I Don’t Just Bake

We all learned a little somethin’ somethin’ yesterday with the whole bread-in-the-cookie-jar thing, huh?  I learned it from a friend when I was still a mini-version of myself.  It seemed strange to me that she’d come to class with a tupperware container full of cookies and a piece of bread. 

Little did I know you could keep brown sugar soft with the same concept!  Sweet!

Of course I googled it, too- just to verify (justify?) my reasoning- and yes, the moisture in the bread gets sucked out into the air and then absorbed by the cookies. Something about equilibrium.  So it sounds like the tip is legit.

I’m giving myself you a break today from the constant cookie talk.

Because soon you’re going to think all I ever do is bake.

That’s only partially true.

I bake things other than dessert at least.I’ve been holding on to the last of the sweet potatoes my parents sent me home with.  There’s only one more after this.  Does this mean I’ll actually have to start buying them again?!?!  Oh the horror!I’m not exactly participating in Kacy and Lisa‘s Salad Challenge, but geez… I might as well be!  Salads are making an appearance at more than just lunch these days.

Good thing my salads are pretty hearty.  They’re definitely enough to eat for dinner- promise.

And I don’t just bake. I also workout.

Sometimes even longer than usual. Which was fine by me. Along with my morning Shred, the treadmill was also utilized.  For a total of 5.5 miles.  Because I really liked the intervals on Saturday, it was a 3-mile run (walk .1 miles), 1.5-mile run (walk) and 1-mile run routine. Nothing crazy, but still longer than most my runs during the week.  I wasn’t able to keep exact track, but the pace was around 8:40 (if you trust my math skills). 

Eventually I’ll address my slacking off on the average speed of my runs compared to what they have been. But that will not be dealt with this week.  Instead, I will continue to focus on and enjoy how wonderful it is to use a gym that has been practically empty.  It’s almost eerie.  Almost.

Considering no one has to be dropkicked to use the treadmill, I’ll call it a win and not ask questions.

Also, I don’t just bake.  I observe random things.Like a computer chair in the middle of a practically empty parking garage.  I saw it when walking to my car and still don’t get it. It reminds me  of when people put lawn chairs in empty spots on the side of the road to save someone a spot.

Clearly there’s plenty of room for everyone.

Whatcha doin’ there, random chair?

Things like this keep me up at night.

Anyhoo… What else do I regularly do?

Oh… complain about the weather.  It’s flippin’ cold up in here.

Some days I worry about my fingers freezing off.  And that’s with gloves on and in my car half way to work.

Half of you probably are experiencing the same thing.  So I won’t go into detail (this time), but will, however, freely complain about how I walk in from where it’s not even 10 degrees to an office that is a balmy 85.  It’s not a very funny joke, Mr. Building Management. 

It makes me feel like this:Dane Cook’s wool sweater skit on SNL is one of my favorites. For some reason or another, a roommate had this episode taped and I’ve watched the whole thing through at least 20 times.

Not a joke.

I tried to find the skit on youtube, but couldn’t.  So if you’re bored, do yourself a favor and do some googling for “Dane Cook Wool Sweater”.  If you find it, you won’t be disappointed.  :)

Time to sweat my butt off get to work. Happy Hump Day!

45 Responses

  1. I never knew that bread had the same effect on brown sugar. How cool. My brown sugar always goes hard. Thanks for all the tips.

  2. I have been loving roasted veggies on my salads lately. I guess it’s a good way to eat a salad and not freeze to death with the hot topper! I am just going to go with the fact that I am going to freeze the whole winter season. I can’t get warm!

  3. i am SO googling that post-work. for real. and i’m glad you did a dinner post because i think mine today is a dessert one. we compliment each other nicely :)

  4. I feel the same way. Is it necessary to crank the heat to 90 just beacuse it’s 30 outside? No.

    And, tada: http://www.hulu.com/watch/1598/saturday-night-live-wool-sweater

  5. Ugh, I wish my office was 85. I know most would think that was way too hot, but I sit and shiver everyday! Not fun. :(

  6. Ahh, thanks for the bread tip in brown sugar and cookies! Definitely will put that to use soon!

  7. Lol I bet someone was too lazy to walk and road that chair out to their car. I would SO do that!

  8. Luckily we can control the temperature in our office (it’s a small building) but sometimes someone goes nuts and decides they’re either freezing or boiling and we all suffer. It’s the eternal battle.

  9. Those sweet potatoes look unreal. MMM.

    I see your chair and I raise you a Happy Meal box in a parking lot. It looked sad though, I guess it’s missing it’s owner.

  10. Not going to lie I’m jealous of your balmy office. I take my coat and scarf off when I get here, only to usually put them back on within an hour or two. And at the rate I’m going through turtlenecks my new coworkers are going to think i constantly have a hickey.

  11. Major LOLs at that office chair. Seriously, what is that all about? The lawn chair parking spot thing used to drive me NUTS in Pittsburgh. Now I live in the land of eternal 70 degrees so we keep our lawn chairs on our patios. (Sorry, I had to.)

  12. Roasted veggies make the world go round. Along with random chairs in parking lots. What would we talk about without them? The weather? Oh. Wait…

  13. Mmm, sweet taters belong in pretty much everything. Yum.

    Oh and that’s my chair..can you send it back to me? Thanks.

  14. Ahh the bread in the cookie jar thing. I learned that the wrong way, when I packed my sandwich in the same container as my chips. It made the bread dry and the chips soggy. Very sad :(

  15. Ahhh – LOVE Dane Cook, and LOVE that skit!! My husband is a SNL geek so I’ve seen almost every episode, I swear. But my favorites are still Justin Timberlake……… :)

  16. I have never seen that skit with Dane Cook but I’m definitely looking it up. I LOVE him. I like listening to him sometimes on my ipod when I run – goes so fast!

  17. Your salad looks awesome! I have a random sweet tater, maybe I’ll add it to one of my salads soon!

    I love Dane Cook, I will have to search for that skit.

    Our heater is broken at work, so we keep a space heater on all day. I have to say I’d prefer that over an 85 degree office though. That drives me nuts!

  18. Ewww too warm offices make me sleepy! I need to search for that clip. SNL has been so hit or miss lately that I hardly watch anymore.

  19. I need to eat more salads. My out of town trip this weekend did not help with getting enough fruits and veggies.

  20. Weird random chair….. Stop thinking and start sleeping! :)

  21. That chair is priceless.. hahaha!. Maybe.. yeah, I have no clue why it would be sitting all by itself out in the parking lot. It looks so lonely but at the same time, kind of menacing. I don’t trust it.

  22. Hmmm…maybe people take breaks and go push each other down the ramps in the parking garage? Because that sounds safe. And comfortable. But, hey, I’d do just about anything to get out of work!

  23. Oh, and I LOVE Dane Cook. He pretty much sums up the guys I’m always attracted to – tall, funny, cute assholes. :-)

  24. Never stop baking:) That salad looks amazing! Great workout. Dane Cook is hilarious!

  25. Yes! Roasted veggies on my salads! Delicious and so melt in your mouth…..the Sweet Potatoes and brussel sprouts are my fave!

    Lol…dane cooks cracks me right up!


  26. Oh man, that video is too funny (and sadly, true!) Great tip about the slice of bread for cookies and brown sugar–knew to me, but I’ll definitely be trying it out!

  27. Oh well I’m glad to hear you don’t JUST bake. I was getting worried there ;)

    That office chair is the most random thing ever!

  28. hahaha the wool sweater skit i LOVE it!!!! dane cook is boston born and love him :)

    LOL to the chair in the lot, sooo random!

  29. I love the random chair in the parking lot. Reminds me of the random computer chair in the handicap stall of our bathroom at work. In my mind, I like to envision some high power Sr VP in there along with her assistant who is steadily taking notes.

  30. Oh, office temperatures. In my office, you never know if it’s going to be hot or cold! So I just keep a sweater at my desk.
    Way to go on the run! I’m jealous…I just wanna run again!!

  31. Seriously, our office is like 95 degrees to the 25 degrees outside – it’s not healthy. Love the random chair hanging out. Makes you wonder what circumstance led to it being there and if some poor person is searching everywhere for it.

  32. I now have a serious craving for sweet potatoes – your salad looks delicious!

    And so random about the chair – I love funny things like that:)

  33. I use bread in my brown sugar, yep! It works!

    The chair is hilarious. It is like the city where people put random shit in their parking spot so someone not too lazy to move it has to work at it to steal the spot. I’ve stolen a few spots a time or two…that’s the name of the Chicago game. I’m just glad my car didn’t get keyed.

  34. […] saw a picture of a computer chair in a parking garage that Amy snapped in her post on Wednesday. I commented saying how it reminds me of the extra chair in the handicap stall of our bathroom at […]

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