Is it appropriate for a 25-year-old to throw a fit about not getting a snow day yesterday?

No?  Fair enough.  I didn’t.  But considered it on multiple occasions.

And according to Shelby, I’m allowed to complain about it. She did a little research and came up with a guide to complaining about the weather.  I dig it.

Plus, it was Tuesday. And since I dislike Tuesdays, I’ll complain just because I can.

So mature…

Although, I did have a very un-Tuesdayish event occur.  Tosh.0 is back on Comedy Central!  It made my day. Is anyone else a fan? Is it possible I’ll have something to look forward to on Tuesdays for a while?  Yes it is!

Another way I attempted to combat my Tuesday blues was with carb deliciousness.Surely the pretty colors would make me happy. 

Actually, the taste did.  But we’ll pretend the colors helped.

I mixed whole wheat pasta, peas, and spinach together (the spinach at the very end after draining so it wouldn’t get too wilted) and topped with marinara and the leftover chicken sausage and red onion I had sautéed for dinner the night before.

My only sadness is the unused red chili pepper flakes.  I pulled them out to sprinkle on top, but inhaled the plate before that happened.  Maybe that means I didn’t *really* need them.

Doesn’t mean I didn’t want them. (insert pouting)

Most likely, you’ll be seeing me get semi-creative with whole wheat pasta in the near future. Yes, this is the stuff I’ve mentioned before.  The expiration is in February.  So we’re working on a deadline, folks.

The dinner was just what I needed for a laid back walk on the treadmill.  I’m on a walk “kick” after dinner these days.  Mostly because I’ve had a lot of energy as of late and can multi-task. It’s when most of my phone conversations happen.

But don’t worry- I’m not rude about it.  I try to find times when the only people there are ones that don’t mind (er… friends) or when it’s empty. And if someone walks in, the conversation gets cut short- because I’m not about to be that girl spreading her business around.  It amazes me what people will sometimes say on the phone in public.  I mean… we can hear you.

This morning I woke up and did a little more of my newest Jillian dvd- No More Trouble Zones.  My triceps are not happy about this, but I assume they’ll thank me later when I’m letting them run around naked in the warmer temps (the constant snow dump lets me know this will be a LONG wait). My arms have never been a “trouble spot” for me, but it was quickly realized that they were weak little puppies before my Jillian phase.

I realized at this point, I’m just rambling and should probably end it before it gets weird.  Too late?  Dang…

Any ideas for my pasta?  preferably something that is for only 2-3 servings? I get bored easily…

61 Responses

  1. I think it’s perfectly ok to complain about not getting a snow day. In fact, I did that this Monday. :) I was sooo jealous of all my friends that didn’t have to work. Maybe next time…

  2. “i assume they’ll thank m e later when I’m letting them run around naked in the warmer temps” hahahaha.

    i love whole wheat pasta and it really is so versatile. What about a pasta bake where you just throw it cooked with veggies and whatever else you want into a baking dish, top it with cheese, and bake it until its heated through and the cheese gets melty and crispy?

  3. I love love love jillian work outs! She seriously kicks your butt and I have that DVD…love it/hate it haha

    Pasta dishes? I have a couple that are awesome but not much more than that bc I’m not a huge pasta person (weird I know). I like the bread more than the dinner part lol.

  4. Spaghetti is perfect for fritattas! I know it sounds weird, but it really is good! We also do baked pastas frequently here since they are good as leftovers. Stay warm today!

  5. Carb Deliciousness is one of my favorite cures of a bad day ;) hahaha Sad but true. Soup was what I was craving last night though, thanks to the drizzly weather. I had two heaping bowls of veggie soup!

  6. I love pasta with veggies. I use frozen broccoli, frozen peas, and roasted red pepper. I also love matchstick zucchini and summer squash with teensy red peppers a white wine sauce with parmesan cheese. I assume normal humans add garlic to that.

  7. You know, I’ve never jumped on the Tosh.O bandwagon. Maybe because I’m not a fan of his stand up. Although I’ve heard that the show is sort of different. One word for your pasta dilemma: cheese. Add cheese and all will be right in your world. Trust me on this one.

  8. Ohh man I love pasta. Onions, mushrooms, and something green (spinach, broc, whatever) is probably my standby, with parm on top. The cheese is obviously crucial.

    Also, if you feel like living dangerously (in moderation, a good thing), there is this:

  9. I am not a big fan of pasta. I am boring if and when I ever make it, so I have nothing for you.

    Stupid global warming needs to hurry up and warm already.

  10. How do you run on a treadmill? I’m so bored. Granted, last night I ran on a treadmill for the first time in 2 years.

  11. How much coffee have you had already today? haha. that pasta dish looks delish, I have some that needs to be used up. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. That pasta sounds really good. Would it be inappropriate to say that I really want some sausage?

  13. I think one of the best ways for (us Midwestern) people to bond (just typed bong hahahaha) is by complaining about not getting snow days. Am I right?

  14. we were supposed to get 10″ last night but we only got 1″, can I throw a fit?!

    i love Tosh. He is like the most politically incorrect and offensive person, and thats the reason why i love him.

  15. Tosh.0 is hilarious..seriously! H’es coming to SF and I really want to see him =)

  16. My 8 yr old was pouting about no snow day, too! lol.

    My triceps aren’t loving me today, either. I think my class wanted to kill me last night when we did tricep pushups – I got so many glaring eyes!

  17. I love that weather chart. Ha ha.

    We catch Tosh.0 from time to time and think it’s funny!

    I have a good linguine garlic brocolli pasta recipe, but I think it makes 6-8 servings.

  18. I’m all about using the WW spaghetti for lo mein dishes. It’s easy, fast and cheap. :)

    NMTZ! ACK. It does hurt good.

  19. Pasta is pretty easy to mess around with. You can just buy different sauces, like vodka or alfredo, or even just use olive oil wiht some garlic, red pepper flakes, etc, and then throw on some cooked frozen veggies and sauteed chicken or ground beef. Perfectly balanced meals. Chicken parm with pasta as a side is easy too; one chicken breast-coat with breadcrumbs, bake, and then top with sauce and mozzerella cheese. Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

  20. Pesto!!!
    Or…and not that I’m recommending this, but on iCarly the other day they were featuring spaghetti tacos. Complete with meatballs. Don’t ask how I know this stuff :)

  21. I say throw all of the fits you want, I think snow days are necessary at every age!! :)

  22. Don’t worry, I pouted yesterday too when I didn’t get a snow day.

  23. I’m totally down with you throwing a fit, I say go for it :) As for spinach… I prefer mine super wilted. Is that weird?

  24. That guide to complaining is so true! Although I never know what category Oklahoma falls under. South or Midwest? I’m not sure..

    I’m about to be on a pasta kick too, because I can afford it. Let me know what you come up with!

  25. sorry about the snow day (or lack of snow day)! What about a shrimp scampi with the pasta? Or making some sort of peanut sauce for it? that sounds delicious…

  26. Spinach, pesto, veggie on spaghetti noodles — yum!

    I need to invest in a workout dvd… how do you get motivated to use them? =) help! <3


  27. Jillian is insane, I love her workouts but some days she is toomuch for me:) Slash for pasta try HUMMUS…no joke, it is BOMB

  28. Just found your blog from Chiaseedme, actually, and I am immediately hooked!! I can tell we have a lot in common, and you eat many a meal from tupperware containers. :) Looking forward to reading.

  29. You can absolutely complain about no snow day! We had a big build up, big letdown snow fall around here!
    Your pasta looks amazing! I love to see the different stuff that i can throw into it!

  30. I love pasta, but don’t eat it too often….I usually rock brown rice noodles with a simple topping of veggies with oil, balsamic, lemon and other spices.

    or I make a mean gluten-free Mexican Lasagna ;) HEHE


  31. i have never done a jillian workout…i would love to try one tho!!

  32. I would complain about not getting a snow day. But then again, I complain about everything. Still though, it sucks when you see everyone having it off and then you have to sit there at work reading about it (like today!)

    Whole wheat pasta expires? Eek! Maybe try making some then mixing with pesto and veggies and refridgerate to make a cold pasta salad? You could also make a spaghetti pie (kinda like ziti?)

  33. I complained about not getting a Snow Day today. Well, in my head I complained. We hardly ever get snow and when we finally do I don’t even get to miss work! Now it’ll probably all be gone by tomorrow morning. That makes me sad.

    I have that Jillian DVD! It usually gets ignored though.. something about Jillian makes me not like her so I usually hide DVDs in the cupboard. Except the 30 Day Shred, I love that DVD!

  34. I LOVE pasta but whole wheat? Eh. It’s good with some sauces but there’s nothing like plain old good simple starchy white pasta :) But your meal sounds yummy!

  35. I love pasta and my favorite is Oglio Olio… simple, healthy and delicious! As I am Chinese, I also like all kinds of Chinese sitr fry pasta (noodles):D

  36. I’m so boring when it comes to pasta! Mac and cheese or covered in pesto and parmesan…

  37. […] Thanks so much for all the pasta ideas!  If you’re ever lacking ideas, check out some of comments.  […]

  38. I like using whole wheat pasta for Asian-style noodle dishes.

    No More Trouble Zones kicks my ASS when I do it…and then I get so annoyed with my sore bum, I refuse to do it again for another three months…thus starting the cycle over again :-)

  39. Complaining about not having a snow day is perfectly valid. Especially when my colleague in Atlanta is having an entire snow WEEK.

    Ah, Chicago winters. Perfect for complaining about the winters, stocking up on yummy carbs, and then working it off in anticipation of our beautiful summers. :)

  40. haha…i love your rambling. i have been that girl only a few times, but it really makes the time go by fast. luckily, i keep my personal life out of those phone convos.

    and i always want snow days.

    like today, i would take one today.

  41. 25 or not. Everyone can use a snowday!

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