Classic Combo

Pizza and beer.  Classic.  It’s such an all-American thing to do.  This is definitely one of my favorite things- there are few combinations that can top it.

And then Holly goes and does something crazy.  She puts beer in her pizza dough.

Clearly all the cool kids are doing it.  I wanted to be cool, too.  So I decided to make pizza last night in a similar fashion.

My beer of choice was Goose Island’s Autumn Ale.And look:This actually worked!  I won’t lie- I was skeptical at first.  But wooooooo hooo!

Because I’m not going to be home much this weekend, I made it a point of holding out on the grocery shopping.  So my options were slim. The only toppings I really had around were mushrooms and onions.  So simple veggie pizza it was.

Make sure to wait until about half way through baking the pizza dough to add your toppings.  If you add them at the very beginning, the middle of your pizza will never bake and you will have a mess.  Live and learn.

The whole baking process takes about 20 minutes.  Easy peasy.  Enjoy finished pizza with the leftover beer.  If you have no leftover beer from making the dough, I suggest pouring some vino.Bad lighting makes my chedda’ cheese look weird.  (insert shrugging of shoulders)

The dough was much thicker than the usual stuff I get at the store.  But that’s cool.  I like it dense.  Sorta like my men.  Remember?  ;)

Let’s review, shall we?  Holly puts beer in her pizza dough.  Beer in pizza dough is genius.  So logically, we can conclude that Holly is a genius.


What’s one of your favorite combinations?  I also enjoy beer with buffalo wings.  Or coffee with cake. 

Anyways… Happy Friday everyone!!!  I’ve gotta run downtown today to pick up my race packet for the Hot Chocolate 15k after work and going to bed EARLY.  Not only am I running the race tomorrow, I’m also jumping in the car with my friend Annie and heading to St. Louis for the night.  Random?  Yes.  But Annie asked if I wanted to ride along and I haven’t seen a couple of my favorite blondies for a few months, so why not?

Have a good one, kids!

28 Responses

  1. Good luck in the 15k!! And you just inspired me to have a pre-race dinner of pizza and wine.

  2. Beer in bread is perfect, isn’t it?! It is like a little miracle! I actually don’t care to drink beer, but I LOVE it in my bread! Have a great day today and good luck tomorrow!

  3. champagne + dinner is my favorite combo. hahah

  4. Beer and pizza, red wine and tv, vodka and club haha. I sound like an alcoholic. Good luck in the 15k you’re going to kick ass.

  5. happy friday to you too! good luck in the 15k. hmmmmm coffee and doughnuts perhaps? and of course pb and banana. my go to :)

  6. Good luck on the race!! You’ll do great, I already know it. :)

    I love the beer in pizza dough idea. Add booze to just about anything and all of a sudden it gets better. I wonder why? :)

  7. Beer dough is so good. You should try it in loaf form, too. I have to say, I’m also a beer/wing fan. ALSO a beer/Irish nacho fan. But we already knew that.

    Have fun with the race tomorrow! You’re a rockstar, I’m sure you’ll kill it. :)

  8. Um, yum! I may just have to try this.

  9. Haha that is so cool!!! I really hate the taste of beer, but I have a bunch in my fridge (leftovers from friends) so maybe I’ll try making pizza dough with it!!! haha

  10. Wow that pizza looks awesome for having slim pickings in the kitchen!! I am impressed!

  11. Perfect duo? Dark chocolate and PB! And milk and cookies!
    Good luck at your race – I’m sure you will ROCK IT OUT.

  12. I’m down with calling Holly a genius. In fact, since I hate beer, the only way I may ever drink it would be in a pizza, because, pizza, well I love pizza.

  13. Ahh yes, wine and pizza is such a stellar combo. Nachos and beer is a great one too!

  14. I like how you classed up the pizza with some wine. Nice touch.

    Good luck at the race tomorrow!!

  15. Good luck on the race! Can’t wait to read the recap.

    I love tea and cookies. OK, so I love cookies w/ anything. :)

  16. I picked up my race packet yesterday and I was disappointed that I didn’t even get 1 piece of chocolate. Not that I need it ;)

    I’m only doing the 5k tomorrow but than my husband, 2 dogs and I are jumping in the car and driving to Michigan. Fun, fun!

  17. Good luck with your race and have fun!

  18. I’d love to try the beer pizza crust recipe. The last time I tried to make pizza crust it was a little lacking.

    My fav combo is probably wine and cheese.

    Good luck at the race!!

  19. have a great time at the race !! :D and have fun in The ‘Lou !

  20. I agree that pizza and beer are a great combo but since I’m not a huge beer lover.. I really like chocolate and PB!!

  21. OK your dinner sounds PERFECT! I know miss Goose Island, damn good beer.

    May you be the marshmallow in the Hot Cocoa race!! Safe travels after…drink your water so you don’t get sore in the car:)

  22. awesome! i have made beer bread before, but never thought to make pizza dough…even though it seems so obvious to me now :)

  23. beer? pizza dough? where do I sign? :-)

    Good luck tomorrow in your race! You’re gonna kick a$$!

  24. Wow what a fun weekend!
    And yes mam, that IS a genius idea! Beer is good in general and when you add pizza in there.. can you really go wrong!?

  25. Good luck with your race lady!

  26. You’re right, pizza and beer is THE best. I really, really want to try that but I keep forgetting. Good luck with your race!!

  27. […] over to help with that.  I bribed her to come hang out.  With food.  Pizza, actually. I did the beer pizza dough again.Fun fact- I cannot, for the life of me, pronounce the name of this beer. So I just call it […]

  28. […] crust was yet again the pizza dough crust made with beer that Holly created. I made a half recipe. It still gave me 3 good-sized flatbreads.  Plus, on a […]

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