The Big Flea

That’s what we decided to call it.  Every first weekend of the month, there’s a giant flea market in St. Charles, Illinois.  Did you know that?  I sure didn’t until my friend Danielle came along.  She lives for this stuff.  She also maps out and has a time schedule for the day after Thanksgiving.  So you know she doesn’t mess around.  And technically, in her case, you can define shopping as a sport.

Anyways, before I left, I knew I’d need my energy to keep up with this shopping guru. I decided to do a broccoli scramble.  With toast.  But I had no toast.  And since I’m leaving early Thursday to go back to Mid-MO for a wedding, I decided to not grocery shop and live off of what I had.  My problem is that I like to have a carb with most meals.  Enter another “cleaning out the pantry” moment.I think I bought it for when I planned to make chili earlier this year.  Didn’t happen.  Lucky me.  :)

I made spicy corn muffins by adding chili powder and red chili pepper flakes into the mix.  Good idea, but if you want to try it, be more liberal.  I held back.  But that’s ok- still good.Off to the Big Flea!

What did we find there?  A LOT of crap.  Seriously.  Crap.  Such as interesting lawn decor:Debbie Downer Frogs:Fashion statements:And fun signs for the whole family:It was also a fun people-watching event.  I highly recommend it. 

Unfortunately, the 6-foot tall metal rooster wouldn’t fit in my car, so I had to settle for a smaller purchase.  If you believe the label, it’s Dolce and Gabbana.  What a steal for $25, right?  ;)  I wasn’t “in the market” for a purse, but had my eye out.  After sifting through a million, I found this one with a not so obvious fake label.  I’m a sucker for the ruffle.  I kept going back to it until Monica said, “well just get it, Amy.  You’ve looked at it 10 times- clearly you want it.”  So I did.  And I sorta love it.

Does anyone else do the flea markets?  I’ve done the fake designer things before, but this was my first junk scavenger hunt in such a large-scale ordeal.

Afterwards, we left Danielle (who was still on the hunt), and decided to go to downtown Geneva to enjoy a little stroll and get some eats.Tapas, anyone?

We started out calm, with a light salad of asparagus, tomato, basil, evoo, and bleu cheese.Angie wasn’t quite used to the whole taking-pictures-of-food thing.  But Mon sure was and showed her how it’s done.  :)

My favorite?  Probably the baked artichoke stuffed with bread crumbs and topped with the most amazing sauce that I can’t remember the name of…And off of Angie’s recommendation, we chose the “Popeye” pizza- topped with spinach, feta, and mozzarella.  This picture was so posed, it was out of control.  I immediately regretted the decision- the cheese instantly started to burn the top of my mouth.  I think Mon caught me wincing in pain.  But once the pizza cooled down… oh my- it was fabulous.  Thin crust is my fav!

After I was filled up on cheese and such, I came home to my red box selections for the night.  Hot Tub Time Machine was one I was curious about.  I think I’ve heard more buzz about it now as it is coming out on DVD than when it was in the theaters. 

Someone compared it to The Hangover.  They were clearly wrong.  But it was the same general outrageous humor.  Had a few good lines.  Entertaining.  But I’m glad I only spent $1 to watch it.

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Let’s enjoy the end of our extended weekend!

29 Responses

  1. Hahahaha oh that giant giraffe cracks me up! Interesting stuff indeed!!

  2. Oh Jiffy corn muffins…how I miss thee! I love junking! It is a serious weakness I have. You know, one man’s trash…

    Looks like you had a great day! Enjoy your day off!

  3. I always want to buy the random stuff at flea markets, but KNOW it has no real application besides momentary amusement. I, personally, would have gone for the giant elk.

    That artichoke looks amazing, by the way, and your friend’s expression is priceless. It’s like, why am I posing with my appetizer?? This is weird!

  4. SUCH a cute purse for $25!!! I’m impressed. I looove flea markets. There was a really cute one near where I grew up in Connecticut but I haven’t found one in DC… must find!

  5. Flea markets have some of the strangest things, but you can find gems in them too. Sounds like fun.

    And I loooveeee cornbread and corn muffins.

  6. I kind of love flea market shopping, but I never find anything good – I’m not very thrifty. The purse is awesome, great find!

  7. That pizza sounds delicious!!! And thin crust is the BEST. Period.

    LOVE the purse! My aunt is a “professional” yard sale/flea market shopper. She hunts for good finds and then sells them on Ebay.. and she makes BANK!

  8. The purse is adorable! I’m actually in the market for a new one as well. I agree about your assessment of flea markets – great for people watching, usually full of junk, but with the occasional lucky find!

    Glad you’re having a good weekend!

  9. That flea market sounds like so much fun!! Definitely a good decision on the purse ;)
    Oh my deliciousness @ that artichoke bake. Wow.
    LOL @ the posing pizza story.
    Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day!

  10. I’ve never been to a flea market. I’ve done the fake designer bag thing too though. That giant giraffe is too funny.

  11. I love going to flea markets…I don’t often find a lot of treasures, but I always end up having a good time! And I love corn muffins, I made a batch for myself last night!

  12. I am not a huge bargain hunter. Too much work for me!

  13. I love spinach topped pizzas! In college the local pizza shop had a “snowball” pizza – big dollops of ricotta and spinach. Yummy.

  14. So funny that you posted about Jiffy Mix–also from Chelsea, MI where I spent my high school years. You’ve now covered Jeff Daniels and Jiffy, and there is officially nothing else to say about that little town :) Hope your weekend was great!

  15. The flea market looks like so much fun! Can you believe I’ve never been to one? But after seeing your stellar purse purchase I might have to make it a point.

    Also, that baked artichoke dish sounds heavenly! Glad you had a fun labor day!

  16. Haha flea markets are awesome that way! I love the fish naked posters. There’s not much I can even say about that. You obviously should have bought one!
    I like the purse though!

  17. I try to love flea markets and garage sales and things of that nature…. it’s just not my thing though! I lvoe the purse!

  18. i LOVE flea markets! I always go when I am in cape cod! they are always so fun to look around and browse at some of the crazy things that are for sale! love em :)

  19. I have to remember not to read your blog mid-morning. *drool drool*

  20. There’s a huge flea market around here every Tuesday morning in the warmer months. They used to have the best fake stuff, like seriously couldn’t tell the difference, but I think they got in trouble because you can’t find it anymore.

  21. LOVE the purse. love flea markets. love corn bread!

  22. I am no good at Flea markets. Looking at that stuff makes me feel nervous… just too much stuff. I know, I’m weird.

    We’ve had Hot Tub Time Machine from Netflix for awhile. I need to watch it still!

  23. I was at that flea market on Sunday too, funny stuff! And my friend and I were totally checking out that “jacket”! Small world, no? Did you try out the sweet corn? You can seriously eat it raw, it’s that good. Love that they have a farmer’s market element there.

  24. […] I saved back some of those cookies to also send home with my dinner dates for the evening:Angie and Mon! […]

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