Picky Baking

So our “holiday vacations” are mostly over.  Welcome back to the 5-day work week.  Gross.

To make myself feel better about this, I baked.  Yes I did.  After Mon and my baking extravaganza for Christmas, I was exhausted.  Hung up my apron and said it was retired until the new year.

It’s 2011 now.  We’re good to go.

One of my closest guy friends who lives in St. Louis was a little more than miffed when he found out I was mailing cookies out for Christmas and he was not one of the recipients.  I assured him something would come his way soon.  Such a good friend I am.

The only problem is… well… he’s a boy.  And not all guys are like this.  Some guys will try anything once.  But my guy friends, specifically the ones from college, are picky and will question anything before they eat it.  Since I want to surprise him, I clearly can’t ask if he’ll eat one thing or another.

I thought about repeating the samoas recipe.  That was mostly because I wanted to eat a few, but it’s the coconut issue. Some people are strongly against it. What about walnuts?  Will he eat them?  Not so sure…  Pumpkin?  I won’t even bother giving much more thought to that. Peppermint?  Probably not…

After all the searching, I decided to do a repeat of some cookies that had some pretty good male (just to be safe) reviews in the past.

Enter my Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies.If my friend doesn’t like white chocolate, we probably shouldn’t have been friends in the first place.Oopsies… looks like a few of the cookies got camera shy and had a little toffee accident on my new pampered chef cookie sheet (thanks mom and dad!).

No worries, this did not affect the overall taste of the cookies.  I checked to make sure.  A few times.

Do some of your friends/family get picky when it comes to baking and such?  It’s always amusing what people will and will not eat.  I have some family that doesn’t eat coconut in things. Friends who don’t like marshmallow. Then there’s always me with the dislike of most things “fruity” (I can’t really judge without admitting that- otherwise, I’m just a hypocrite).

Moving on…

How did I spend my last day of freedom from my desk?

Pretty quietly.  While at the grocery store, I decided another Red Box would be a good idea. 

And I was correct. Easy A was probably one of the funniest new movies I’ve watched recently.  Because Drew Barrymore and Justin Long’s Going the Distance definitely wasn’t.  Emma Stone was great.  And I am positive I will one day be like the parents in this movie- slightly kooky and eccentric (in a good way, of course).

I made it to the gym for a 2-mile run and 15 minutes on the stairmill.  My pace for the run was 8:25.  Woo hoo!  Finally feeling the urge to push my speed again.  I think it must be the race I just signed up for.  Gotta love a little kick in the butt.

All this cardio came after I had another go at “No More Trouble Zones” with Jillian.  It seems, when running and climbing, the fact I had done NMTZ earlier in the day was lost.  This morning, however, my body remembered.  Because I’m a wee bit sore.

There’s no doubt in my mind that today will probably be a rest day.  It’s time.

It’s probably time to go.  Actually, it really is.  Duty calls.  Good luck getting back to the full 5-day work week, everyone!

If you need me, I’ll be the one hiding under her desk…

55 Responses

  1. i am not okay with this 5-day work week thing. it really is gross. GOOD luck with your week too :)

  2. I cant agree more that Easy A is a really funny movie! Emma Stone is very adorable!! :)

  3. Most of my family and friends will eat anything sweet. They get picky about other things though!

  4. I’m picky, but when it comes to baked goods I’ll pretty much eat anything. The only ingredients I’m not a fan of are raisins and cranberries. I can’t imagine anyone taking issue with white chocolate and toffee. I mean, come on!

    I saw Easy A a couple weekends ago and thought it was so funny, too. Emma Stone was great.

  5. ewwwwwwwwwwwww for the 5 day work week. i haven’t had to do one since pre-thanksgiving. this week is going to suck. good luck to you too.

    i’ve never heard of easy A. i’m going to try and check it out. redbox = gold.

  6. Ghirardelli really makes the best chocolate chips known to man. But I still won’t eat them if they’re mixed with coconut. I just can’t do it.

  7. I’m not at all picky when it comes to sweets! If it has sugar, I’m good to go. The rest of my family doesn’t share my fanatical sugar obsession though – dad doesn’t like baked goods with chocolate and the sister doesn’t like baked goods with dried fruit unless it’s craisins. More for me because I love everything!

    I watched Easy A and Going the Distance a couple weeks ago and actually liked both of them. I guess my movie tastes are as diverse as my sugar taste. ;)

  8. I am not so much picky with baked goods, but careful since most people are baffled by baking with food restrictions. Chocolate and toffee sounds perfect to me! I want to see that movie. I like Emma Stone, so I was hoping it would be good. Have a great day Amy…or as great as it can be!

  9. Ugh back to work right now is SUCKING. I think people expect me to productive now that the holidays are over. What’s that about!?

  10. Easy A was so much better than I thought it was going to be! Very excited that you baked, very. Also, please read my post in regards to my feelings about today.

  11. Those cookies sound amazeballs. I love toffee in cookies so much. I don’t get people that don’t like coconut though. Weirdos.

  12. I need to sign up for a race STAT.

  13. Oh, those cookies look awesome.

  14. You know, I never thought I’d say this, but I am almost starting to feel the baking itch myself. However, I am still sugared out. Maybe I can bake something savory? That sounds gross though.

    Monday. Blah.

  15. I’m so dreading the 5 day work week. It’s so depressing.

    I’ve been wanting to see the movie Easy A. I’m going to see if it is avaiable through Netflix or On Demand and force my husband to watch it with me ;)

  16. So I think you totally look like Emma Stone!!!

  17. Yes, neither my parents nor Rodney like chocolate. How wrong is that??? Hence the oatmeal raisin cookies I made 15 times over Christmas. I was tempted to sneak some chocolate chips in them, but I guess I was feeling charitable and didn’t. I’m not dealing well with the 5 day work week today, either- booo.

  18. You are such a good friend! If were baking cookies to send to someone, I would totally bake whatever I wanted (with the exception of any known allergies). Toffee and choc though, you can’t go wrong!

  19. toffee makes everything good. I’m not a BIG fan of most nuts in cookies, but if you distract me with toffee, I’ll eat it. ;)

    Hope the week goes smooth!

  20. Haha my brother used to always ask who made the baked goods before he would eat them. Especially if it was cake. If I made it he would eat it, if my mom did he would pass. It sounds mean, because my moms a great cook, but my cakes are really good. :)

  21. Gross was the perfect way to describe a full 5 day work week. Ick.

    NMTZ was on my list this past weekend. It was ugly, it was nasty but it was good. Damn those surrenders!

    Easy A is on my Netflix cue. YAY.

  22. The Husband is really picky about his sweets. No oatmeal in his cookies!

  23. I am usually pretty easy to please when it comes to sweets…and so is my husband. But my immediate family? They can be a bit too picky for my liking :-) Thank you for sharing with me. I hope you are having a lovely start to the first week of 2011!

  24. I am going to roll on the floor with your comment about the cookie on the sheet! too, too clever

  25. Gross is the perfect word to describe how I feel about going back to my normal work schedule.

  26. Haa…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! Now I’m hungry:)

  27. My family is fairly picky. And if they suspect that something is vegan, they will automatically avoid it without question. Drives me crazy!

    So sweet of you to bake for all your friends:)

    Hope you had a good day back!!

  28. Blah to going back to work – I hate it! I am totally trying to fake my way through this day. I am dying to see Easy A. It’s in the Nextflix Queue, but the husband keeps secretly dropping down the ranks. Sadness.

  29. Guess I gotta add Easy A to my netiflx ha. Keep hearing great things about it!

  30. I watched Easy A last night too! I far exceeded my expectations! Loved it :)

  31. I’m gunna check out easy A. I always like new movies.

    Hope your work week goes quickly for you!

  32. cookies make everything better. but waaaaaaah for being back at work today (and still at work, grrr). I’ve been wanting to see Easy A – thanks for the rec!

  33. You can never go wrong with cookies…
    And I’m one of those weird coconut haters..love the taste, HATE the texture of shredded coconut.

  34. I was laughing so hard when I watched Easy A that I actually thought my lungs were going to collapse. And I agree, if your friends doesn’t like white chocolate, kick ’em to the curb! :P

  35. I do feel for you having to return to work. I’m so antsy and ready for my damn job to start next month!!!

  36. I feel ya with the whole picky eater dilemma. But who doesn’t like toffee chocolate chip cookies?!

  37. I bet it was tough to go back to work! Always is!

    Great pace!! You’re going to rock your next race, missy!!! :) Hope your week goes quickly! I’ll check back later for today’s post :)

  38. I HATE TOFFEE ACCIDENTS. It has happened to me before. I am kind of a a picky consumer of baked goods. I don’t like cream cheese. I have really tried to like it too.

  39. It’s doing things like getting back into the swing of things that make me really glad I don’t work at an office. Of course, I have to drive like 1500 miles this week, so that’s not exactly exciting either…

  40. […] As I predicted early yesterday morning, it was definitely time for a rest day. […]

  41. I saw Easy A, I was surprised to see “Phoebe” from friends not acting like herself, lol! I liked that movie too.

    I love all things coconut, but the fiance don’t like coconuts. But if I hide it when I baked, he can’t tell

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