Getting it done in the AM

So it seems a lot of you enjoy intervals more than the long runs.  I believe I’m in the minority when saying I enjoy the extra mileage.  And that possibly makes me a little messed up in the head. 

This is me shrugging my shoulders and moving on…

I’ve been busy trying to add a  bit of content to my humble little site.  It’s finally *almost* done.  So if you care to browse my racing past or what training plans I’ve used (because of general interest, to taunt me with my feeble attempts at becoming a better runner, or to just waste some time at work), you can now go to my “Racing Randomness” page.  Weeeee!

I’ve also been busy with other things.  Such as getting a haircut so I may look presentable at this conference and an upcoming wedding I’m in.  The hair was getting a bit out of control and frizztastic.  Shaggy Amy is not sassy Amy.Yes, I’m like a big frickin’ ball of sunshine today.  That is until I leave my apartment and get smacked in the face with the insane heat and humidity. Then… not so much.

Recently, I’ve been trying hard to keep up the morning workouts on days when I don’t have to go into work until 9:00.  I did it yesterday with The Shred again.  I did it this morning with a little cross training session in my apartment’s workout room.  I used the elliptical for 25, ran an 8:00 mile, and did some ab work.  While I was there, two other girls came in and set up there laptop to The Shred.  Is it sad I knew which circuit they were on without even having to see the laptop?  And is it sad that I just now realized how goofy people look while doing The Shred?  hmmm….

After a solid workout, I made sure the breakfast matched:Steel cut oats with kashi cereal and a little sunflower seed butter.  Still trying to cut back on the ol’ nut butter.  It’s working… some days (like today).  Others- um… no.  Also, there’s much more kashi in there that meets the eye.  It’s on the underneath. Because I’m sneaky like that.

Part of the reason why I did my workout this morning was so that Mon and I could have a proper fun night out.  It’s been a long week and we didn’t get to have one last week, so we decided to make a night of it.  We’re going to see Dinner for Schmucks.  Anyone else seen it?  I’ve heard pretty good things so far.  Which is good.  After Date Night, I was a little disappointed in Steve Carell.  And who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? 

What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?  I’ve been quite the little movie-goer these days, but there are still so many I want to see!

For all those coming in for HLS- I wish you safe travels!

Happy Thursday!  Try not to melt.  I’m sort of serious…

59 Responses

  1. Ouh I love this yellow top! Very Sassy :)

  2. No, Date Night wasn’t good? Darn, I have it in my queue to see next. The last thing I saw was Inception which was all sorts of awesome.

    • Not that it was bad… it was just “eh”. It’s cute- so netflix it, but I wouldn’t go see it again in the theater, ya know?

      And I really want to see Inception… it looks like a thinking movie, though. Which would require me to be a bit more well-rested to see it, I’m sure. ;)

  3. Now that I know the Shred by heart I can put on different music and not be tortured by the awful 70s porno style dance groove.

    re: Dinner For Shmucks? Let’s wait until after you see it to discuss.

  4. Your hair looks great and I LOVE that dress. yellow is my favorite color in the summertime!

  5. I saw Inception last weekend and loved loved loved it! I’ve heard mixed reviews about dinner for shmucks, so i’ll be interested to hear what you say.

  6. love the sunshiney top. i want to see dinner for schmuck’s too. i loved date night! i haven’t been to the movies since i saw that actually. damn.

  7. Just saw “The Kids Are Alright” in the theatre. It was good…but a little akward to be watching it with several senior citizens around! I don’t go to the movies that often but there’s plenty to see so I kind of wish I did! Seems like there’s always other things to do I guess…

    – Beth @

  8. I really like the Lima bean header. Has it been there for a while? Also, I am not exaggerating when I say that my hair has NEVER looked as good as yours in that picture. We are talking ever. Sassy indeed!

  9. I am going to go stalk your racing past ;)

  10. i swear, im so jealous of your hair….im sure your hair looked fine to begin with :) and that top is so adorable.

    we have date night in line for netflix…maybe i shoudl cancel since it was a disappointment for a number of people ive talked with

  11. I love your shirt! You are so pretty!!! I have not been to the movies in some time now! :(

  12. I am all about being like sunshine today! Yellow is a gret mood lifting color! I have it on myself! I hear that movie is not as good as others, but I want to know what you think! The last movie I saw in the $2 theater (with 4 of us…we do it on the cheap) was “How to Train Your Dragon”. I get out voted on chick movies. Have fun tonight!

  13. Um, you look gorgeous in yellow. Yep.

    I haven’t heard anything about Dinner for Schmucks, but I have hear that The Other Guys is as funny as the hangover. I want to see both. Have fun!

  14. You are gorgeous.

    Intervals seem to be the “IT” craze nowadays, for good reason I suppose.

    I want to see “dinner for schmucks!”…and “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg :)

  15. Oooo, hair looks faboosh! And I love bright yellow :)

    The humid days of Chicago do not bring back happy memories since I’m such the sweat beast…I feel for ya!

    Why or why are you cutting down on nut butter???

    • Well- I’m just trying to keep it under control. I often like to have multiple servings of it in a day. I take the “healthy fats” thing to the extreme. Plus, the almond butter can be kinda pricey to be constantly eating heaping spoonfuls at a time! he he he

      I would never give it up completely. Never!

  16. Hey there perdy lady! You look so cute! I agree, the heat and humidity are killer right now. It sucks.

    I love the extra mileage too. Long distance running is in my blood.

  17. Your hair looks really good – and I LOVE that top! :)

    Its sad, but I was showing my mom a preview of The Shred online and I was sitting there watching it like it was my favorite tv show. I kept saying “oh watch, I LOVE this part!” and “listen to what she says here, I love that”.

  18. I hear ya about trying not to melt. It has been absolutely miserable here in Minneapolis. We are getting a bit of a break this weekend it looks like with high 70’s on Sunday. I have a feeling that may feel COLD!

  19. i LOVE that yellow dress! you look so fab in it :)

  20. Love the new hair cut and yellow shirt! : )
    I definitely look weird doing the shred haha I’ve never seen anyone else do it though.. but I bet they look just as silly! No shame in memorizing the circuits

  21. Ooooh love your sassy bright yellow dress! HOT!

  22. You are so cute in that yellow top/dress!!! Hot stuff.

    I always think its interesting when I see people bring DVDs into the gym. I think they look goofy, but then I smack myself because I know I do the same stuff at home. Probably worse even.

  23. I love your haircut! And I can totally relate to frizz…once I step in the humidity, it’s like *POOF*

    I saw Dinner For Schmucks and I thought it was alright. There was basically no plot (and it really didn’t make much sense) but most of it was funny…so who cares, right?

  24. Pretty pretty hair! And I am in love with that yellow dress. I’m pretty sure most of my dresses are yellow but I always want more!

  25. I too prefer the long run to intervals! Now if only I can get myself out there for either. So bad lately. As far as movies go – I can’t wait to see Inception this weekend. I also want to see Dinner for Schmucks and Salt. Why do such good movies have to come out in the summer when there’s already a ton of stuff going on?!

  26. I LOVED Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man. Oh the awkwardness! It was great. :) Love your hair!!

  27. Your hair always looks so good, girl, and I’m loving the yellow on you! We’ve been having some crazy hot weather here lately, but today it’s been raining cats and dogs, so it’s a pretty nice change from all of the heat.

    Last movie I went out to see was Inception, and I absolutely loved it. Before that, it was Toy Story 3, which was a pretty good one as well.

  28. Hey Hey Hot Mama! Love the sunshine yellow :)

    I so wish I was headed up to Chicago to hang out with my fellow bloggers :( Next year. Have fun!

  29. I love your hair!!! Gorgeous! I wish I knew how to get pretty waves like that but I’m so challenged when it comes to my hair. I just learned how to straighten it by myself.. :/

    The last movie I saw in theaters was Inception and I’m thinking about going to see the movie Salt tonight.

  30. You are so pretty in yellow! I’m loving the new hair cut too! I am so bad with my hair…I don’t blow dry, straighten or curl.

  31. I am not a big movie goer, not because I don’t like to go, I just don’t go often. I’ve seen Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 2 (although I didn’t actually see Iron Man) this summer. I thought both were pretty good movies, but I don’t even know if they are still in theaters.

  32. I like that dress. You got it from Express, right? Holler.

  33. Have fun at the HLS!! we seriously need to plan a blogger meet up. Palatine is 10 minutes away from where I live!

  34. You look SO pretty!!! I love your hair.. and your outfit!

  35. ah – that Tim Horton’s mug totally brought me back to days on your side of the world! thanks for that :)

    can you believe i haven’t gone to the theatre in 6 months? last movie i saw was Sherlock Holmes. my attention span is screwed, i can’t sit still for 2 hours straight. gotta see Inception though, everyone’s talkin about it….

    enjoy the heat! i’m freezing over here :)

  36. woot tim hortons cup!!!

    please send some of that heat my way! u guys are hogging it all over there! plus ud like it here.. quite cool out :)

    yellow is such a pretty color on you! you look like sunshine- so gorgeous <3

  37. I love that outfit! Sunshiny, indeed! And the hair cut :)

    I must be crazy in the head, too, cause I would take extra mileage over intervals ANY day!

  38. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Dinner for Schmucks!

    We have not been able to see a lot of movies this year (don’t have a lot of money) which is unfortunate because we love them! But we did have passes and went to see Inception and Knight and Day.

    Love the new racing page! You should put some photos in too :)

  39. LOVE the yellow dress!

  40. Oh my gosh, your hair is GORGEOUS. Like, hair commercial gorgeous! And I love love love your dress. Ali from the Bachelorette would love it, too (I think she owns approx. 124 yellow dresses).

    Last movie I saw in the theaters….Toy Story 3. Yep, I said it. But I DO have the excuse that I was with my niece and nephew (although I totally was gonna see it anyway). ;-)

  41. not many people can rock it in yellow, and girl you look gorgeous!

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