Why am I watching this?

Hello friends!

Day five of the first full work week since the holidays.  Is it safe to say we’ve made it?

Thanks for letting me know I’m not *completely* crazy for my obsessive ways with General Tsao.  Sounds like quite a few of you are getting hot and heavy in the kitchen these days… ;)

Being so wrapped up in my latest food craze, I was not able to mention my little adventure the other night when the electricity went off in my apartment. The entire building, actually.  Of course we would be the only building out of the whole complex to deal with the issue.

This has happened before in the summer (things got heated real quick), but I was a little nervous as the lights flickered and finally everything went dark right before bed. 

Plus, I was midstream in the bathroom. 

Lucky girl, let me tell ya.

I’ve dealt with heat going out in my apartment before in college.  Some of my roommates had space heaters and we made it work.  For two weeks (grrrr).

But to lose everything?  How long is it going to be like this?  How long will my apartment stay warm? These are all valid questions because I’m oblivious to how such things go. Guess I should have called Leah for such advice considering her landlords sound horrific.

Instead, I called the electric company and they gave me an estimated time of 2 hours.  This really meant nothing.  All I knew was it was cold and my heat was not working.  So I texted Mon for assurance.

Me: I just called and they said 2 hours. It won’t get that cold, right?  I have blankets…

Mon: Crimony. Well if you get too cold then come on over.  Don’t worry about waking me up, k?

Me: Ok thanks! I guess I’m going to bed now out of sheer boredom. Goodnight- I’m gonna go grab a hoodie!

Mon: Yeah right, you’re probably going to the gym.

Me: Ok, that’s actually not a bad idea if I wake up and my toes are freezing off. It’ll be warm there.

Mon: Oh holy moses. You would. That or the grocery store.

Me: Ahahaha… me and the late night crazies at Walmart!

Mon:  Ewww.  I’d have to be drunk.

Me: Well if you wait long enough, the bottle of wine in my pantry will be chilled soon…

Mon: That isn’t comforting.

Luckily, power was restored in a little over an hour. A sigh of relief. Because this was something that would not make me pleasant to deal with.

Another thing I don’t do well with?

Pistachios. (Like that transition?  Yeah, me too.)

I never ate them until maybe a year or two ago.  What’s the point?  It’s like shelled peanuts.  You have to work way too hard.  A serving is a little less than 50 pistachios.  Do you know how long it would take to actually eat that many?  Ugh.

One of the last gifts staff received and hoarded was a whole tin of them.Yep. Hoarding.  And eating daily.

To justify this, I fired up the Google.  According to Lance Armstrong’s humble little website, pistachios help decrease bad cholesterol and are rich in antioxidants. 

Hoarding justified.

However, even as one of the lower calorie nuts, they’re still a nut.  Which still means they’re somewhat high in calorie and fat content.  Eat in moderation.  And possibly share.

You know who else likes pistachios?(Source)

Well at least I know I’m in good company.

Although I bet I’m more willing to share my pistachios than she is.

Speaking of, I hung out with my neighbor Bailey last night.  We hadn’t caught up with each other since New Years, so she invited me over to do that and… wait for it…

Watch the first episode of the new season of Jersey Shore.

Yep.  Please don’t judge.  It’s the one reality show I’m semi-hooked to.  Last night was an hour-long train wreck.  For real. 

Every Thursday is spent watching and saying, “I have no idea why I am watching this”. 

But then again, I do feel pretty good about myself after the show is over.

Whatever helps me sleep at night, right?

35 Responses

  1. That stinks about the power. I am glad they got it back on before you froze to death! I love pistachios, but haven’t had them in forever. Definitely hoard them! Have a great Friday Amy!

  2. I am happy the power was only out for an hour!

    If I liked nuts, I think pistachios would be good for me, because they would slow me down. I am such a fast eater!

  3. Yikes! Hope your electric is fixed soon. I’ve been lucky and haven’t had problems, but my bf’s heat went out earlier this year and it was no bueno.

    Also, I too am guilty of Jersey Shore. I mean who can resist “crazy squirrel monkeys”? :)

  4. I caved and watched a Jersey Shore marathon a couple weeks ago. Its a total disaster, but I can’t stop watching.

  5. You know who else?? KEYBOARD CAT.

  6. Hahaha that’s too funny! I hardly ever turn the heat on at my apartment. I usually just wrap up in my heated blanket! It keeps me warm when I’m home (and I’m not home all that often!) I’m glad your power came back quickly though :)

  7. Haha, Snooki actually looks like the kind of girl who shares her pistachios with evvveryone. But really, I love pistachios. Yes, shelling them is a pain in the ass but it makes the reward taste that much better. :)

  8. I am from Jersey and although there are guidos and guidettes…we’re not all like that!

    With that being said, I am also totally addicted and can’t get enough of their fist pumping antics ;)

  9. Hahaha you crack me up every day.

    And you know I never eat pistachios only because I don’t buy them, but when they are around I actually love them because having to shell them slows me down!

  10. I was so disappointed in the premier last night! Where’s the crazy hook ups and dancing and fist pumpin? That’s what I watch it for. :)

    Happy Friday!

  11. Pistachios are the only nut I really like. And I should say love.

    I have gone to the gym to warm up many times. No shame.

  12. Glad you got the power back! This is NOT the time of year you should have to deal with that :(

    If snookie loves them they must be legit.. haha

  13. Oh man I HATE it when the power goes out! It happened to us the other night and I was SO BORED! You can only play risk for so long. Lol

  14. Sigh, I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. Jersey Shore, really? I can’t make myself watch it, the show makes me so angry.

  15. Love train wrecks..love ’em!

    Love pistaccios too, but despite the extra ‘work’, I still eat too many of them!

  16. Gah, I’m glad the heat came back quickly. I hate being that cold!

    And I totally watch Jersey Shore. I recorded last night’s episode and I’m embarassingly excited to watch it this evening.

  17. I. Love. Pistachios. THey are so much more than peanuts in shells! They are amazing!

  18. I am not a fan of pistachios or Jersey Shore! And Snookie…well I won’t get into my jealousy over her book deal. She is one of the many reasons I will not watch that show. But I’m not judging! I watch the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Those people are no better, they just happen to be in places other than Jersey!

    Have a wonderful weekend Amy!!

  19. I watched Jersey Shore this morning :) So bad it’s good!

  20. I hate when the electricity goes out at my house. I get so worried about all my food spoiling. And I just picked up a bag of pistachios. I hoard these things like a squirrel!

  21. I love the exchange with Mon. I also want some pistachios now…damn Jersey Shore people are everywhere!

  22. When we lose our power I can’t handle it. During the day I can leave at least; at night I take some nyquil. Do much better when I’m unconcious.

  23. No heat??? I am cold just typing those words! (As I sit pretty much on top of my space heater right now…I am a walking fire hazard). I’m glad it kicked in again for you!

    I DVR’d JS and need to catch up this weekend on my fist pumping.

  24. I love pistachios. I always shell a bunch before I start eating. I just hope that the only thing you and snooki have in common are pistachios and GTL (minus T, at least the tanning beds).

  25. I really just don’t understand what happens on jersey shore. I watched it and an hour passed and I don’t think anything happened the entire time. Snookie was on Ellen and it was the funniest episode I’ve seen in a while

  26. Sooo we are both clearly staying in on a friday night. It’s what all the cool kids do!

    I totally watched the first episode of JS- I am loving the dramaaa!

  27. I love pistachios but you’re right – it’s a lot of hard work. I’m not crazy about Jersey Shore but I’m totally addicted to Married to Rock!

  28. That pistachio tin is nuts! (ha)
    Glad your power wasn’t out for *too* long. I turn into a crazy person when the power goes out…

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