Hot Chocolate 15k- Overdressed and Undertrained

*First, I want to have a disclaimer- I am very happy to have finished the race.  I ran the whole thing and it was a pretty course.  And I got to hang out with some super cool blogging peeps.  I am not angry.  Just a wee bit frustrated.

You are now allowed to continue reading…

I made it downtown to the Grant Park area by about 7:30.  Perfect timing to meet up with Pham.

It was chilly.  Very chilly.  Which made it a real struggle for me to figure out what my layering of clothes would consist of.  This was the coldest race I’ve done- I’m a newbie when it comes to cold weather gear.  When I was walking towards the race, everything felt ok.  I had a big jacket to get rid of at gear check, but thought I had done well with the dressing.  If I had only known…

On the walk there, I saw a ton of workers out putting up Christmas decor outside of the buildings:This is the big renowned tree that sits in front of Daley Plaza for the holiday season.  Still looks like it could use a lot of work if you ask me.  But I trust it will look fabulous very soon.

Anyhoo, I got to gear check (a madhouse), met up with Pham, and we made out way to Corral B with a couple minutes to spare.

By the way, at this point I could smell all the chocolate.  It was like heaven.

So the race starts…  Pham and I had a really good pace going.  Almost too good.  Once we hit the first mile marker and I saw that we were hitting an 8-minute pace, I got a little nervous.  I felt fine, but still- it messes with you when you know what your regular pace is.  We kept going at that speed for a couple more.

The sun started to beat down on us, and that’s when I realized I was getting heated.  I really did not expect this to happen.  Or at least this early.  Yes folks, I overdressed.  A big “F” for Amy when it comes to my layering skills.

I told Pham to keep going, I was going to have to stop and strip a little.  I had no idea how crazy this process would become.  Take off the ipod, undo the bib number, take off jacket, tie jacket around waste, fumble with bib number again, put back on ipod.

Clearly I have to work on this.  Because this is where I lost an incredible amount of time.  Such an amateur move.  :p

Although it’s for the best it happened- otherwise I would have been struggling sooner than later. 

The rest of the race was decent.  I got a little tired around miles 7 and 8- averaging about 9-minute miles.  This also didn’t make me happy, but whatever, at that point time wasn’t important and I was just going to chill out and enjoy the rest of the race.  I picked it up at the end, but it didn’t matter.  I still finished over my goal time.

(The official results weren’t posted when I wrote this, so I’ll have to get back to you on that one.)

After the race, I found Pham back and met up with Kristen (I’m happy to say both kicked this race’s butt!).This was the first time I’ve met up with Kristen- and it was WAY overdue.  We’ve both been reading each other’s blogs since they were bitty baby blogs… :)

Going with the theme of the Hot Chocolate race, there was also a hot chocolate and a fondue tent.  Now I love me some chocolate just as much as the next gal, but it’s not often my refueling food of choice, but when in Rome…Funny thing was that these plastic trays were set out for us already and included a banana and apple slices.  Being  as how I’m so high maintenance with my “no fruit policy“, I asked if I could have one with a few more other things and no fruit.  The girl looked at me weird, but gave me some extra pretzels and pound cake.  Score…We approved.  :)

All in all, it was an interesting race.  A little disorganized (I blame how out of control HUGE it was), but a good time.  It wasn’t my greatest race (I also blame my lack of following the training plan), but it was still my first 15k- so it’s still technically a PR, right?  :)

I’m currently in St. Louis with a busy day ahead, so I’ll catch you kids tomorrow in the AM!

51 Responses

  1. Congrats, Amy!! I’m sure your official time is great and just the fact that you DID a 15k is amazing in itself.

    I rarely dress properly, it’s always over or underdressed for me! I’m use to it now so it doesn’t really faze me anymore.

  2. I always stress about what to wear too. I took a big chance and attached my bib # to my outer jacket yesterday but it turned out ok. I see a lot of people with those belt thingies, but that seems like a big investment just to attach a piece of paper to.

  3. I am a horrible layerer, I just can’t get my shit together to figure it out. Since I hate running and have only run 5Ks, I usually just suck it up for the short race.

    I’d do that race though just for the fondue at the end! What?!?!

  4. I am the worst at layering regardless of the situation. I try to be better, I actually wore my coat and scarf all day yesterday inside! I was miserable for not having layered better and still freezing. Congrats on the run and I hope you have a great day Amy!

  5. I hate trying to dress for a run when its cold out. It gets so difficult!
    I agree with you, it was you first 15k and that automatically makes it a PR. :)

  6. I would run a 15k for fondue !! :D

  7. totally a pr! great job girl :)

    i’m terrible at figuring out what i need clothing wise for cold weather. i’d have been stripping right there with you!

  8. Oh no I’ve heard horror stories about people overdressing, that’s too bad lady :( Oh well, at least you still had fun, and now you’ll know for next time :-)

  9. That is interesting that you are not a fruit person! I suppose everyone has their own pref! Pound cake > fruit

  10. I’m just impressed that you managed to keep running during the stripping! Dude, you and the fruit. I’m going to have to stage an intervention. :) Hope your trip was fun and congrats on the *PR*!!

  11. Too much clothing while running is no fun at all. I think I would rather be too cold.

  12. Here are my rules when it comes to cold running:

    50+ degrees – tech tshirt and shorts.
    40-49 degrees – long sleeve tech and shorts (tshirt w/ no wind)
    30-39 degrees – tech tshirt with tech jacket or wind breaker, pants, gloves & head band
    25-29 degrees – long sleeve tech w/ tech jacket, heavy pants (additional long sleeve may be necessary w/ wind), gloves and hat
    24 or below – stay indoors.

  13. You did awesome, girl! Running in the cold is HARD!!! And 15k is quite the distance race, you should be super proud of your PR :) Hope you have a fun day in St. Louis and catch ya tomorrow :) Chin up, buttercup!

  14. Congrats on the race! I always tend to underdress, which can also be a problem. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend.

  15. Congrats on a great finish! I ran the 15k as well and agree that is was crazy disorganized and packed! And yeah, chocolate fondue did not sit well after running 9 miles – I think I had like 1 pretzel and apple slice before giving it to my brother and sister to finish.
    As far as layering – dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than it actually is. Always works well for me.

  16. hahaha I’d totally vomit if I ate hot chocolate after a run. But good for you, sticking through with it. Now you know what you need to work on for a future race :)

  17. A race like a 15K would be really hard to find a pace for. You look like you did great though!

  18. Sorry about the wardrobe malfunction! It’s so hard when it’s that cold. Nice job, though :D Wish I could have been there!!

  19. Congratulations on the race. Don’t let the wardrobe problems get you down! Now you know better for next time. I would still be so proud of myself! Thanks for sharing my sweet friend, and I hope your week is full of love!

  20. congrats on your race, Amy, i’m sure your time was awesome regardless! :)

  21. No matter what …you FNISHED! And that in and of itself is amazing!

  22. Nice race! I’m happy you’re happy. Next time, you’ll know to shiver a bit at the start so you don’t sweat your face off by mile 4.

  23. Congrats on the race!! We’re always so much harder on ourselves than we need to be, so I totally understand the frustration. You’ll get that goal next time, gurl!

  24. I can’t even imagine tackling 5K let alone a 15K! Congratulations Amy!!!

  25. Congrats on finishing the race!!! It is so tough to figure out what to wear during cold weather races and it STINKS that it was so disorganized!!

  26. Congrats on the finish…and the chocolate. I heard from a lot of people it wasn’t the most organized race, but you did it!

  27. Layering during races can be sooo confusing, I completely understand your dilemma. I’m glad the rest of the run went well though – looks like the after part was pretty awesome :)

  28. Congrats on the race Amy!!

    It always makes me laugh what is provided for post-run fuel. At my half there was lasagna and spaghetti – at 9AM! I don’t think I’d ever complain about fondue though :).

    – Beth @

  29. Pound cake for refueling is so up my alley! Congratulations on finishing the race for sure. I’m sorry about the overdressing part. I haven’t done that but I’m sure I will at some time in the future. :) Again, great job! I wish we had chocolate as recovery fuel here!

  30. Merry Christmas! WOW, that’s pretty cool. Well you did it! And I think the race sounds amazing. Although the rice krispie treats do make me partial:)

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  32. […] you guys are cool.  And you made me feel better about how hard I’ve been on myself about the silly ol’ race from last weekend.  […]

  33. Great race! I see why you were frustrated though – stopping to strip would be a pain in the butt. Do you feel more comfortable dressing for cold weather now? The general rule of thumb is to dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer… but you probably know that! :)

    Congrats again! Still a great time! :)

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