A Little Improv

So you liked the baked goods, huh?  Yeah- me too.  And before I forget, the recipe said it would make approximately 24 if you fill the cupcake liners 2/3 of the way.  I filled them much more than that and still ended up with 30.  So clearly there is no reason why you shouldn’t make these.  Unless, of course, you’re allergic to pumpkin, chocolate, or wheat.  If that’s the case, please don’t.

I’m covering my bases with that one. 

Since we’re back into the swing of the work week where I’m the later shift, I did my standard get up early to workout thing.  After getting 9-10 hours of sleep each night over this weekend, it was pretty much non-negotiable.

I did The Shred with Jillian and resistance bands.  Within the last month, I’ve acquired neighbors who live beneath me.  For the longest time, the apartment below me was empty, so I stomped and jumped as much as I wanted.  Now there’s someone there.  I still did it, but in spots where it’s not quite as loud (I assume there are beams there?).  This girl’s gotta get her sweat on.  So I did so as politely as possible.

That took care of my strength training.  I also needed to get in cardio, which I did after work.  I stuck to the elliptical.  I know this isn’t part of the training plan and I’m straying from it, but for now that works for me.  If I don’t feel like running, it’s ok- I can just improvise with the elliptical.  Weee…. living on the edge….

As excited as I got for the stops at Subway and Panera during my roadtrip to Mid-Missouri last weekend, I decided to just go ahead and buy my own deli at the grocery store. 

And it was on sale.  So yeah…

I don’t have bacon, but came as close to my favorite sandwich at Panera as I could get by improvising with the basics I had. Turkey, spinach, cheddar, avocado and a little ranch in a spinach tortilla.  I didn’t really miss the bacon anyways.

I don’t know about where you live, but today we’re supposed to be receiving a mini heat wave at hit 90 degrees again today.  Which is hilarious because I just talked about how I finally accepted all things Fall being a part of my life.  Originally, I was upset.  Because summer seemed to have left without saying goodbye.  I guess it wanted to come back to give me a hug before going away for the rest of the year.  Goodbyes are never easy.

And because it’s Tuesday (clearly a downer in my book), here’s a fun little video for you that, if anything, is a good indicator of my sense of humor.

I absolutely love that people do this- it makes me smile…  :)  It was put on by this group called Improv Everywhere and they do random “pranks” like the black tie beach day in New York.  Has anyone ever heard of them?

Ok kids, here’s hoping Tuesday doesn’t suck!

40 Responses

  1. I’ve heard of that improv group. I’ve never seen this video, but some of the others are hilarious!

    And we’re getting a heat wave, too, this week. I’m so over summer, so it’s not a good thing in my book.

  2. Hahaha! That video was hilarious! Thanks for sharing that! I was laughing my ass off!

  3. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s here today too… I say boo to that. I’m excited about highs in the low 80’s next week! When you live in SC, that’s fall…

  4. Woo heat wave in Chitown :) I love that video! Why is it that we have to wear our pretty clothes only at special events? I would love to be able to get all prettified and just go out to dinner looking awesome! :) I miss the days of homecoming dances and sorority events. Now we only have weddings, and those are too far apart for me :) We buy these rocking dresses, shoes, and accessories and only wear them once! I say it should be normal to rock out the little black dress more often. It’s hilarious that the people in swimsuits looked so confused! Yay for not being normal.

  5. i LOVE that video. and mini heat wave?! send it my way please…it was 45* when i got up this morning!

  6. It is foggy, overcast, and freezing in LA today but I hear we are getting a heat wave over the weekend as well. I hate September weather!

    I’m about to get my Jillian on this morning, regardless of how my neighbor downstairs feels – I agree that you just have to go about it as politely as possible!!

    Have a great Tuesday. :)

  7. Yes, Improv Everywhere is hilarious! I especially love their Subway Star Wars (http://improveverywhere.com/video/). Good times. :)

    And yes, I went running outside this morning at 6:45 and it was already 75 degrees! Whaaa??

  8. The wrap looks so good! The tortilla is so pretty! Ya gotta love colorful food! It just makes you happy when you eat it! I hope you have a good day and lets just look past it being Tuesday shall we? Have a great one Amy!

  9. Ugh, it’s 86 here today, too!

    And even if the elliptical isn’t in your training plan, at least you’re moving. Gettin the job done. :)

  10. I’m glad I’m in a basement suite if only for the fact that I can stomp away and it bothers no one. Of course, the people upstairs don’t give a crap how much noise they make. I swear they tap dance all night long.

  11. HAA, they are like the non-dancing flash mobs. love that clip.

    Fall, ummm how the heck can I wear my cute crap when the temperature is being a TOTAL jerk.

  12. Look at you trying to be considerate for your downstairs neighbors, nice. Yeah it’s supposed to be 90 something here tomorrow, but it was 49 this morning. Ridiculous.

  13. Anything with avocado is fine with me!

  14. Hopefully your Tuesday goes well – it’s going to be close to 90 degrees here today, after all! : )

  15. Summer seems to be lingering here as well unfortunately. Unlike you I am sooo ready for fall. Bring on the cooler weather!

    Your wrap is so pretty:)

  16. Are they the ones who did the pantless subway thing? Too funny!

    That wrap looks delish. I think I’m going to improvise and go to Panera for lunch now :)

  17. I used to hate living in an apartment for that reason. Or with roommates. I never felt like I could get a good workout, but I probably erred too much on the polite side.

  18. hahahaha OMG that video is awesome! I love that people do things like that.

  19. Nothing beats turkey and avocado wraps. Except maybe eating them on a 90 degree at the end of September. We’re having a mini-heat wave here too. It’s supposed to be 80 today. Fine by me and my garden!

  20. Um, your wrap looks TDF. I just had a wrap for lunch, but it’s like the generic, crappy version of yours!

    Darnit, I can’t watch that video at work….damn cookies (or something)! I love funny videos or clips to cheer me up, because I compleeeetely agree about Tuesdays. What IS it about them, anyway?!

  21. You did better than me this morning – I didn’t get up. I’m sticking to Monday, Wednesday, Friday before school to work out. Tuesday & Thursday? Meh, we’ll see.

    Your wrap looks gooood even to a veg like me!!!

    Your distaste for Tuesday has rubbed off on me.

  22. Dude, whenever I make cupcakes I always end up with a million. What gives??? :)

  23. Oh gosh, I used to live in an apratment in college where they used to pound on their ceiling whenever I did workouts at home…now my apartment is a little classier and it’s not an issue when I do aerobics haha PHEW!

  24. The wrap looks scrumptious. Wow and 90 degree heatwave is crazy. We are having unseasonably nice weather, but only up to abotu 80s. I wish it had been like this all summer instead of 95-100 with 100% humidity.

  25. i’m so surprised your muffin recipe churned out so many, usually when they say “makes 24″ i end up with 20. (wassup wit dat?)

    enjoy your heat wave! we’re stepping into spring over here and it feels FABULOUS….

  26. I love Improv Everywhere! I always youtube their stuff when Im having a bad day and the randomness of it always makes me smile.

    And wtf, why dont my wraps look that good? I have wrap envy whenever I come here. Sigh. Happy Tuesday friend.

  27. I also love Improv Everywhere (as everyone has said!) Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Your wrap looked so delicious…full of all the good things you need to keep your body happy and fueled. Have a great Wednesday love!

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