Phone Tag

I really dislike going to the mall.

I know. I’m a girl. This is blasphemy.

But you have to understand where I’m coming from. One of the closest malls in my area happens to be the 5th largest mall in the United States (or something ridiculous like that).

Which is awesome. They have EVERYTHING.

What is NOT awesome is everything that goes with that one benefit. Overcrowding. Long lines. Parking lot is a DISASTER. The list goes on.

So you can imagine how long it takes for me to work up the energy to go. Especially on a weekend. I need to. I need a new dress (that can be worn in Vegas both during the spring and summer- yes, I’m going twice). Running shoes are also becoming and immediate necessity.

So I went. Reluctantly. It took 15 minutes to park. Strike one.

One store. Tried on a few things, but didn’t find anything. I screwed myself on that one because as soon as I walked in and saw the lines at the cash register (strike 2), I said to myself, “omg, I REALLY hope I don’t find something here because of the lines alone.”

Got what I wanted.

At about that time, my friend Annie called and was ready to meet up for dinner.  Perfect timing.  I didn’t even need a strike 3, I was ready to leave.

And that was my 30 minutes at the mall. I’ll try again next week. Maybe.

Alongside the gigantic mall is a gigantic Whole Foods. My friend Annie had never been to this particular one, so I took the liberty of giving her the tour. Whole Foods isn’t frequented often because I’m much too poor to do so, but the food bar is worth the trip. And walking around the store to try all the samples sitting out is a good way to get in a free appetizer.  ;)She liked it. I hope I didn’t create a monster.

But either way, it was good to catch up. Do you ever have those friends you play long games of phone tag with until you actually get to chat?

She and I are AWESOME at that game.  I don’t think this is even considered a salad. It’s just a massive bowl of food. With some lettuce that happens to be at the bottom.

Although I have issues with the gigantic mall, none are with the Whole Foods.  It’s a good thing I don’t live closer because reasons would be created to stop by on a daily basis. There is a Whole Foods in close proximity to me, but every time I’ve given it a chance, it FAILS.

Annie’s traveling for work this week, so I made her promise to call me at some point when she was waiting for a plane or bored at the hotel.

Because I know when she’s calling, hopefully this means our phone tag game will be a little shorter?

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.  Since I had my 7-mile run yesterday, today is a planned day of strength training and just a little more relaxed.

Have a good one!

Do you like shopping or are you more of an online person?  I’m considering becoming an online convert…

22 Responses

  1. I sort of like the idea of shopping, but in reality, I hate it. HATE IT. I become completely exhausted within minutes of entering a mall. The music gives me a headache. People are rude. The lines are too long. Shit is expensive. Taking my clothes off to try on stuff is annoying. Waiting is annoying. It’s giving me the willies even thinking about it. Unfortunately, I feel the need to try on clothes, so I’m not much of an online shopper. Thus, the mall anxiety awaits every couple of months.

    One bonus: in the mall near me, there are quarter-candy machines. So the torture of Express is balanced with the joy of a tiny handful of Reese’s Pieces. No Whole Foods, but not bad, either.

  2. I’m defo an online person when it comes to clothes and stuff!! BUT I’m one of those cool (weird) people who LOVES grocery shopping!! Especially in WF, but I spend WAY too much money in there! :P

  3. There is NOTHING in the mall here. There’s not even a gap. Its semi-ridiculous, semi-awesome. I do a lot of online shopping.

  4. I went to the mall yesterday and spent two hours searching for spring clothes… half the stores I’d never even heard of. Not a good sign.

  5. We don’t have a mall near us, thank god. Online shopping is the way to go!! :)

  6. I am SUCH a shopper, but I’m not a fan of malls. Too many people. And I online window shop like whoa.

  7. You just need a good shopping partner. I’m a great shopper, and I love it. I’ll get you liking the mall, I promise.

  8. That’s my favorite kind of “salad.” All those reasons you gave for hating the mall are the reasons that I love online shopping, no lines, no crowds, no parking.

  9. I like shopping, but have to agree in that I hate malls. The only time I ever go to a mall is when I visit my hometown, and it’s always a huge clusterfuck. Online shopping is much better! I guess I can’t complain about the shopping in NYC either :)

  10. I love shopping!!! Online, in-stores, whatever. Basically I love spending money.. so I better be rich when I’m older.

  11. I’m with you – I hate shopping in crowds/with long lines, and that goes for grocery shopping, too. i always try to go at off-peak times, and can only go if I have a specific thing in mind to buy – like a dress.

  12. I’m beginning to become an online shopper too – I just can’t stand crowds of people!!

    I’m thinking a Whole Foods night is in store for me sometime this week!

  13. I don’t enjoy going to the mall either, but I live within 60 seconds of one so I used to go all the time. Now that I am saving to move though, no more. I like to mix it up between online shopping and going to local boutiques to support the economy. When I’m allowed to shop that it.

    So jealous of the Whole Foods goodness! Looks great!

  14. Oh my gosh, THANK you! I feel like people think I’m a freak because I’m a female who hates to shop. :-) Honestly, I’ve decided that if I could drive an electric cart and if the malls were completely empty, and if I had a personal assistant along with me, it might not be so bad. But until that day comes….I’m a dot com girl.

  15. I haaaaate the mall. We have a pretty decent big mall here and I’ve been inside it once since we moved here 6 months ago. (And that was to get a watch battery from Sears.)

    I do enjoy shopping occasionally but would much rather do it in a downtown-type area, or at least an outdoor mall.

  16. I hate the mall very much. I prefer to go to the outlets because not only are they cheaper, but you dont have to deal with crowds the same way. They’ve opened this amazing shopping center near-ish my house. Its HUGE, and has everything I could want, including a kitchen store, and its all outside, so you have tons of space in which to avoid running into people. Love it.

  17. I hate the mall too! When I was little, I swear I would only go when I was sick, so maybe I associate malls with being sick? I can’t even remember the last time I went in one!

  18. I have to be in the exact right mood, and usually I just hit one or two specific stores that I know my sizes in so I don’t have to play THAT game (but I’m usually a 4 why are these 6s too small!) Otherwise its all online.

    I will say though I hate and refuse to shop with other people. Except my mom. But I hate feeling rushed or feeling stuck in stores.

  19. i hate the mall when i actually have to buy something but i don’t mind, on a lazy day, just strolling through.

  20. I love WF but I would be broke as a joke if we had one here. I went to one in DC last spring and bought maybe three or four items and was amazed that people shop for everything there–how can they afford that?

    Um yeah, I am currently in a phone tag battle that started in November. I am hoping to talk to my friend by April but we shall see.

    I despise going to the mall as well. I don’t have enough time/energy to go during the week after work and refuse to go on the weekend.

  21. There is such thing as a failure of a whole foods? oh nooo! I’m so sorry to hear that! The one I drive many hours for is pretty good! Though my favorite WF to date is in Alexandria VA!


  22. I hate malls too. Just… too many people for me. I also can’t afford Whole Foods. I wish I could :)

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