500 Miles

Thanks for cheering on our climbing efforts, guys!

And now that I look back on it, laying on those steps may have been the most unsanitary thing I’ve ever done. 

Guess I got caught up in the moment.

Anyhoo, I’ve gotten really good at this whole lazy Sunday thing. The only time I really ventured out of the apartment complex was to go with my friend and neighbor Bailey to pick up my car from the bar we went to the night before. We had cabbed it home after the show (safety first, kids).

We giggled a little bit about the ordeal- Bailey mentioned how sad it was that the only number we got was the cab driver’s (he was awesome and should probably be around every time we need to be taken home).

I reasoned that it was for the best that we didn’t get or give out any digits.

One thing I love about the particular bar we went to is that it attracts a huge variety of people.

One thing I dislike about the bar is that it attracts a huge variety of people.

It’s a blessing and a curse.

Last night was not a good scene for me.  I mean… unless you’re into 35-year-old men with Justin Bieber haircuts.  Seriously dude- even Justin Bieber hates his haircut.  And he’s 16. Don’t do it.

No I’m all off track… where was I?

Oh yeah, that was the only time I left the complex…

Which was fine.  I had stuff to do.  Like make a grocery list and not actually go grocery shopping. And start laundry, but leave the folding for today instead.

It’s really a surprise that I even made it to the workout room in my complex.

That’s not true.  Considering I was only doing half of everything else I planned to do yesterday, there was some energy that needed to be burned.

An intense 40 minutes on the elliptical. Sweatin’ all those toxins out. ;) Throw in some resistance band work and a 30-minute walk. 

That may actually be considered as a productive Sunday afterall.

I’ve been stepping it up on the elliptical a lot as of late. My training for the St. Louis Half Marathon starts next week and I’m trying to save my excitement for running.  I love it. And it’s my favorite way to exercise.  BUT, 12 weeks are a really long time. And there are a lot of miles to be ran. I have no problems with chillin’ out on it for a week before all that happens.

Anyone else deal with training slumps?  And how do you fix it? Other than just saying to yourself, “shut up and run”? The “shut up and run” technique does work, but I’m sure it’s not the most positive reinforcement choice I could be using.

Hopefully my happy song will get me through quite a few of the runs.

Seems like an appropriate run song, yes?

I just realized that connection (running while listening to a song talking about 500 miles- in case you’re as slow as I am with catching on). Which is hilarious because it’s been a frequenter on my playlist.  As in, it’s used during almost every workout. And it’s currently on the office music playlist at work. My boss laughs because I’ll take a break and sing when it comes on.

I think he realizes it’s a necessary in order for me to keep calm and sane on some days. Like Mondays.

Oh… today is Monday, huh?  Well… let’s break out those itunes, shall we?

Sorry if this song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the week.  Actually, no I’m not. You’ll appreciate it. And you’re welcome. :)

46 Responses

  1. Justin Bieber GOT a haircut. So he no longer has a JB haircut. Please, you don’t need to ask me why I know this. I think it was Twitter.

    I totally sweat toxins out yesterday. They felt so good going in, and SO BAD ON THE WAY OUT.

  2. i’ve gotten really into the lazy sunday routine too. not that i’m really complaining but i kind of liked being productive on sunday. bah.

    as for running slumps…i just let them go. everything is cyclical in life so i know that it’ll turn around eventually. i do know that if i’m really motivated to get out of a slump that changing where/when/with whom i run with is useful

  3. My half marathon training started last week so 11 more to go… it does feel very long but I”m trying to find a few races to plug into training so that it breaks it up.

  4. I sing at work all the time. I don’t think my boss likes it. Probably because I’m really, really bad.

  5. Ugh, now that song is in my head. But it’s all good b/c I love that song.

  6. I have to say, since you suggested that song to me, I downloaded and am LOVING IT. Do you watch “How I Met Your Mother”? There was an episode where Marshall’s old car’s tape player wasn’t working and kept playing that song over and over and over again. It always makes me smile now. :-)

  7. I love great cab drivers. Definitely makes for some entertainment when you are 3 sheets to the wind! Good girl being safe! I hope you have a great week and “snap out of that slump”! Did that help?

  8. Oh gosh! that song is blasting in my head right now! haha

    I made a grocery list and didn’t go shopping today.. but I blame the snow! it seems like a worthy scapegoat =)

  9. I hate folding laundry. I’d not do it ever if it was more socially acceptable to wear wrinkly clothes all the time. Why oh why does it suck SO much?

  10. Great cab drivers make me happy – and I love that you got his number! Lol.
    I made a grocery list yesterday……………and then sent my husband to the store. :)

  11. LOVE THAT SONG!! Listening to it now.

    I only left the house once yesterday too and that was to go for a walk/run (sprints). Soo… you’re in good company. ;)

    Hehe.. still loving that song. I have to leave for work in 7 minutes but at least I can leave the house feeling kind of better about the day.

  12. Argh…that song will definitely be stuck in my head and I don’t know enough of the words so it will be one verse on repeat all day. Make it stop!

  13. Sounds like a productive Sunday to me. All I did yesterday was make taco dip and cheese fries. haha.

  14. So I did not touch the internet once yesterday so I missed the pictures from our climb…we’re such nerds. H.I.Larious. Happy Monday- let’s hope it’s a quick one.

  15. I’ve never heard that song! Crazy! I will have to download it for my iPod.

  16. I’m all about the lazy Sundays… and Saturdays… whatever day I can make lazy, I will :)

  17. happy happy monday~

  18. i get into slumps when I’m injured and cross training, which can get pretty monotonous. For running it’s less often, but when “shut up and run” doesn’t work, I just try a new speed workout or route to change things up. It usually works!

  19. That is a perfect running song. I’m going to make a mix that is entirely made up of songs with the word “run” in it.

  20. Unfortunately I don’t have any brilliant ideas for curing a workout slump, but I’m definitely looking forward to reading everyone else’s because I am seriously in one! And I am getting tired of the “shut up and run” tactic. It just isn’t fun anymore;)

  21. Ran for the first time last night after 1.5 months. It was brutal

  22. I got into a cab in Hoboken,NJ the other day and the cabby started blasting 50 cent ‘Candy shop’ and had disco lights! So very and very entertaining!

    I’m in a work out slump also–I’ve been sick (still am) the past week and I can’t get myself to go back to the gym–ughhh we need to shake things up! :)


  23. Folding laundry is the worst!

    Taking a relaxed exercise week before you start training sounds like a good idea. I have no advice about getting out of slumps…but hopefully once you have race prep to sink your teeth in to, the excitement will pick back up naturally!

  24. A good cabby is hard to find. Definitely a number worth keeping!

  25. I love that song. Reminds me of Benny & Joon. :) I definitely get into running slumps & I just have to power through. Like you said, 12 weeks is a long time! Super smart to save your running until your training starts!

  26. Oh man, gotta love bars like that! Did you know that if you puke in a cab it’s $100 fee…not that I know from experience, but thought I would pass along the knowledge. ;)

  27. The least sanitary thing I’ve ever done is walk competely barefoot through Philadelphia at 2 am. But if you’d seen my heels/felt the swelling pain in my feet, you wouldn’t have thought twice, either.

  28. sounds like a perfect sunday to me!

  29. I totally saved my running excitement for my training. As in, I didn’t run between my last half and starting training. haha.

  30. This is seriously like one of my favorite songs of all time. LOVE you for posting this.

    I have no better advice for you. When push comes to shove the “shut up and do it” is the best reinforcement I end up having to give myself too! :(

  31. I love this song! I first heard in Nicaragua when I had to do a tap dance to it (random, I know) and I’ve been OBSESSED since:)

  32. […] glad you guys sort of agree with my decision to chill out a wee bit on the running front this week.  Don’t think this means I’m not working out- just switching it […]

  33. […] crossed the finish line with a time of 1:58:46. Just as my happy song, “I’m Gonna Be” started playing. Check out that disgusting arm band I've got on. […]

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