans! :) Glad you still got your miles in!

  31. Sorry about your migraines. That’s awful! I hope you figure out what’s causing them soon (and that they go away!!)

    Glad you got through your run without hitting your head though. :)

    Mushrooms are also one of my favorite things to put in wraps — along with spinach.

    And the Japanese cookie looks amazing!!

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