Words of the Day

Let’s play, shall we?

1. Stress. It’s at work. It’s at home. It’s between work and home as I’ve been running around with all kinds of things to be taken care of (procrastinate much?). Recently, it can also be found on my face when I check out my bank statement. The weekend is coming.  If I’m not hiding out at my local watering hole, you can bet I’m still under the sheets of my bed (not sleeping, obviously, but still there).

2. Elliptical. It was a cross-training day for me last night. So I fit in 30 minutes and walked it out on the treadmill for a mile. I had no sadness that it was a rushed workout because my leg feels a little off.  To be honest, the “off” feeling helped me decide to chill out on running last week in hopes that I’d be 100% by my first day of training. Instead, I think it’s been steady at an 85%. Passable, yet not my best. It doesn’t hurt.  It just sometimes doesn’t feel “right”. If that makes any sense?

3. Lunch. Plans for another lunch outting were postponed and I had no backup food in the break room (I’m usually so good about this), so I grabbed something from the little cafeteria downstairs.This is not my standard salad fare… My eats have been a little out of the ordinary this week.  Which has been awesome (who doesn’t love buffalo chicken?), but it’s throwing me off. I need to get lunch back into check. I miss my routine. And sort of miss my boring salads.

I sound so old.

4. Football. It’s amazing to me how much hype this Bears and Packers game is getting. You really would think it’s the Super Bowl being played this weekend. Anyone watching?  Not sure where I’ll be yet, but can promise you it is on the agenda. The only thing on my agenda for Sunday, actually. Priorities.

5. Friday. I have to include this word because, well, THANK GOODNESS IT’S FINALLY HERE! I’m crashing hard tonight, but it’s a big weekend and I’m ready for it.


So there you go.  Stress, Elliptical, Lunch, Football and Friday. I feel like that pretty much covers things. What’s your top word of the day?

Oh… and I like your responses to my Regis question. I’m pretty sure I’d love to see some Neil Patrick Harris action (hey mister- you do everything else, why not a talk show?).  I would not, however, like to see Kelly’s husband Mark on there.  I’m just not a fan of the husband and wife tag team.  I feel like a little too much personal info and flirtation would be shared.  And I’m not sure if I want to be ending each show with “I’ve Got You, Babe” at such early hours.  No thanks.

50 Responses

  1. i just giggled abnormally loud at the e-card. i love those. happy friday amy!

  2. I hear ya on the stress. I have been turning a positive cheek to everything lately and last night Tony just let is go with all his stress. Ugh, that brought me down. I am really going to try to keep a positive note on things though…I really need good thoughts…like, IT”S FRIDAY!

  3. Oh the bank statement. I know that stress. I wish the bank could just add a digit or two to my balance just to be nice. I would promise to be a customer for life if they would.

  4. I agree on the husband-wife tag team – no good. Not interesting. Weird dynamic! I’m not sure who would be a good fit – I don’t really watch that show. But I do love drooling over Kelly’s gorgeous ensembles…maybe Nick Lachey?? Then I could drool over him as well.

    Have a wonderful Friday Amy!

  5. Oh NPH would be great! I agree with you on no Mark though. He’s a fine guest host every once in awhile but that’s it. I’ll be watching the game with my friends, roommate Adrienne is a huge Packers fan haha.

  6. Word of the day? Detox. OMG, I’m in need of one after my work’s chili cookoff yesterday. At least we won!

  7. Just wrote about stress myself. Seems there’s something in the air.

    I’ll be on my couch or at a bar watching that overly-hyped game myself. Its going to be a good one!!

  8. Ohhh those fries look SO good. That’s one thing I have to indulge in once a week or so or I go crazy.

    Chin up buttercup! The weekend is *almost* here. :)

  9. I love the elliptical. Especially when I’m training for something and my legs hurt all the time. It’s such a nice break!

  10. You should see my face when I see my bank statements (had 1 month without work.. yikes!). I wish I was into football, watching the super bowl is like the last thing on my list for Sunday lol! And I agree.. I don’t want Kellys Husband being the co-host, I don’t like the husband/wife tag team either.

  11. ahhh some eCards =) Those always crack me up! They’re on drinking glasses now too! I forget where… maybe Urban?

    HOORAY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  12. Hahahah to that ecard! Thanks for making me look like a fool laughing really hard here ;)

    Hmmm my top word would be stress too. Hopefully it passes quickly!

  13. Methinks you are pregnant ;)

  14. My legs get like that, too. Not hurting or sore, just “off”. I can’t wait for the Bears game! I’m not even in Chicago and it’s a hot topic all over the place! It is a pretty classic rivalry, I guess :) I’m going to be at the bar with my hockey team watching…that should be fun!

    Have a great weekend!!

  15. im not going to lie but I want the packers to win.

    those sweet potatoes fries just look decadent.

  16. Oh please no Mark. Isn’t the best part when they ask each other what they’ve been up? “Oh, honey, since we last talked I had a sip of coffee. Hahahahaha!”

    I second your NPH vote. I might actually record Neil and Kelly for that. Wow, that looks strange.

  17. I had more than my fair share of lunches like that last week while on vacation! So good, but like you said, it kinda threw me off.

  18. Hahaha I love that picture of training.

    I hope your legs get back to 100% for training!! :)

  19. Goooo Bears!! I cannot wait. This is gonna be nuts!

  20. Haha, I agree- no Mark Consuelos, it’s too much. Although someone told Rodney that’s who he resembles last weekend, so it could be fun for me to watch. Or creepy. You choose.

  21. I have been feelin’ the stress lately a bit, too. Well, I guess anxiety is a better word. Nothin’ the weekend and a few drinks won’t cure tomorrow!

    Ohhh – I never even THOUGHT about NPH as host. Yes, I would seriously call in sick everyday if he were the host. Well, okay, I would DVR it without a doubt. I love Doogie Howser!

  22. Oh! Neil Patrick Harris would be great on Regis and Kelly! Friday is definitely my favorite word of the day. TGIF!

  23. Bears vs. Packers IS probably more important than the actual superbowl itself. Just sayin’…

  24. FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! if you asked for our input on words, mine would have been friday for sure :)

  25. My words of the day are: Snow Day, Electric Blanket, Green Smoothie and Alone Time!

    I’m having snow day, cuddled under my electric blanket, drinking my first ever green smoothie made with spinach, alone!

  26. I feel ya on the stress. Major UGH. Hate it.

    And I’ll hopefully be ellipticizing tonight. I need to cross train. But I’m feeling sorry for myself due to sickness so we’ll see if it happens.

    Sorry you’re not 100% yet. I totally know the off feeling. It’s lame. I hope it goes away soon!

  27. And NPH would rock my world on Regis and Kelly!

  28. I’ll watch the game, don’t really care who wins the NFC since the birds are out. Majorly pulling for the Jets though….

  29. During my trip to SF I ate lots of delicious food, but like you said, it’s good to get back to a routine :)

    My top word of the day is WINE. I will be having some later, hehe.

  30. Feel ya on the stress, especially with work and my checking acct, ugh. Hope it gets better for you!

    That burger looks good and those fries look like buffalo fries. Now that idea is running through my head but I dont have on hand-booooooo!

    cannot wait for the game this wknd, I dont know if I’m going to go to a bar and watch or stay home but I can’t wait to watch it!

  31. Happy Friday, friend! Hope you start feeling more like yourself soon…I know that can be so frustrating. I’ll be thinking of you:)

    My word for the day is cupcake! Because I’m about to go bake some:)

  32. It cannot be her husband…that would be a little bit too much in the mornings. Seriously. NPH is an excellent choice for co-host!

    Football is on our agenda this weekend too! I’ve decided that Monday should be a state holiday or something because I’m thinking that people will not be in great shape come Monday!

  33. Yeah, I think Kelly and Mark have great chemistry, but it’s something I personally like seeing only sometimes (as a guest host)….I don’t know WHO can fill Regis’ shoes….quite the shoe to fill! He’s a legend! However, I really enjoy Kelly and I think she is very witty and charming so I think the show will still do very well.

    Have a great weekend!

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