Thursday!  It’s here already!

I celebrated by another morning workout.  I know- kinda lame.  But that’s sometimes how I roll in the middle (ish) of the week.  Just go with it.  :)

Yesterday I did elliptical, but I wanted to get one more decent run in before Saturday’s race. So today, I strolled into the workout room and it was empty.  Again.  I sort of love it.  The only other people I’d ever see in the morning is the woman who refused to acknowledge my existence and the old man running around in his super tiny swimming trunks after chillin’ in the hot tub (I’m still weirded out at why he’s doing this at 5 in the morning?).  So I welcome the alone time.

I did 4 miles at almost exactly an 8:30 pace.  I’m not wearing anything to track mileage for Saturday’s race, so I’m hoping this is my natural pace that I’ll fall into (considering I’ve been hovering around it for the last month).  I’ve worn my Nike+ for a couple races, but end up just driving myself mad by looking at it over and over.  I’m sure they’ll have clocks at the mile markers.  That’s all I need.

Now for a few announcement of sorts…

I got a haircut last night!  It’s like I’m a new woman.  :)

Actually, it was just a trim.  And that’s a lame announcement.

Surely I can think of something better?

I am signed up to do the Hustle Up the Hancock!

For all of ya’ll who have been reading for a while (seriously- I can’t believe you’ve made it this far!), I went to support my friend Mon as she attempted it.  That didn’t work out so well- but I’m going to let her tell you that story in her words eventually.  ;)  Anyways, Mon refuses to do it this year, so when her friend started to get the team together, she asked if I’d consider it.

Heck yes I will! 

At first I wanted time to think about it (it’s a bit pricey for me when it comes to events), but it was sort of a “need to know in less than a week” sort of thing.  For the last couple of years it has sold out within an hour or two of registration opening.  For real- I had to double check that I wasn’t accidentally signing up for the Boston Marathon or something… it’s crazy how many people want to do this!

So on February 27th, yours truly will be climbing the 94-floor stairwell of the John Hancock Building.  I even have a partner in crime to participate in the insanity…  I bribed convinced asked Megan if she’d want to do it, too. 

I’m not sure, but she may be just as crazy as I am- because she totally said she would!  So watch out friends- there’s training that will need to go down and we may be coming to a stairwell near you!

That did not sound creepy in the slightest.

I’m hoping that training for this will be just the thing I need to change up my workout routine.  Not gonna lie- I’m on the brink of running burn out.  Some serious cross training will do me good.  :)

And finally… I guess it’s time I tell you about who won the Adora Giveaway, huh?

Congrats Lindsey!

Please email me your mailing address so I can pass the info along and get your chocolate to you!  :)

Oh and thanks for all the comments on my random things.  I can’t believe how many of us loved Doug!!!  Hilarious.  And the getting kicked out of band story isn’t nearly as cool as I wish it were.  The new teacher didn’t really care for my friend and I (probably because the old teacher loved us).  As soon as he found an excuse to get rid of us, he did.  We were late.  Once.  Got the boot.  Lame.

I’d like to think I’m over it and moved on, though. And it’s just fun to say it happened.  :)

Ok kids, it’s time to get to work. Later!

37 Responses

  1. That sounds like torture, but I’m sure you’ll have a blast. I’d trip on the way up, fall down, and take 30 other people with me.

  2. I need a trim on my hair. I put it off for a while because I was going to chop it off and donate it, but I am just not ready to give up the ponytail just yet. So, it is trim time. Have a great day Amy!

  3. I have always wanted to do that race up the Hancock or at least watch it. It sounds like so much fun. Congrats to the winner.

  4. OMG, we have something similar in CLE (in February, too!) but it’s called Tackle the Tower. It’s horrendous. 9 to 10 minutes of torture. Haha! I keep debating doing it this year b/c I always say I’ll never do it again (and then do). Can’t wait to hear how it goes!! :)

  5. Okay, so I totally might want to do the Hustle up the Hancock!

  6. I hate stairs, that sounds like torture, but good luck! I hope you fare better than Mon did last year. I’m so close to running burn out also, plus my left foot realllly hurts. I just keep telling myself 3 more weeks!

  7. That sounds crazy! 94 flights? I cannot wait to hear about it!

  8. Ohhh good luck climbing 94 flights!!!! yikes!

  9. 94 as in NINE- FOUR ??? Oh my!!! Have fun :)

    *British Texan Blend*

  10. That sounds like so much fun! (or something like fun?) What a cool event? How are you going to even train that? Stair master? Stairs at work? haha

  11. 94 FLOORS? I ran/walked up 32 floors once and my butt was sore for DAYS! Good luck with that one ;-)

  12. HUZZAH !! how FUN !! :)

    I love the quiet of an empty gym… but YES – there are some strange ones in the very early hours!

  13. that sounds, strangely, like so much fun! enjoy :)

    yay new haircut too. i desperately need mine done like yesterday!

  14. You just reminded me how badly I need a haircut. And how badly I want to run up the stairs in the John Hancock building.

    Oh, wait, that second part is a lie.

  15. SO jealous!!! This sounds friggin awesome. I absolutely love this. Your but is going to look hawt after this run!

  16. Sounds fun!! Reminds me of when the husband and I climbed all the way to the crown of the Statue of Liberty last year. We actually practiced for it by climbing stairs on the college campus, ha! Not sure it really helped:) It was fun though!

  17. I’d TOTALLY run up the Hancock. And then at the top, I’d enjoy a glass of vino before heading down ;)

  18. That sounds so great! We have something like that here – Fight for Clean Air or Fight something that involves stairs. I’m certain it’s not 94 flights though. I’d love to hear more and let’s be real, anything w/ the work “cock” in perks my ears up. ;)

  19. Damn…. that’s crazy!!!! I’d get dizzy haha or worry about running into someone. Good for you though :)

    And post pictures of the new hair asap!!

  20. Oh my…best of luck Amy! I always think those stair climbs look like tourture. If you are successful at this I have much respect for you!!!!

    – Beth @

  21. I can’t decide if i should be in awe of you or if you are just insane..

  22. That sounds REALLY interesting…in a fun, self-torturous kind of way. Do you have a stepmill handy for training? Otherwise, it could be fun creeping people out in your work stairwells or something.

  23. Can’t wait to hear about Hustling the Hancock. And by that I mean, better you than me.

    Working out when the gym is empty, or mostly at least, is my favorite.

  24. That’s awesome! I remember when you went and watched that. I’m a dedicated reader :)

  25. OK, that is amazing. I don’t know anyone who’s done Hustle Up the Hancock – can’t wait to hear about this one!

  26. 94 floors??!!?? You go girl that’s crazy. Wasn’t there a Silver Spoons episode where that did that? I just totally dated myself.

  27. That hustle up the hancock thing sounds awesome.

  28. […] adding a little more to the mix isn’t going to hurt anyone.  Plus, now I’ve got the Hustle Up the Hancock to train […]

  29. […] about to go climb some stairwells with Megan to prepare for Hustle Up the Hancock (oh yeah- remember that stair climb I’m gonna do? I almost forgot, […]

  30. […] 20 minutes on the stairs. I will have to say, after the Hustle Up the Hancock, I’ll be ready to give the stairs a rest. Or at least back off of them a […]

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