Spicy Peanut Butter and “Oops”

Hey kids!

So you liked the honey oatmeal bread, too? Seriously- it was easy. And didn’t take any time at all! Do it. Like now.

Anyway, I feel the need to make up for my always being such a hater on Tuesdays.  Yes it’s true- I don’t like Tuesday. But that doesn’t mean I should force everyone else to hate them, too, right?

Actually it does and I think everyone should dislike Tuesdays just as much as I do. But to make up for it, here are a few things that are all “happy” and “fun” for Wednesday.

1. I caught my boss doing kickboxing moves in the hallway while waiting for the elevator. The sight didn’t even make me blink. He’s sort of a goofball and this would not be out of character. But it did make me giggle on the inside.

2. Is anyone else excited about Matthew Perry making another stab at prime time?  I heart him and can’t wait for his show to premiere tonight!  (Although, knowing me, I’ll probably somehow miss it and have to watch it online later this week…)

3. The cashier at Trader Joe’s asked how much I paid my older sister to use her id when he carded me for wine.  I know you’re joking, sir. And it’s actually kind of creepy because I think you’re approximately 65. But I’ll play along and smile/giggle anyways.

4. Before my TJ’s trip last night, I had no food (hence the need to go shopping). This meant I had to dive far into the depths of my freezer for a frozen dinner. It was gross. And kept me full for all of 45 minutes (I have no idea how this happened- I mean, they put almost a whole stalk of asparagus in there!). Not the happy part, though. The happy part came when our office supply reps dropped off cookies for us again.  Just what I needed!

*I do, sadly, have to mention I was at lunch when the office reps showed up. This means I missed getting to see Hottie McHotterson. I pouted a little. It’d be a lie if I didn’t mention how I was actually making an effort of looking nice at work for the last week because I knew he’d be coming by. Geez. What a waste of mascara.

But back to the happy…

5. My dinner was new.The sauce looks a little weird. True. But it’s actually quite good and the easiest spicy honey peanut sauce I could find.

There are 5 ingredients. But I didn’t have cilantro. So I just used 4.Friends!

The recipe calls to use a 2:1 ratio of honey to peanut butter. But I evened it out to use the same amount of each. Too much honey (sugar) would have had me bouncing off the walls at a later hour where I’d rather not be doing so.

As much as I heart peanut butter and honey, it’s the soy sauce that totally killed it. I’m not above licking the pot I made the sauce in. 

The veggies used were a random collection. Shredded carrots sautéed in soy sauce and every other veggie in my freezer (peas, edamame, and a minimal amount of broccoli because you’re practically out).For those of you keeping track, I have 2 days before expiration of my whole wheat angel hair pasta. And have maybe one serving left to go. 

Thanks everyone, I couldn’t have done it without you…

6. I woke up this morning before my alarm went off and made that crucial decison- do I have to go to the bathroom or can I wait an hour until the alarm? I couldn’t wait. I didn’t turn on the light. I also didn’t remember that I closed my bedroom door (for some reason, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t). Have a visual of what happened?  Good- because it’s most likely spot on.

We haven’t done this in a while… so have you had any good “oops” moments lately?

45 Responses

  1. HA this is HILARIOUS!! Girl you make me laugh SO much!! :D

    Oops moment: Yesterday I fell over on the bus and sat on some random 50 year old guy’s lap. And then I couldn’t get up. AWKWARD.

  2. Mmmm…..any dinner with any kind of peanut sauce has my heart. Actually, I wouldn’t put it past me to drink the sauce straight up.

    Can I count when I threw up on myself at my interview last week? ;-)

  3. I woke up too an hour before the alarm went off and had to get up and go. I HATE when that happens. Today I was pretty wide away when I went and then about 15 minutes before the alarm went off, I was passed out. I am so with you on not wasting that mascara…that stuff is for special occasions. Hottie better get back there soon and at the right time! Oh and thanks for the reminder on the Matthew Perry show…I forgot about it and I want to see that one! Have a great day Amy!

  4. My whole life is an “oops” moment. :) one of my favorites though was when I tried to type an email at work and answer the phone at the same time. I said what I meant to type, and typed what I meant to say. I came off looking very intelligent. :)

  5. That looks awesome. I think I might have to try it this weekend. Nicely done!

  6. Your boss sounds fun! I wish my boss was like that.

    And TJ guy… ha ha ha.

  7. AHHHH! What a creepy old man at TJ’s. That did make me LOL though. Haha

  8. I love making spicy peanut sauce for stirfries and noodle dishes! I always add sriracha – I def. recommend!

  9. hahaha #3 made me laugh. I always seem to have a weird conversation with the check out dudes at TJ’s

  10. Hahaha, you ran into your door! I am severely clumsy, so I’m really not laughing at you, just laughing with you. Promise. Your dinner looks awesome- I had leftover teriyaki chicken from TJ’s at my parents’ house last night and it was really good. I’m gonna have to look into buying some for myself.

  11. That’s how our fridge is right now…tmrw is food shopping day, yay! Hopefully my TJ cashier will be slightly less creepy ;)

  12. I’m really excited Matthew is coming back to the tube! I loved Chandler and The Whole 9 & 10 Yards movies. I’m sorry you missed Hottie and while you were looking fly! I was bummed when I had to go see Dr. Hottie w/ sick face.

  13. Lol – love it! I’m always walking around in the dark in the morning since I get up before anyone else and have walked smack into the end of the bed more times than I can count. Jay doesn’t even ask where the bruises on my legs come from anymore!

  14. I need to start this off by saying, I’m not really with it in the mornings.

    Last week I was putting on my socks and was having major complications. I was putting them on inside out and it wasn’t fitting correctly. My husband started laughing and said I’m the reason they put instructions on sock packaging. It was an oops moment for me but I started cracking up laughing after my husbands comment.

    Mornings and I just don’t get along! I can’t believe I just let everyone know about my sock issue :O

  15. id probably be that person who busts some move at the elevator…and id laugh out loud if i saw someone doing it.

    ugh, boo on missing hottie mchotterson.

  16. That peanut sauce looks so good! I’m planning on doing some experimentation with turning peanut flour into a peanut sauce very soon. We’ll see how it goes!

  17. Mmm the spicy PB would be so good, unfortunately I have a nut allergy… boo. As for oops moments lately, I haven’t had many ::knock on wood:: but everytime my BF opens a bottle of soda, it explodes all over the place. Literally has happened 4 out of the past 5 times… the floor is getting sticky.

  18. Thanks for reminding me that I need to record Mr. Sunshine. I support and and all Friends actor’s attempts at TV comebacks.

    Tuesdays are the biggest suck of suckiness ever. Yesterday’s was epically sucky. I agree with you 100%.

  19. That cartoon at the start of your last post is freakin awesome. LOL

    And old dudes are either really cute and funny or just downright creepy. But enough of that. I’m excited for Mathew Perry too. I love him. Although I gotta say that he is looking OLD.

  20. Wait I love this, I am going to have to do an oops post soon:) Spicy peanut butter sauce!! Ahh it looks just like the delicious peanut butter noodles I had on friday!

  21. I got a jar of PB&Co’s “The Heat is On” peanut butter, and I can’t wait to make a spicy sauce with it!!

  22. I totally hit myself in the face with a laptop computer this morning. If that’s not skill, I don’t know what is. Clumsy girls unite!

  23. congrats on using all of that pasta! sorry you missed hottie mchotterson. major bummer.

  24. sooo psyched for matthew perrys new sitcom!!! i loved him and friends and just love him ingeneral! i can’t wait!!!

    LOL your posts make me laugh!!

  25. #3 is the highlight of my days. i work with old doctors and i love it when they flirt with me….does that make me creepy too?

    matthew perry on primetime? i think i’ve been living under a rock. and now i’m excited

  26. I feel like my whole existance is an “oops” moment. My boss and coworkers walked in on me singing “faithfully” into a pen while I was waiting for a meeting to start a couple weeks ago.

  27. I am cracking up at your boss doing kickboxing moves! I wish my boss was that awesome…

  28. Haha I’m excited for Mathew Perry’s show tonight. I stepped on cat vomit this morning. It was gross.

  29. Better an hour before your alarm than the good old 20 minutes. Or 30 minutes. An hour, I can get back to sleep.

    Your boss sounds awesome. Hopefully he doesn’t, you know, show off kickboxing moves during meetings. That would take up so much time!

  30. Uh….see my next few posts haha.

  31. first, i seriously almost laughed out loud at point #1. thanks for that. :)

    also, i love when i get carded! doesn’t happen very often (if, well, ever) but it makes me feel 19 again.

  32. I love when I get carded!!!

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  34. I’m so excited to try this!

  35. […] the delicious Thai dinner that my friend Stephanie made me, I was on a bit of a Thai kick. Amy showed me a Spicy Peanut Sauce that she had whipped up, and I knew I had to try making my […]

  36. […] the delicious Thai dinner that my friend Stephanie made me, I was on a bit of a Thai kick. Amy showed me a Spicy Peanut Sauce recipe that she had whipped up, and I knew I had to try making my […]

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