Online Shopping Is Way Easier

I could not have slept better last night. 8 hours is almost unheard of. But Monday was packed. So it is completely understandable how I was buried under the covers before 9:15.

Considering the holiday, none of it was spent relaxing.  Then again, I guess that’s what Sunday was for.

I started out the day with a solid 8-mile run.  Yeah, after Saturday’s not-so-long run, I finally got it in!  With an 8:42 pace, nonetheless. No issues or anything. Unless you count the stares from the people in the management office wondering how much longer I’ll be on the treadmill. 

I’m pretty proud of the run. Saturday’s struggles left me a little nervous. My endurance seems to be building back up without too much of a problem- given that I keep away from the cocktails (um, duh?). So I will take it as a success! Score!

After that, the errands began. A couple of years ago, I found a tailor/seamstress about 20 minutes away that I absolutely love and go to her for everything.

However, I forgot to check when her shop is open. Turns out Monday is not one of those times. My dress is being held hostage until next Saturday. Grrr.

After driving 20 minutes out of my way, I grumpily headed straight to the mall. If you know me, you know I’m not a big mall person. So spending almost 5 hours walking around in it (after that 8-mile run), you can imagine my mood. Especially when coming home empty-handed. My strategy now is to not find a new dress for my Vegas vacation, but to possibly re-accessorize what I already have.

Hopefully my creativity will help me out on this one. Because I’m usually not a big accessory person.  More of a shoes girl.

Speaking of shoes… I’m excited to be breaking some new ones in this week.Because my Omni ProGrids I got fitted for last year were the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, the exact same pair was ordered. It just took a while because I dislike buying anything online unless I can hunt down a good sale on it. Ironically, the time spent hunting online didn’t bother me nearly as much. Shopping online really is so much easier.Although I’ll honestly say I prefer girly colors, I found the green/silver version for about $50 cheaper than the pink/silver and $15 cheaper than the blue/silver.

They’re running shoes. I’ll get over it. And pocket that extra saved cash. Thank you…

Try not to let Tuesday get you down!

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50 Responses

  1. I like online shopping much more than being in a crowded mall too. My only beef with online shopping is I can’t try the items on. I need someone to bring the clothes to me, a personal shopper perhaps? day.

  2. Those are my shoes, too! But I love the green. Although, to be fair, I didn’t know they came in pink…

  3. $50 cheaper?! Nice job lady :)

  4. I totally agree – online shopping is so much better and easier! With running shoes especially, once you have the ones that work for you picked out. I always buy a pair at the running store if I change brands/shoe type just because I want to put money into the store where the person helps me, but if I’m just getting the same ones, online it is!

  5. i’m with you – when it comes to tennis shoes i pick price over color any day! working out is not a time i’m looking particularly hot anyway :).

    – Beth @

  6. I would far rather shop online. No crowds, no lines, no screaming children. Yes please.

  7. Saucony is by far my favorite shoe brand- I’ve been buying the same pair for years. Congrats on the new kicks- I love a new running shoe!

  8. I like the green! I can see you being a speed demon in those!

  9. I need new running shoes and hate the mall. Although, honestly the mall here is kind of a joke. You city folk would laugh at me if you saw it.

  10. I really need new running shoes. ASAP. Ugh.

    Good job on the run! I ran the same distance this weekend, just muuuch slower ;)

  11. I LOVE online shopping. And I love when you check the mail and it finally comes in…brightens up my day :)

    And way to rock those 8 miles girl!!!

  12. I’ll shop for your dress! Tell me what you want ;)

  13. Haha, I love that you owned up to liking the girlie colors better. :) Dude, you are a running machine, I’m impressed.

  14. I like girly-colored running shoes, too…but money saved it more for drinks. I mean…more shoes for running! P.S. I hate the mall, too. WOOT for online shopping!

  15. i wish i could be savy like you and forego my choice in color when it comes to shoes. bestie was at a nike outlet in AZ and she said they had a sale on nike frees and wondered if i wanted one. when she told me they only had neon green my answer was HELL NO! :)

  16. Online shopping is almost TOO easy for me! Hard to NOT buy too much stuff.

    I do like to buy new running shoes online though because I can get them WAY cheaper than my local running store!

  17. I like that lime green color! And I agree – online shopping is sometimes the best way to go.

  18. I love the green!! Bright shoes make me happy……(I’m easy to please I guees) :)

  19. Yay for new sneaks! And sorry you struck out on the dress again. I usually rely on online shopping when I’m looking for a specific kind of dress.

  20. I had to give up online shopping for Lent last year. So yeah…obviously I’m a big fan. But I like the green shoes!

  21. NICE job on your run!!! I hate missing long runs (or any runs) because of hangovers. BUT it definitely beats the alternative (throwing up on a treadmill —> not pretty).

    I need to look online for running shoes. I paid $120 for my last pair!!!! That is insane. And I feel even more insane for paying that much!

  22. ooooh i love those. my fave color!

  23. o i online shop waaaay tooo much!

  24. Just got a pair of Saucony last month and love them. Good job on the 8 miler!

  25. ooh, I almost forgot it was Tuesday. Does this one count as being a “real” Tuesday because of the holiday? Or will tomorrow serve as this week’s Tuesday…interesting…

  26. Love the new shoes! They make a world of difference when it comes to running.

  27. I have been online shopping for the last few months and find it much easier especially when I can get free shipping. I need some new running shoes too, so I will have to check these out. They look super cute :)

  28. I don’t shop much but when I do I have to go to an actual store so I can try things on. Because I hate returning things more than I hate shopping for them initially!

    But things like books and gifts I can totally do online which is such a relief!

  29. Geez, you’re fast! The day I run that fast for 8 miles on a treadmill is the day I end up in the hospital with heart failure :)

  30. Yay for the new shoes!! One of the best feelings :)
    Hope your Tuesday went ok!

  31. Nice deal you found! I rarely shop online bc when I do I feel like my credit card isn’t real and get in a euphoric state of shopping where I keep going and going and act like I won’t have to pay the money back at some point.

  32. yeah man, 50 bucks is 50 bucks! (and i do like the green! :) ) i wore Saucony for years, they do make some good ones over there. glad to hear you kicked azz on your run!

  33. Those shoes look awesome! Love the color!

  34. I’m a huge online shopping fan… The only thing I didn’t agree with is the return policies over Christmas! How do you like the Sauconys for running?

  35. […] flatbread (oooh… maybe that’s a good name for it?) hit the spot after a long day. After Monday’s long run and 5 hours of running errands, I was less than enthusiastic about getting up early to hit the […]

  36. check out – they have great prices and always, 2-day free shipping. I bought a whole box of watermelon GU chomps there, just because I could.

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