Getting Nutty

Happy weekend!

I actually slept until 8:30 today.  For those of you who read regularly, this is unheard of!  But appreciated nonetheless.

I’m so glad we just had our last full week of work for the year. In my office, most people will be out for a good part of next week.  Not only will it be a short week, but a laid back one. Merry Christmas to me!  :)

Yesterday I skipped my morning workout, but still got cardio in after work.  2 miles on the tread and 25 minutes on the elliptical.  I rushed through it because I had an appointment at Mon’s.  We were cleaning makeup brushes (weird, yes, but she just got this new cleaner that’s *amazing* and I’m notorious for, um, hardly ever washing them). 

Another wild Friday night in my part of the world, yes?

If it makes up for being lame, we watched Donnie Darko. If I start freaking out around Easter, or whenever a rabbit crosses my path, you’ll know why.

Cleaning makeup brushes and Donnie Darko.  Two things that have never been combined in the same sentence.

Let’s talk about something else.  Like nuts.Look what I got with the gift certificate I won from Retta? I received a gift certificate from Oh Nuts! to order whatever I wanted. So I got a pound of almonds, a pound of walnuts, and some malted milk balls that were opened at work almost as quickly as the box was and didn’t survive by the time pictures were taken.  Oops.

Soooo excited!  Thanks, Retta!  :)

Speaking of nuts, I’ve got one more post from last week’s baking extravaganza.

I know.  Still going… can you believe how much stuff we made???We’re all aware of Bakerella and her cake balls.

I didn’t follow any real recipe on that one, but gotta give her props for the idea.  Start with cake.  Then destroy it.Add icing into the bowl/pot and combine.  Keep adding icing until it is easily workable to roll into balls.  Then chill.  I don’t have pics of this because I forgot.  But you can make the balls as big or as small as you’d like. 

As Mon and I were rolling balls, we enjoyed making Schwetty Balls references.Come on.  Someone had to do it.

After your balls have chilled (he he he), it’s time for dipping them.Now you may understand why I’m grinning like an idiot with a tear or two in my eyes.  Balls jokes are fun.

We had a few things to cover our balls with after dipping it in chocolate or vanilla almond bark.Leftover toasted coconut (told you I had a plan!), sprinkles, and toffee.  I liked the taste of the toffee the most- but just a heads up, you make a mess when you try to get it to stick to your balls…

Let them chill again and then enjoy…Too big to put in your mouth all at once.


This is also the general idea I went with to get rid of all the extra peppermint Oreos from the peppermint bark I made.Most people use chocolate ganache or cream cheese when they make Oreo Truffles.  I just went with leftover icing from the cake balls I made.

This may have been because I wasn’t sure how the cream cheese and peppermint would taste together.  Or because I was too cheap to buy cream cheese solely for the truffles.  You decide.

Same concept.  Roll the balls.  Chill.  Dip.  Enjoy.If you have leftover melted almond bark (which I did), you can also dip things other than your balls.We’re all about being resourceful up in here.

And THAT, my friends, is the end of my baking adventure.

My apron isn’t retired, but it’s not moving for a while.

Time to get up and moving.  I’ve got a few things to take care of before heading to the city to hang out with Miss Megan tonight.  Later!

36 Responses

  1. Have you tried making Mama Peas’ cookie dough balls?? They are incredible and were a huge hit at the holiday party I went to!

  2. Um yeah my Friday night consisted of watching Guy Fieri then cleaning out my closet…I win for lame!

    What’s the name of the cleaner? I never wash my brushes either…oops!

  3. Not going to lie, I totally giggled a little every time I saw “balls” in your post. What is it about that word?!

  4. There are countless times during this post that I wanted to scream “that’s what she said!”

    haha- the cake balls look delish!

  5. Balls posts are so much fun, aren’t they!? Hehehe.

  6. Your balls look wonderful :-) I have been wanting to make these for so long. I know that my niece and nephew would have a ball eating and making them. Thank you for sharing with me today. Have a splendid Saturday and Sunday!

  7. I have always wanted to try those! They look so good and easy. You seem to be enjoying your baking adventures this season! I hope you have a great day Amy!

  8. yay baking time. and yay balls ;)

    double double yay for sleeping in! i did it too this morning. it was sooooooooo heavenly

  9. From cookie dough balls to cake balls. We bloggers love our balls!

  10. Those treats look definitely drool-worthy! :)

  11. I’ve never seen the cake balls before, just the oreo truffle balls. Love the sounds of both!! And no, balls jokes never get old :P

  12. I think I cried a little every time I read balls… like this one:

    Too big to put in your mouth all at once


  13. Don’t retire the apron! You done good ;) This post is just asking for ball jokes. Seriously.

    Oh my gosh – I slept in till 10:30 a.m this morning, so that makes me suuuuper lazy compared to your early rise (which is late for you). I am up 6 a.m every morning for work so maybe it’s all just caught up to me?…or I did take a tylenol P.M last night too – I think that killed me!

  14. Because of the sheer about of ball jokes in this post I’ll forgive your “mizzou”-ness (I’m from Lawrence, KS… GO JAYHAWKS!)

  15. I’ve misssssed your blog. Oh all this funny balls talk is fun.

    You rock! I need to get baking asap.

  16. crushing the cookies would have been a BLAST!!! omg i get such a high out of mixing and decorating and creating with lots of candies and chocolates. it would just be terribly hard to resist popping a few pieces in my mouth along the way, i mean, how could one not! <3

  17. Love your balls girlie! :) hehe! I have a long baking list this week, maybe I will add these to it!

  18. nice oreo balls! see, i knew there were tons of ppl who make/made them..yours are so pretty! I wish mine didnt get as huge as they did but i had no patience to roll them small. adding the choc dippage layers really bulked them up…not a bad thing :)

  19. I had a feeling this post might include balls when I read the title. LOVE IT, and love the balls! :)

  20. Someone was BUSY! It all looks amazing, especially those pretzel rods. Classic and fabulous!

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  23. Oh… balls jokes. I can’t get enough. I wish I was skilled enough to make cake balls, solely for the reason that it would cause so much 12-year-old hilarity.

  24. I’m sorry, but I love any jokes that have to do with balls. They NEVER get old in my book. And apparently, neither do I!

    My sister make cake balls and I tried them for the first time at my niece’s birthday party. There might have been an embarrassing moment when she invited some guests to try them, only to look over and find me standing next to the plate….finishing off the last 5. What can I say???

  25. ugh….*my sister MADE cake balls* :-)

  26. Now your just mocking me Amy. Honestly. You know how I feel about cake balls.

  27. You’re so welcome! Seriously the balls were my favorite next to the samoas! I am pretty sure all the balls went in my mouth and I didn’t share one.

    BALLS. That was for the road. :)

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  30. […] takes it well. And at least I didn’t make balls jokes this year. Made enough last year, so you can refer to this post if you’re in the mood for such things on this fine Thursday […]

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