100 Words Saturday- Anti-Social Edition

Happy Weekend! I hope your Saturday morning is going well!

I’m about to go climb some stairwells with Megan to prepare for Hustle Up the Hancock (oh yeah- remember that stair climb I’m gonna do? I almost forgot, too.).

Last night it snowed.

It was Mon and my justification for being anti-social. And watching a crappy movie.Knight and Day. We knew it wouldn’t be the greatest going into it. 

We were so right.

After a couple of vodka clubs, we didn’t even pay attention.

And gossiped instead. Sounds about right.

What’s the last bad movie you’ve seen?

35 Responses

  1. Zac and Miri make a porno, which is watched with wine to avoid going out.

    It’s a good tactic.

  2. Last bad movie I’ve seen? I don’t know, probably the westerns the Husband watches ALL. THE. TIME….. seriously?

  3. Okay I’m glad we didnt’ rent that movie, then. I thought it would be pretty bad.

  4. Hmmm…..at least the vodka was good, right? Please tell me it was – it miss vodka so.

    Don’t EVER see “The Box” – weirdest movie ever! And it has James Marsden and Cameron Diaz….so you’d *think* it would be good, right?? Um, not so much.

  5. So bollywood for sureee! it was so cheezy I just could not take it anymoreee!

  6. Hey, if Mon was with you, you weren’t totally anti-social. Last bad movie? Invictus. I don’t care what anyone says, I fell asleep in the theatre for the first time ever. It was boring!

  7. Oh you make me miss my bestie!

    The last few movies I’ve seen have been quite good!

  8. Yeah, I will pass on that one. We have seen so many bad movies, but one that we turned off was Baby On Board with Heather Graham. Oh man was that one a total stinker! Good luck with the stair training. I imagine you will be sore after that!

  9. I’ve seen too many bad movies lately..Due Date and The Tourist to name a few

  10. Boooo, I thought that movie would at least be somewhat amusing. Oh well, can’t win em all right?

    I just got Eat Pray Love in the mail today. We’ll see how bad it is.

  11. I’m watching a terrible movie on Lifetime right now, but I’m guessing that doesn’t count…

  12. I saw Life as We Know It yesterday, which although was pretty cheesy and predictable, wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I don’t think it’s going to win any awards any time soon though :)

  13. Nine. Last night, just bad.

  14. Get Him to the Greek…I think thats what it was called. So bad and worst of all watched it with the inlaws. Awkward!

  15. hope you and megan had fun :D

    How Do You Know was SO BAD – dont see it.

  16. I keep hearing about how bad Knight & Day is but.. I kind of still want to see it… heh. Cheesy movies can be fun sometimes, right? RIGHT? Okay, maybe I’m alone in that one.

    Vodka clubs sound good. I’m going out on a limb here but is it just vodka and club soda?

  17. I love staying in on snowy days/nights – and I guess it could be seen as a good excuse for staying in, too :P I can;t remember the last bad movie – I don’t watch movies very often because halfway through I’ll get bored no matter what, so I guess in a sense, none of them are amazing to me?!

  18. OMG, my husband and I have watched so many bad movies lately, but the one that stands out is a Matthew McConaughey – something like Ghost of Girlfriends Past? Ridiculously horrible.

  19. I think that’s what I did when I saw that movie! Well, gossiped, at least. The last movie I saw was Little Fockers – meh. It was funny, but that’s about it.

  20. I loved Knight and Day! I thought it was going to be terrible but the BF and I both really enjoyed it. I say you give it another shot :P

  21. Stairwell climb? That’s crazy-good for you! I’m always forced to watching bad 80’s action movies with my fiance…bughhhh

  22. Tron or Black Swan. I can’t decide which I disliked the most.

    Hope the stair climbing went well!

  23. I had a feeling that was going to be a bad one. Gossping is way more fun! I can’t remember the last bad movie we watched. We saw True Grit last and that was pretty good. I have heard mixed things about Black Swan, but still really want to see it.

  24. I just saw “The Day The Earth Stood Still” last night because it was on TV. It was okay – better than I’d expected (which isn’t saying much). I haven’t seen a REALLY GOOD movie in awhile!

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