Snowed In

I got my snow day. And so much more.

My apologies for the crappy picture.  I can’t get out of my apartment at the moment and this is taken through the high-tech plastic my building will use to help better insulate the apartment.

Classy, I know.

Have you heard the stories? 18-foot waves on Lake Michigan? Part of Wrigley Field’s roof blew off? 1800 flights cancelled at O’Hare? Thunder snow? Windows being blown out of apartment buildings?

So far, a good majority of those stories have been confirmed by the news.

Don’t worry. I was at home during all this. Listening to the wind whip around the corner of my building. Cuddled under blankets.

Work actually let us leave a few hours early when the crazy snow started to fall. Even traveling in hour one of the storm was a little crazy. People must have forgotten how to drive in all the panic.

My boss called to make sure I got home ok and to say unless something drastic happens, the office would be closed.


Once I got home, Mon and I congregated at the gym (naturally) and worked out a game plan.

Our game plan includes:

– A snowman when the snow actually stops coming down.

– Nachos made by Mon. She never cooks, so you KNOW this is a big deal.

– Movies. Plural because, seriously, where are we going?

– These: Andrea @ Can You Stay For Dinner? once posted these and they’ve been in the back of my mind ever since. Congo Bars. She wrote about how these were one of her favorites. Ever. And because I’ve made a few other things she’s posted recipes of, I’ve learned to trust such bold statements.

And I can see why. They’re super sweet. But addictive. I may have had one along with my breakfast. Not to mention the amount I ate last night after they were done…

Of course, my recipe varied a little from hers. I didn’t have walnuts that were coarsely chopped.I only had finely chopped. And being as how there was a blizzard outside, I made due with this. And they worked just fine. The texture is just a little different in the end result. Or I assume it so.Because they wouldn’t need much time in the oven for toasting, I just put them all together.

When toasting things, watch CLOSELY. It never fails- some will always get a little burnt when I’m in charge.

Mix it all together with more white chocolate chips than the recipe calls for and test how good the dough is.Or not. Some people are weird about raw eggs.

I’m not one of those people…I also ended up baking them about 5 minutes or so longer than the 22-25 minutes suggested.  But that could also be me being a little overly cautious. Not sure. They still turned out super chewy and perfect.

The decision to bake might have not been a good one. Snowed in with a whole pan of these. Oh dear.

Well, I’m off to watch more news. I have some time to waste before the apartment maintenence digs me out of my apartment (drifts are keeping me from even being able to get out of the building). Then, it’s a matter battling my way across the street. Since I have the time, I figured I may as well pull out my long-run mid-week because I’m supposed to be busy this weekend (weather-pending it seems). After that, it’s all about enjoying the snow day with the neighbor gals.

Stay safe, kids!

39 Responses

  1. I want a snow day! When I lived in Chicago we had a couple the first week back to school and it was amazing! I could totally use a day to just relax, watch movies, and bake ;)

  2. yum. if i officially can stay home (right now i have to go in for a pm staff meeting) i am SO making those.

    stay safe and i LOVE your game plan. play on.

  3. Enjoy your snow day! It sounds like Chicago is much worse than we are! And I saw the pics of piece of the roof on the ground from Wrigley! Craziness!

    Stay warm!

  4. Enjoy your snow day! Stay safe!!

  5. Holy crap those congo bars look SO GOOD!

    And that is A LOT of snow, even to this Canadian!

  6. Congo bars rock my world. And the dough is the best part in my opinion. Raw eggs don’t scare me……

    I got a snow day, too!! Cleveland weather sux, too. I plan on staying in my sweats all day – lovely.

  7. All I want is one big storm like that so I don’t have to go anywhere for days. I hope there was wine involved last night, or today. Or both. Don’t disappoint me.

  8. yikes! we got the effects of your blizzard as well. congo bars look delish! enjoy! who cares if you eat the whole pan! i mean, you ARE snowed in! xo

  9. YUM YUM YUM. I’m so glad you spent your snowy time wisely, my love!

  10. I’ve been following the weather out there…eeep. Stay warm! I’ve heard spiking your coffee can help with that :)

    Those bars look awesome.

  11. Wow that’s a ton of snow. We were all talk, no snow. And I would trudge through the blizzard for one of those bars. They sound amazing.

  12. Can I just say that I am LOVING Snowmageddon right now…we have the first snow day in approximately 7 years because our superintendent is from Alaska but I guess he decided to be nice today:) Those bars look so yummy!! Looks like it’s time for me to do some baking and warm up the house!

  13. I watch the Chicago station because Regis and Kelly comes on before I leave for work, and all that was on today was news. Theres some crazy weather going on out there!

    How nice was it for your boss to call and make sure you got home ok? I like people like that.

  14. You’re so lucky you have neighbors to play with! :) I have a 3 year old nephew to hang out with but he doesn’t really like watching trashy reality TV or drinking wine in the middle of the afternoon…so lame. And yes, you WILL be busy this weekend. :)

  15. I want a snow day so badly right now. I take back everything I said about living in Arizona and liking the weather. Its just cold and windy here. Lame.

  16. Enjoy your baked goods, nachos, and movie marathon! Crazy news, especially about Wrigley and the huge waves! We had thundersnow last week…kinda disappointing. Not nearly as scary as you’d think.

  17. Enjoy your snow day. Although with your best bud and those bars I imagine you will have no problem with that!

  18. WOW! Lots of snow!!

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    Have a great Wednesday!! :0)

  19. Not gonna lie – I’m a little bit jealous of your snow day! There was all this warning about an “ice day” here in DC, but its warm outside in the mid 50s…

  20. Don’t forget about 100’s of cars stuck on Lake Shore Drive for the entire night!! That was ridiculous I’ve had the news on since 4:30 this morning when I could sleep anymore and was worried sick about John out working in this.

    You should have gotten different walnuts. Buck up and be a man – go out in the blizzard!! Really, don’t though.

  21. i soooooo need one of those blondies right now! i am probably one of only a handful of people who actually have to work today despite this shittay weather, and i am totally pissed about it. but i am excited for this weeekkkkeeennnddd!!


  22. Aww, you are having the perfect snow day! Yay! I am happy you got off early yesterday, and are home safe and warm :)

  23. snowed in with a pan of deliciousness sounds WONDERFUL! <3 relish it!

  24. Okay, dumb question, but….what is thunder snow??? I mean, thunder while it’s snowing?? (Dumb question, but I’ve never heard of that!) That sounds kind of neat/weird……

    I am LOVING being snowed in. But, we just went to Target and you would’ve thought we were going to Disney World. It was SO NICE to get out of the house!

  25. Love snow days! You have tons of snow. Doesn’t look as if you’ll be getting outta there for days. Enjoy movies and baking!
    I am iced in where I live. So today I’ve made 4 things already, been in the kitchen all day!
    The ice is so thick here. But I have to go to work in the mornig, bleh!

  26. I love baking in the snowy weather but you’re right…being left home with a whole pan of goodness, even the best moderators would struggle lol

  27. HOLY SNOW! That’s ridiculous although the snow day definitely doesn’t hurt. Send some my way, please. ;)

    Those congo bars look pretty fabulous and I really wish I could go snowed in so that I can miss work, bake, chill, whatever.

  28. Your snow day looks AWESOME!! Baking is so the thing to do!! And trust me, before I was vegan, raw egg in cookie dough/cake batter never bothered me one but, so I’m totally with you there! ;)

  29. Wowowowow. Glad to know you are ok, I did not hear any of that about Chicago but geez you guys got it worse!!

  30. OMG that picture looks scary! Glad you stuck it out inside. That actually sounds kind of nice :) And a delicious treat makes it even better!

  31. Happy snow day!! I hope your car gets dug out ok in time (or if not, then another snow day! hehe)

  32. Damn Gina-that is a lot of snow! But sounds like you’ve been doing it right–nachos, movies and sweet bars? Bring it on.

    Be happy you dont have a dog, I cant imagine Lincoln going out in that. Sleep an extra hour for me please!!

  33. holy, what’s going on with the weather over there, that’s crazy!! at least the office was closed and you didn’t have to drive. and you got to eat congo bars which can’t be a bad thing. ;)

  34. Baking on snow days is my favorite thing to do!
    What movies did you watch?

  35. MUST make congo bars!

  36. I’ve been watching reports of the weather around the country. Crazypants!

  37. BRRRR that looks cold! Stay warm!

    Those bars look amazing! There is something about snow days that make baking so much fun…and eating too! :)

  38. […] I mentioned yesterday, I decided to knock out my long run. Saturday’s looking to be a busy one and suddenly I had […]

  39. I hope you are staying nice and warm. We are about to get some snow (and this is a big deal for us Texans!) I hope you had a great day with good eats and lots of movies. Thank you for sharing yet another delicious treat with me. I hope you have a fabulous Friday and a relaxing weekend!

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