Lazy By Any Other Name…

…would still be the definition of what I was yesterday.

After running around without a care in the world on Saturday, Sunday was a struggle.  My energy was at a steady low (as it usually seems to be on most Sundays, if we’re going to be completely honest). 

That didn’t bother me so much.  Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, right?  So I took it easy on a few of the things I normally do.

Like my running.

I did an easy 3 miles at an 8:47 pace.  My lingering headache was still there, so this was the pace I found acceptable and didn’t change it at all the entire run.  No pushing at all.  Just… going.

I also didn’t feel like being in the kitchen.

So I made a detour to Subway on my drive home after running some errands.Believe it or not, I still had a gift card to Subway from the Healthy Living Summit in August.  I like Subway- it’s just not visited often.  I rarely go out to eat anyway, and then when I do, I prefer going to local spots.

Or Buffalo Wild Wings.  Because I’m a sucker for some decent wing sauce.  The sandwich was actually the Buffalo Chicken.  It was much better than how dull it looked. Promise.

Although I do not suggest getting jalapenos as part of the mix.  I wanted spicy.  But they didn’t quite go with the rhythm of everything else going on. 

You win some… you lose some.

In other news, I only have three days of work this week!  And hopefully one of those days won’t be a full 8 hours- cross your fingers for me, people!

Thanksgiving baking commences tonight.  Holla’.

And if you’re not ready for Black Friday just yet, make sure to read up Danielle’s guest post, How to Attack Black Friday.  She’ll have you in tip-top shape for the event in no time!

Still not sure if I’ll be doing any shopping on Friday.  Judging from the crowds last night and my reaction to them, I’m just not mentally ready for professional shopping yet.  I have this thing about personal space.  As in, I like having it.  So when 3 or 4 strangers took turns breathing on my neck yesterday during a 20-minute run to Target, I got a little agitated.  Imagine that.

Either way, it’s over now and Monday is here.  Let’s make an attempt at a legendary one, shall we?  :)

30 Responses

  1. Hmm. Your lazy Sunday makes my lazy Sunday look even…lazier :) It’s back to the treadmill for me tonight!

  2. I’m hoping to leave early Wednesday too — I have to meet up with some friends for drinks AND makes two loaves of banana bread. I cannot be expected to work a full day under these conditions.

    The only thing I have planned for black Friday is buying discounted tickets to the Bulls/Pacers game.

  3. Yeah, my Sunday was way lazier than yours. And no Black Friday shopping for me. I’d rather run with the bulls than race around the mall with crazed Post-Thanksgiving Day Sales shoppers.

  4. Gosh, I need a lazy Sunday. I keep telling myself I’m going to relax on the weekend and then never do!

  5. What I don’t understand is why so many people can’t grasp the concept of personal space. I mean, really, if I don’t know you, you probably shouldn’t be touching me. Its uncomfortable.

  6. Yeah, I never do Black Friday. It’s just too much…watching it on the news is too much. I wouldn’t know from experience, because I, too, like my personal space. I’m more the type to take a coughcoughSICK DAYcoughcough on a Monday and get’er done. I was planning Subway for lunch today, but my hubz talked me into Chipotle. Subway is great, but Chipotle takes the cake for me! :) Enjoy your short week and bring on a shortened day!!! :)

  7. Loved the Black Friday post! I doubt I’ll shop that day, but if I do, I’m checkin’ back in at that post!

  8. You need to try the wings at Jake Melnick’s. Not only are they fantastic, but they also have great burgers too. Plus, there are TVs everywhere.

  9. I am hoarding a Subway gift card for just such an occasion. Or, a road trip. Or, lunch one day that I am a lazy face. Whatever! How were the Sun Chips? I have no idea what Peppercorn Ranch would taste like, but marketing sucker that I am, I want nothing more in the world now than to try some. BRB.

  10. I am always scared of Black Friday. If there’s something in particular that I want, I’ll look to see if there’s an awesome deal on it, but other than that I really try to avoid it.

  11. omg that last picture just perked me up a bit this monday :)

    and my sunday was pretty lazy. i ran then i sat on my couch thinking about doing stuff. it’s a good thing my dinner plans fell through on their own because it was a lazy enough day that i would have canceled them just to not have to get off the couch!

  12. I love lazy Sundays. It’s in the bible. ;) Ugh, personal space is a huge thing for me. I cannot stand when people (except family) get that close to me. I always thought it was an Asian thing but The Lover is the same way.

  13. Woot Woot for a short week! I only have to work 2 days this week – I’m pumped!!!

  14. I am so ready to get on the road! Today is my crazy getting ready day, but I get to be with my sisters tomorrow and I am so freakin’ excited!

    Oh I hate shopping normally, so i will be far from any stores on Friday! Have a great Monday Amy!

  15. You are hilarious. I feel your pain on the run, but your pace was awesome – way to work through it.

    jalapenos — mmm I just discovered them this year – I quit being a wimp.

    I cannot wait to see how you OWN black Friday:)

  16. I’m having a lazy monday, mostly because I can’t move my legs, but hey. I hope you have a half day at least one day this week!

  17. If ever a sub 9 min/mile pace is easy for me, I will fall to my knees in gratitude. You rock girl!

    I rarely go to subway either, but I do enjoy it on occasion.

    I’ll def have my fingers crossed for you! Since I work for the gov’t I know they won’t let us out early but I plan to milk every minute of that four-day weekend. Woo hoo!

  18. I’m not sure if I’m partaking in Friday shopping either, yet. I’m going to talk to my sister and if she doesn’t sound too crazy I might tag along with her. :) I had Subway yesterday, too! Girl…

  19. Hey kudos to you for even making it on a run yesterday! I’d say that’s a feat in itself on a hungover day :) Hope you have a great one!

  20. I napped twice yesterday. So clearly I’m with you on being lazy.

  21. I have worked retail on black friday and it was MISERABLE. I definitely avoid shopping on that day!

  22. I am positive I won’t be shopping on Friday. Unless it is of the online variety. Crowds and me DO NOT mix.

  23. I’m DEF. not mentally ready for Black Friday shopping madness. I don’t think I’ll ever be…which is why I’ll be shopping online for the rest of my life lol

  24. I just am gonna say this now–I can’t stand NPH. Maybe because I have fabulous gaydar and couldnt ever see him being some chick magnet in How I Met Your Mother? I watched it once and couldn’t flow with the storyline of him hooking up with chicks all the time.

    I heart Buffalo Wild Wings. I havent been in some time though and could totally nosh on their potato wedges!!

  25. I love Barney. Yes, my lazy Sunday was about exactly the same as yours, except I didn’t make it past walking 3 miles, and I ate a pb sandwich for lunch instead of moving from my house. Like you said, Sunday is a day of rest :)

  26. that poster is hilarious, i’m actually laughing at the computer. :)

    and i’m with you on Black Friday, from what i heard it can be pretty scary stuff! :p

  27. Yay for lazy Sundays! I have those.. every Sunday. Seriously. I love it. They’re the one day where I can do whatever I want. Once I literally spent the entire day watching movies in my pajamas. It was glorious.

  28. Oh I LOVE me some Subway!!! And buffalo anything..oh yes.

  29. I agree! Sundays are definitely rest days. Hope you have a great thanksgiving :)

  30. I love me some Legen. Wait for it. Dary. Barney. Love him.

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