A Few Green Men

I’m so glad you guys liked the samoas I made

They are quite fantastic.  And unbelievably easy compared to how difficult I thought they’d be to replicate.  A win in my book.

And if you hadn’t noticed already- I added a new tab at the top of my blog for all the baking adventures.  Enter only if you dare… ;)

Anyhoo, as you can imagine, I’ve been feeling the need for a little sugar detox after such a crazy weekend of baking.

But alas, duty calls.That’s right, I spent last night icing sugar cookies!  The exclamation mark may be a little over the top- I wasn’t super excited about it if we’re being completely honest.  My baking energy levels are shot. So these cookies were baked on Saturday, but sat around naked for a few days.

The gingerbread men were feeling exposed. And I wanted to get all the cookies out to everyone they were made for. So I persevered.

It wasn’t so bad.  I didn’t make an overly big batch (as I sometimes do).Does anyone else put bread slices in the tupperware with the cookies?  It’s a trick I learned to keep them soft.  Does it work?  I like to think so.  If it doesn’t, please don’t tell me all my efforts and bread have been wasted all this time…Aren’t they cute?

I use my Grandma’s recipe.  I don’t think it’s anything too different from most recipes, but hey- gotta keep it in the family sometimes… :)

Do you have any recipes like that?Notice my red trees?  My brother and I sometimes help my mom ice sugar cookies.  I have no idea why she asks for our assistance.  Because she refuses to ice the trees anything but green.  Since my brother and I are the way we are (ahem… difficult), we often spend the entire time grabbing and icing as many of the trees as we can with any other color than green before she can get to them. Our defense is that we’re trying to get her to think outside of the box.  It’s become a running joke.  So I wanted to make sure she got a nice look at a couple of the RED trees I made.

You’re welcome, mom.  :)I also introduced a few alien gingerbread men to the Christmas cookie gathering.  I assume they’ll enjoy hanging out with Psycho Pete– in my tummy.  Maybe they’ll even change his attitude around.  Because, well, they come in peace… right?

You can groan at that one.  I did. 

Anyway, so I didn’t get away from the cookies completely, but I did make an effort to at least keep the rest of the day on the lighter side.  And I’ve been keeping up my usual gym routine.  Trying hard not to overdo it (burnout would be a disaster!), but definitely making sure it happens as normal.

This week, because work is a little later (9:00 versus 7:30), my goal is to pull early morning sessions of The Shred by Jillian or resistance bands all this week.  Wish me luck.  I’m currently 2 for 2 (yesterday and this morning), so I’m feeling pretty cocky at the moment.

For a little more cardio, last night I did abs and hit the elliptical for 30 minutes as well. 30 minutes! On the elliptical!  Who am I?!?!

Oh yeah, How I Met Your Mother was on.  That helped…

44 Responses

  1. My friends love How I Meet Your Mother. I have watched a few episodes with them and they are entertaining. And yes, I do put bread in my cookies as this was something my mom taught me. Great Tip!
    The cookies look great!

  2. Haha on the red trees. Come to think of it they do look odd. I don’t think I’ve ever iced a tree anything different than green either. How boring!

  3. cute cookies!

  4. Aww they are so darling! I’ve never heard of that bread in the cookie jar trick. Interesting!

  5. I love your red trees! Way to think outside the box! :)

    I’m trying to do a little sugar detox too. Its 7am and I’m already struggling.

  6. I’ve heard of the bread trick too! I always do it with cupcakes since those can dry out so fast.

    Cookies look delish!

  7. I used to do the bread thing but I swear it makes the baked goods taste different…

  8. First zombie gingerbread men and now aliens? Are you celebrating Christmas or Halloween? :)

    I don’t care what color the icing is. If it’s sugary, I want to eat it.

  9. I’ve never heard of putting bread on cookies! so intriguing! I wish I was still in school cause i’d so hit my cooky food science teacher with that one!


  10. I love the pretty cookies! They make Maya and my attempts at holiday cookies rather pathetic. I am going to try your bread trick…how is it I’ve never heard of such a thing?

    I suddenly feel the need to pull out my Shred DVD…thanks for the inspiration.

  11. I liked to start mixing the frosting colors and usually end up with brown, but there are brown trees so I’m cool with that!

  12. I always ice cookies in random colors. Last year my neice and I were particularly into purple reindeer. It was her idea, but I was 100% on board with her.

    I did a marathon ET session yesterday too. My distraction was a magazine, but, yeah…same diff.

  13. Cute cookies! Green and red are my favorite colors so Xmas is extra fun for me! I never knew that about the bread though….good to know!

  14. i’ve never put bread in the cookie jar before but my gramma always told me to put an apple slice. but then it makes the cookies taste slightly like apples. kind of annoying hahah.

  15. omg I’m seeing xmas cookies everywhere! We have a xmas party this afternoon I’m SO in the spirit!

  16. The bread trick totally works! I do it, too. As for family recipes, we have a few, but my favorite came from my BFF”s family. They’re called “Mrs. Santa’s Butter Cookies” and I actually posted the recipe on my blog yesterday. Love them.

  17. Iced sugar cookies are my Christmas favorite! Love the read trees :)

  18. I’m obsessed with HIMYM, it’s so funny, watch it every time I see it’s on. Never heard of that bread trick, interesting though. I did 30 on the elliptical this morning also, crazy talk!

  19. The bread trick works on brown sugar too! It you put peices of bread in your brown sugar package/jar it won’t harden.

  20. I totally do the bread thing with cookies, too! And like Kelly said, I’ve heard it works with brown sugar, too. :-) Good to know some of my mom’s tricks she passed down actually are useful.

    I am so with you on the red trees. If I want to eat a red tree, I want to eat a red tree! And if I want to get craaaaazy and eat a blue snowman, I’ll do that, too. I walk on the wild side.

  21. Awww – these look so cute! :)

  22. bahaha – i <3 your red trees!

  23. I have never heard of the bread-trick! Not that I make enough cookies for it to matter. I have heard of the putting your fruit in a paper bag trick to get it to ripen quicker, which is kind of the opposite but kind of not.

    We NEVER made Christmas cookies in chez sarah. Sad. I feel deprived of iconoclastic red trees.

  24. Those cookies are iced and sprinkle to perfection. They look so yummy!! Takes patient to do the frosting to each little cookie.

    I haven’t heard the bread trick, but I wouldn’t want to waste the bread, lol.

    DYING to get in the kitchen this weekend and bake!

  25. I want your cookies in my belly. Now. I haven’t had sugar cookies in.. well, probably 2 or more years. So as you can probably already guess, my stomach is missing them dreadfully right about now.

  26. Your cookies look adorable! I love mixing up the colors. Why be boring with green trees? I also do the bread trick, but we also marshmallows.

  27. Adorable cookies…and I learned the bread trick a few years ago, and now I swear by it. It does wonders for keeping my cookies from going hard. I’m glad to see that baking tab too. Bring on more baked goodies! Thanks for sharing, sweet girl. I hope you have a lovely afternoon!

  28. I haven’t put bread in a container with cookies before (they never make it that long without me eating them all) but I have put a slice of bread in a container of brown sugar to keep it from hardening and it works- same thing, right?

  29. Those sugar cookies look AMAZING! Yum :)

    I have never ever heard of that bread trick! Interesting..

  30. I have never heard of the bread trick, but you can guess what now accompanies my birthday cake cookies in their tupperware home… :)
    I LOVE HIMYM. I started watching from the beginning a couple weeks ago and I’m on season 2. I’m so happy there’s so many seasons to go through!

  31. OMG, I’m on cookie dough overload, too. And I have so much more to go still.
    And I LOVE the bread trick – it totally works (or we’re both just suckers, one of the 2)!

  32. […] But rather than gorge myself all day, I brought a plastic baggie and took one of everything to enjoy at a more…leisurely pace.  And I threw a piece of bread in the bag when I got home to keep the goods from going stale too quickly.  See, Amy?  I listen to what you say! […]

  33. Oh, the icing is so pretty! And they are probably delicious, too – I can tell by the look!

    Kind wishes,

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