PAWS Chicago 8k

Hey everyone!  How was your Sunday?

Mine was great (thanks for asking). My lovely friend Annie and I took a little journey to Montrose Harbor at 7:00 in the morning in order to get ourselves ready for the PAWS Chicago 8k.  The couple days off of running made me sure that I was good to go on the leg (I was getting a little nervous from an “off” feeling I was having).

Anyhoo… we made it to Montrose Harbor and had plenty of time to get situated.Annie showing off the newest race shirt to our collections.  And just so you know, it was a gorgeous day on the lakefront.  I failed at capturing this and apparently chose to show you the fabulous toilets instead.  Oops…Again- look at the pretty view… ha.

It was a nice day, but at the same time- VERY windy.  Which made it a chilly run.  That was a little disappointing because I was hoping to have one more race with nicer weather.  Oh well- I shouldn’t complain.  The next race I’m signed up for is in November.  And I’m sure at that point, a 55 degree day would feel like the middle of summer.  Another grass is always greener moment…

So the race started and off we went.  I can tell you without a doubt that I started off way too fast.  How fast?  I don’t know.  The one thing about this race that was a bit frustrating was that there wasn’t a timer at every mile marker.  So when I get to the end of the first, and all I see is a sign that says “Mile 1″, I cursed a little.  I wasn’t wearing my Nike+ to keep track of pace, so this could have easily been a disaster.

It wasn’t exactly a disaster, but by the time I reached Mile 4, I was really starting to feel sluggish.  I started to feel myself slow down and go “oooohhh noooooo”.  Then a girl decided to try and pass me.  “Um.  No.  I’ve established that this is the place I’m finishing in and you can’t change that.”  I didn’t really think that, but she was the kick in the butt I needed to keep moving at the pace I was at- and then to eventually speed up.  I didn’t look over, but I’m pretty sure it was a mutual feeling between the two of us that we were riding out the end of this race together.

Slowly, the two of us crept up on a guy.  With the last quarter mile to go, all three of us booked it.  And let me tell you, there is no better feeling than to be one of two girls about to pass a dude who’s trying his damndest to keep us behind him.  Sorry boys.  Can’t help the way I feel on that one.

I went through  just over 40- so I knew my official time would be close.  Earlier, Annie and I had both stated our goals.  Mine was 41 minutes- about a minute and a half faster than my Shamrock Shuffle time.  A future goal was to get under 40 minutes, but I didn’t think it would be today.  So I was really excited.

I booked it to gear check so I could grab my stuff (aka my camera) and get Annie’s fantastic finish:This girl is awesome.  She just started running earlier this year and has already done her first 5k and now her first 8k!

Her goal was to finish under an hour.  She killed that one by 4:30.  Nice work, Annie!

This is also one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.  The look of excitement on her face is priceless!!!Official stats?  40:00 exactly – an 8:03 pace.  Which is awesome.  But um… would 39:59 have been so bad?  I was so close to breaking it!  Gah! 

I finished 124/933.  34th out of 588 females.  So I’ll totally take that. 

And it’s soooo not a race with Amy B if you don’t go to breakfast afterwards.Annie found us a great spot in Andersonville! M. Henry is pretty neat because they cook with a lot of local and/or organic foods.  We were even more excited when we realized we were there for the debut of their Autumn brunch menu! Annie went the savory route with bacon-wrapped baked eggs and polenta.  There was also cheese. 

And you can never go wrong with bacon and cheese.  Enough said.I was so excited for my sweet potato pancakes that I seem to have radiated an angelic glow.  Neat-o.  Yeah, that’s a creme de leche that they are swimming in.  So rich.  So fantastic.  And it was literally chunks of sweet potato in the pancake- not just mixed in. 

According to Heather, it was National Pancake Day yesterday. I guess I knew this subconsciously.

The rest of the day was all about me, my couch, and The Buried Life marathon on MTV. 

Life is good.  :)

Have a great Monday.  But just so you know this is no regular Monday.  My Bears are playing the Packers tonight.  This is a big one, folks. It’s a big rivalry and both teams are 2-0.   So… uh…. GO BEARS!

49 Responses

  1. Those are the cutest race shirts, I love em. And um yeah, breakfast is why I run. Great job!

  2. Wow, way to go Annie. That’s awesome!

  3. I love the race shirts too! So cute.

  4. Great job on the race Amy! Both of your meals look delicious! I wanted pancakes last night (breakfast for dinner is my favorite), but I was out voted! Oh well, I will get those boys and just make them anyway one day soon! Have a great week!

  5. Sounds fun! Running races with friends is the best :-)

  6. Wow! Awesome job to both of you on the race!

  7. That’s down the block from me. Had I known, I would have gone out and cheered you on. Sorry that you didn’t break 40. So close. Next time.

  8. The husband and I would totally have seen you at M. Henry had we not had to wait for brunch for close to an hour – we decided to go up the street to Icosium Cafe instead! We totally heart M. Henry. Great job on the race!

  9. i feel the EXACT SAME WAY about boys in races. i try my damnedest to pass as many as i can hahah

    i love those shirts. they are way cool and i also love that picture of annie’s finish. seriously makes my morning :)

  10. Way to rock ladies ;)

  11. Speedy lady — you’re awesome.

    I’m so dying for pancakes now!

  12. Wow! You are a fast runner. Danger that is really good. Congratulations. Haves great day.

  13. Wow – you are FAST!!!! What an awesome time and finish! And congrats to your friend, too. :-)

    So….can I celebrate National Pancake day today, instead? :-) Love me some pancakes.

  14. Great race for both of you, awesome! You’ll totally break 40 next time. After my long run Saturday I immediately went out for beer and wings, that’s what I run for, haha.

  15. Great job chica! And I need to try M. Henry. AND GO BEARS! :)

  16. Great job, ladies! Cute shirts, too. My husband and I adopted our kitty from PAWS — they’re a great organization and it’s nice to see so many people supporting them.

    M. Henry is one of my favorite places, specifically for the BlissCakes. Makes the long wait worth it.

  17. I wish I would have known it was National Pancake day! I may just have to celebrate today! You girls are so cute…congrats on the race! I hope you have a lovely Monday morning!

  18. Holy cow, great time, sister! You are a speed demon!

    I’d be all over those pancakes – yum. :)

  19. Heck yes go BEARS! If you didn’t live so far away I would make you come over and watch the game with me :) Maybe next week for the Giants game? Congrats on the race! You are one fast runner, lady.

  20. GO PACKERS!!!!!!

    Great job on the run, and for looking like a million bucks when you were done. Serisously, did you sweat at all?!?! :)

  21. 40 minutes? Yowza!!! Nice job!!!

    Breakfast looks amazing!

  22. Congrats!!! You did a fantastic job! I Love the PAWS organization. I’ve only done one 5K but am hoping to work my way up to doing next years 8K Paws run.

    I’m going to be watching the Bears play a little ball tonight. Do you know are they playing in Chicago?

  23. How did I miss Nat’l Pancake day!? I suppose I should make up for it at tonight’s dinner! :(

    Congrats to you and your friend on the race! looks like you both did so well!

  24. Congrats on the race and meeting your goal! I love the pic you captured of your friend :)

  25. Yay for a new PR!

    Those race shirts are among the cutest I’ve ever seen. :-)

  26. Congrats on your new PR! You are crazy ass fast. And I love you left that dude in your dust. So seriously, love how cute your friend is and love how you look fab before AND after a race!

  27. Awesome job! You make me want to work on my speed more!

    I’ll be rooting for the Bears tonight!

  28. That’s legit! I love when races sponsor a cause :)

    And dude… check you out post-race. HOW GOOD YOU LOOK!!! Jealous. I look like death after I finish running.

  29. look at the pretty view.. sure if u mean YOU TWO!!! I LOVE THOSE SHIRTS!! and i LOVE the sweet potato pancakes!! you look so happy to dive in hehe <3

    have a beautiful week

  30. Congratulations, lady! And what an great cause – I just love PAWS.

  31. Yay! Congrats on hitting your goal in the run…terrific job! And that is one awesome picture you took of her plus I love the shirts you got.

    Nice job as well with hitting m henry with their fall menu. I love fall menus.

  32. congrats on your run, girl!! you did AMAZING. i’ve only done 1 official race before (a 9k) and it was the best feeling ever!!

    (p.s. i can’t believe it was National Pancake Day and nobody told me. :O)

  33. Congrats on a great run!!

  34. soooo adorable! and that is an amazing finish shot. congrats! looks like a great time.

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