The Day After

Holidays away from the family can be hard.  My family is very important to me and I wish I could see them more often.I mean, come on.  Who wouldn’t want to spend the holidays with a group of characters like us?  We’re fun.

But sometimes that can’t always happen. I’ve spent the last two Thanksgivings in Chicago for various reasons, and it’s ok.  This year I’m taking an extra day or so off of work so I can go back to Missouri and give it the proper attention it deserves over Christmas. 

I think the first year I did this, my mom was terrified I’d be sitting alone with a turkey tv dinner in my apartment.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’m a very lucky girl.

Take this year, for example. I spent my Thanksgiving Eve celebrating with good friends.Oh and yes, my hair is very tasty.  Thanks for asking.

We went to Durty Nellie’s to see Rod Tuffcurls and the Bench Press again.  Clearly we’re making this a regular thing.  It’s good music.  Entertaining.  And sometimes I just want to dance.  It works.

I’m also lucky enough to have families here in Chicagoland that have taken me in.

Last year, I was lucky enough to spend time with Jaime’s family.  This year, I went with Annie to hers.

I know Annie’s in-laws pretty well.  They’ve been wonderful to me.  And I could not be more thankful for that.I’m also thankful they feed me really good food.Seriously.  Good food.

I took the pecan pie cupcakes as another dessert option.

Believe it or not, I had overdone it a little on them by eating one every chance I got, but everyone else approved. (Shout out to Mark on this one- he made sure to let me know with every bite how good they are.  Thanks, sir!)

I also learned the finer points of the game “Bananagrams”This game was new to me. My family usually sticks to Scrabble and Scattergories.  Any favorite family games?

I’m proud to report I won one game.  Especially since the competition is so intense!  Whew…

By the end of the night, I was in food coma/exhaustion mode.  Bed time came early.  But that was fine- this girl had enough excitement and a race this morning (not talking about it now, but it went well!).

All in all, a good holiday!  :)

18 Responses

  1. Amy, you look GORGEOUS in that photo with your family! I’m sorry you couldn’t be with them, but at least it looks like you still had a great day. :)

  2. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!!

    My family cant play games together. My dad makes it impossible. The only game we’ve ever had success with is Apples to Apples, and he’s still so much like a 3 year old, that we really have to make sure he’s in the right mood first.

  3. Glad you were adopted by a friend’s family and fed in abundance too! Happy Holidays!

  4. That pie is adorable! Family games can be interesting around these parts. Scattegories is my all time favorite, but we also play a lot of cards. We like to gamble. And cheat. Which is where the “interesting” parts come in ha.

  5. Your cupcakes sound to DIE!!!! And glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

  6. you have such a good looking family :) sounds like you had a great thanksgiving. i did too :) i don’t really know about any favorite family games as i don’t go to family holidays (usually) but we had some intense xbox dance off competitions this year

  7. That’s great that you have friends who take you in for the holidays! :)

    We are a scattergories family too – the Husband and I won last night… 104 points what what!!

  8. That pie looks so pretty!!

    What is bananagram? I’ve never heard of that game.. it looks like scrabble but without the board.

  9. I played so much bananagrams last Christmas with my sister. I plan on repeating as the overall champion this year as well. ILittle does she know I’ve been practicing.

  10. Looks like you had a great holiday!

  11. I have been away from home for many a Thanksgiving, and I love the inside look into my friend’s lives I get from going home with them for the holiday!

  12. i love banangrams! we played last year for tgiving.

  13. Beautiful family!
    I’ve never heard of bananagrams before – we ended up playing Uno Attack (yes, we’re children) and Wii!

  14. Glad you could celebrate with a family away from home! Sounds like a good one, still :)
    My family always plays Balderdash! It’s so fun – and tradition!

  15. Dear Penguin,
    I’m going to ask that, next time you post a picture of you and Martin, you comment on his RIDICULOUS size. It’s only fair.


  16. Your family is gorgeous…and your brother is TALL! :)

  17. […] I was invited over to her in-law’s place for dinner. They’re also the same family that took me in last Thanksgiving. I sort of love them. And love that her mother-in-law can make some ridiculously good […]

  18. […] worry. It’s ok. This is the third year I’ve spent Thanksgiving in Chicago and I’m kind of ok with it. Makes the holiday seem much less rushed. I get all those pesky […]

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