Feeling Back to Normal

Thanks for taking pity on my attempt at the long run.  You guys are right- 6 miles are still awesome.  But I wanted that 7th and 8th so bad! I really had a hard time deciding to stop. But it was either that or start taking walk breaks every quarter-mile. And that thought was just miserable.

But that’s behind us now. Today is a new day. And I’m about to give it another go. After I post this and give myself a pep talk. In the bathroom mirror. 

“… and gosh darnit people like you…”

Wait… let’s get back on track.

After a recovery period that included Waiting for Superman and a few SNL reruns, I woke up on Sunday feeling awesome. Or at least ordinary. Seriously guys- Friday night’s shenanigans left me hurting. Even my friend let out an “aaaawwwww” as he walked in on Saturday night when usually he just points and laughs. Could have been the fact that I was buried under multiple blankets with no makeup on and a massive glass of water on the coffee table.  If that doesn’t say “pity me”, I don’t know what does.

Either way, Sunday morning brought promise. Until I had a sip of coffee.  Bleh.

My coffee maker had been on the fritz for quite some time. But enough is enough. I sipped the rest of it slowly while browsing the Sunday ads for kitchen appliance sales. 

Coincidently, Mon texted me about her plans to hit Target at some point before we go to dinner later.  I invited myself along. All that was on the list was a coffee maker and face wash.

As we entered the aisle, Mon goes “oh! I still have the old one I had before my Keurig. Just take that one.”

Score! But of course Target sucks you in.  We found the clearance aisle…Gift bags for 50 cents?  What? A box of chocolates for $1? Bags of peanut butter M&M’s 90% off??? 

Went in for 2 things.  Left with 15. 

You got me again, Target. You got me again…

Later on, after a quick Shred and elliptical workout, Mon and I had an early dinner at Salsa 17 to use another one of our Groupon purchases. Sure, the first time we used it, there was a bad taste left in our mouths with the crowds and lackluster service. But we still had another Groupon that needed to be used.  Why not go at on off time? Like 3:00 in the afternoon?

We even beat the senior citizens there.Excuse my teary eyes. This was just after I was trying to re-enact the lastest episode of Community.

Donald Glover leaves me in hysterics every week.

Anyway, after a lovely dinner that was exactly like the last time we went (those enchiladas are freakin’ delish), we retreated back home to watch Red and break into the chocolates.Sorry about the mess.  I love that you can see the sweat pants I wear over my gym clothes. They were drying out because I had to walk through a down pour… stupid rain.

But anyways, waiting even 6 hours from when I bought the chocolate was a big deal.Aaaahhhh…. I love discount holiday candy. We took down all the caramels. The truffles were pretty much left behind. Not that I don’t like truffles (because I do!), I just prefer the caramels more… :)

I also love sleeping in. Until 7:30. Weeeeee!

And that coffee maker Mon mentioned? Put to use right away.Because I named my crock pot, it only seemed fair the coffee maker gets a name.  This is Sophie. She’s french. And is quite the barista.

So cheers! And happy Monday!

Off I go…

47 Responses

  1. Hooray for Sophie’s arrival! Or if she decides to stop working in a couple of years, it will be Sophie’s Choice. Ha, crack myself up.

    I’ve been to Target twice since V Day but didn’t hit up the clearance aisle for candy, maybe I will do that today?

  2. Yay for new (to you) coffee pots. If my cappuccino/espress maker went on the fritz I don’t even know what I would do. I’d probably FREAK like I did this morning when my straightener wouldn’t turn on. Thank god it did, the morning afro that sits on my head is nothing short of SCARY!

  3. Never, ever go to Target the day after Halloween. I still have candy in my closet!

  4. I love going to restaurants at off times (usually because I’m busy and get around to lunch at 2 or 3). The service is always amazing then.

    Glad Sophie’s caffeinating you now. :)

  5. haha, you crack me up. Sophie sounds like a great coffeemaker name. Glad you’re feeling better today- good luck on the run!

  6. Oh Target. Its so unfair that we don’t have it in Canada.

  7. Love a discount candy. And I love a trip to Target- double success!

  8. I am convinced that the “just buy one thing oh just kidding I meant 30 things” mindset is at the heart of Target’s business plan. Because if people only bought dishwasher detergent or socks or whatever the “one thing” they were planning on buying at Target, the stores wouldn’t survive. I bet the stores are designed by psychologists who study train of thought and place things in aisles to ensure that people will discover they really need those extra 29 things.

    I’m a conspiracy theorist. I can’t help it.

  9. Target is an evil store. In a really good evil way. I avoid it like the plague and then when I go, all hell breaks loose and I come home with striped tube socks, a new bikini, hot pink nail polish, and too much candy.

    All true.

  10. I may or may not hit up every grocery store, pharmacy, and target in the area for Reese’s Eggs the day after easter. It’s like a scavener hunt. For delicious and half priced crack in a yellow package.

    And I’m with you on the caramel. After any reese’s product, any chocolate/caramel combo is my fave.

  11. While at the grocery store this weekend, I bought a box of discounted chocolates in a heart-shaped box. My hubby looked at my like I was nuts. I thought I was a genius.

    He won’t be getting any of my chocolate.

  12. Welcome sophia!! Hope this brightened up your morning.
    $1 for a box of chocolates? I would’ve bought every single one and stored them in the freezer. Chocolate never goes bad!
    I can never leave target with just what was on my list…It’s a curse

  13. I never leave Target without spending around $100, even if I just go in for a few things. I should probably just have a percentage of my paycheck go directly there twice a month…

  14. I swear I just spent $150 at Target on pens, some make-up and a dress. HOW???

  15. We went there yesterday for a “quick trip” for Chobani. Ummmmm…….yeah…….an hour later…….fail.

  16. Sounds like you had a good weekend! :) Your Friday night was my Saturday night…it’s a good thing we canceled our training climb yesterday because I definitely wouldn’t have made it through.

  17. I thought you were naming her Gisele!!!!!!???? LIAR! Although, I do like Sophie. And the pure fact that Sophie’s Choice can be incorporated is sheer genious. Kind of morbid, but still genious.

  18. Sounds like a fun day! Movie and chocolates…great way to end the weekend! I hope you liked RED! That is my friend’s movie! He is the co creator of the story and the illustrator for the graphic novel. Although the movie is nothing like the book, I thought is was very entertaining. Have a great Monday Amy!

  19. How was Waiting For Superman? I heard its fabulous! And you are truly a girl after my own heart! I love shopping for after-holiday-candy-clearances! Although I went to Target yesterday and everyone else beat me to it! DARN YOU! :)

  20. Those enchiladas make me swoon every time. I want them.

    Hope you long run went well!

  21. You are too funny!
    Target gets me every time. I mean it, every time. I stop by for a ‘quick trip – just gonna buy the toilet paper that’s on sale and a massive bag of cat litter’ and I end up with a cart full of canned goods (they are ridiculously cheap), a half-dozen of their flavored yogurts (vanilla maple is addictive), a slew of clearance deals and then half the time, NOT the main item I went in for. How do they do it to us? Haha.

  22. Get a french press – you won’t regret it! Best coffee I’ve EVER made at home!!

  23. Target is so evil but I must be masochistic b/c I keep going back! I usually hit the clearance w/ gusto but I’ve been holding back.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better and are ready to tackle some miles. :)

  24. Clearance holiday candy is dangerous. I don’t want to admit how much I bought after Halloween….

  25. I went to Target and the candy was almost all gone! I got some for my sister, but I couldn’t find any I liked. Such a bummer!

  26. So funny that you got sucked in my Target! My Hub told me that when we go to the states (less than 2 months, woo hoo!!!) We are not to get ‘sucked into buying everything from Target”…I think I may have shed a tear at that news. I just PRAY that Germany has some good shopping compared to here!! Also, my food processor is ready to be dumped after 6 wonderful years together…It is actually one of my weekly goals to get a new one ;)

  27. My boss actually mailed me a new coffee maker because I was talking to him on the phone when my old when died and I actually may have cried…

  28. I wish we had a Target in Canada! Unfortunately we don’t, BUT, once my friend from Aus gets here we plan to do a roadtrip to the States and Target is on our list of places to hit up. So is Trader Joes.

    Um.. you do realize that Sophie has Mr. Coffee written on her, right? ;)

  29. Hello Sophie! And hello Chocolate! Target always snags me too. Thank you for sharing your words and these fun photos. Have a great day tomorrow!

  30. Aww I’m glad Sophie had a good first day at home! :)

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  33. […] make, but did know I wanted to use the peanut butter M&M’s I had picked up on a whim from Target’s Valentine’s Day clearance. Finally, I settled on brownies. My only issue was finding a recipe to use. There were SO MANY good […]

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