Sheldon Cooper

Thanks for all the suggestions to help spice up the cornbread quiche.  Glad you guys have a flair for the heat, too.  :)

Won’t lie- definitely had to google “white pepper” because I had no idea such a thing existed and was quite intrigued. Ahhhh the things I’ve learned as a blogger… :)

Anyway, yesterday was a day full of ups and downs.

Clearly, I don’t ever enjoy Tuesdays. Especially the morning- because there’s still the entire day to get through.Breakfast at work when I have to be there early is still pretty awesome. I use it as my “chill time” to ease into my day.

Plus, people tend to leave me alone until the plate is empty. Must be because they know my mood otherwise…

The day just seemed to drag. And drag. And drag.

Needless to say, I came home exhausted and feeling like “blah”. Really “blah”.

What helps?  Mail that isn’t a bill.

Especially when it comes from a dear friend. Who loves all the same things I do. And thought I should have this:I may have jumped up and down a little when I first saw the shirt.  I LOVE Big Bang Theory. Especially Sheldon. Oh Sheldon Cooper… you have my heart…

Ashlee is awesome. And when I thanked her for it, she said she and the husband were shopping and ran across the shirts in the men’s department. She grabbed one for herself and it was her husband who said she should probably get a matching one for me and send it my way.  Fantastic. Now we’re twins.

Best thing you’ve gotten in the mail recently?

That put me in an instant good mood- is it a coincidence the package arrived on a dreaded Tuesday or did she plan it? I’ll never know… But after that I might as well have skipped out of my apartment (which would have been dangerous given there are stairs).  Off to the gym!

It was a crosstraining day, so I did 28 minutes on the elliptical and a solid session of arm weights. And because I am chillin’ off the stairmill (oh hey- I’m still getting over climbing a skyscraper!) I just decided to hop on the treadmill for a mile.  When was the last time I just up and ran a mile?  Don’t remember. Even when I’m not training, it’s usually at least 2 or 3 before I move on to something else. It was nice.  That’s how an 8:20 mile at the end of my workout happened.  Not bad.

After getting home and a quick shower, you know I threw my Sheldon shirt back on. 

Do you think it’d be tacky to wear to work, too? Even if I wore a collared shirt underneath? (sexy sexy)


45 Responses

  1. Ahh yes what was up with yesterday?! It was DRAGGING for sure.

    Wear a blazer over the shirt no one will notice ;)

  2. Love that shirt! I don’t even watch that show, but the graphic is so cool. If I could get a Barney Stintson shirt (How I Met Your Mother) I’d totally wear it nonstop.

    Oh, and lucky you, getting to eat in peace. When I brought my breakfast (or lunch) to work it’s as if my co-workers smelled it and chose that time to interrupt. Not the hours before, not the hours after. Just while I was eating. So, yeah, ate a lot of cold meals.

  3. Omg I LOVE that tshirt!!

    Also, I love that you have a post-it that says Tuesdays suck. :)

  4. Love the shirt! Best thing I got in the mail recently…a pay check! Have a great Wednesday Amy!

  5. I’ve worn some pretty inappropriate things to work, but a TV-inspired T might be pushing it. But who am I to judge? I had a coworker who regularly wore Nets jerseys, which is wrong for so many reasons.

    Best thing that came in the mail? Well, how about the most annoying: my college alumni magazine with 34092345 wedding announcements for people younger than me.

  6. I got an HD Flipcam in the mail two days ago for a recipe submission. That was an exciting moment!

  7. awwww how sweet! and snazzy too ;) hehe

    best thing in the mail? a blogger sent me jellybean peas and carrots and they are the cutest thing ever! proudly sitting in a jar in my kitchen! <3

  8. I’ve been on an online shopping binge lately, so I pretty much get packages every week. It’s great. Some boots are arriving today. Haha you and your Sheldon love.

  9. I haven’t gotten anything good in the mail lately :( I miss frivolously spending money online.

    Although I do love when my People mag comes on Thursdays. That’s a happy.

  10. I tired white pepper for the first time over a year ago and it quickly became one of my favorite spices! I think the flavor is really noticeable in the dishes I put it in.

  11. I’ve been ordering stuff online a lot lately….its getting to be a problem. I just got a new kitchen gadget yesterday that is still unopened! So sad that I didn’t have time to play with it yesterday!

  12. I love eating breakfast at work… great way to kill 20 minutes, and it does help to slowly turn on work mode.
    I got a board game from my mom in the mail… that was pretty exciting!

  13. I love that shirt despite the fact I have not seen that show. I hear great things about it though. Ugh. I hate when I cannot eat in peace. I hate the idea of being rushed and realizing it after the fact. When I had co-workers, I could never eat in peace and I swear if I brought something different than a sandwich or a salad, I could promise you someone would ask – what is that?

  14. Haha, so you’re wearing a nerd on a shirt? Nerd! :) I’m jealous that your coworkers leave you alone while you’re eating…mine still come up and ask me questions and make me do things for them while I’m eating. Rude!

  15. Yesterday blew. It was so hard for me to get myself up and ready for the gym after work.
    I got a package from a fun blogger last week in the mail that was a complete surprise – totally made my day!

  16. My friend sent me a super cute necklace with my first initial on it this week. Nothing like a surprise gift from a friend for a little pick me up.

  17. That breakfast at work looks totally amazing!! I wouldn’t mind eating at the office if that was on the menu. I also love the quiet morning time to “ease into the day.” :)

    – Beth @

  18. Hahahaha that shirt is TOO funny!!!! That has to have made tuesday a little better ;)

  19. Aw, love your shirt and I love sheldon.There are so many things that I love about him!! The best thing I got in the mail was my check! Yahooo!

  20. Haha, I LOVE that shirt! Best mail ever, for sure!

    It’s funny you mention mail. My mom sent me some nutmeg yesterday in a ziplock baggy and it busted all over the place. I opened the mail and I think I’ll have nutmeg all over my kitchen for many months to come.


    I need to get one of those t-shirts for my dad, he LOVES the big bang theory!

  22. I wish I watched that show. It looks hilarious. It’s on my to-do list.

  23. haha, I love your post-it note next to breakfast. I don’t watch big bang theory at all! It seems I’m missing out..

  24. i love the post it note! best thing in the mail? my age group award. because that’s probably the only thing i’ve gotten in the mail recently besides bills!

  25. Oh. mai. gawd. I am OBSESSED with the big bang theory, let’s have a party and dress up as Sheldon Cooper and have a robot war mmk.

  26. The best thing that came in the mail…hmm…probably my new camera! As you can tell, my life is so exciting…LOL!

  27. I haven’t mentioned this in a while but holy awesome hair…your hair looks gorgeous in this picture. You know have my vote for best blogger hair should that award category ever come too fruition!

  28. That is AWESOME. I’m pretty sure it would look bangin with a cardigan over it for work…

  29. Okay….I feel like I might be only one of 2 people who doesn’t watch BBT. :-( But what a sweet friend you have!!

    Best thing I got in the mail = a congratulations card from my grandma. So cute. :-)

  30. Ahhhh ahaha that’s freaking awesome!! Are you making the Sheldon Cooper face, too? *Sheldon laugh*

  31. Yay! You look fantastic bombastic in it Penguin! The next time we see each other I’m insisting that we wear them out together. People will be so jealous!!!



  32. That is so freakin awesome–how could someone not love the wonderfulness that is Sheldon??

    People are the same way at work with me. They know if I’m eating, don’t bother me or I will be very crabby and bitchy. Not a good start to my day!

  33. okay, you lost me at white pepper. :p

    Amy, at the risk of you losing respect for me, i’ve never seen The Big Bang Theory. i know, i REALLY gotta get on that, i think they show reruns on the comedy network or something. i’m using the TiVO NOW….

  34. Ohmygoodness you are so darn GORGEOUS and I am STEALING your shirt. Fact.

  35. ha love the post it in the background that says tuesdays suck!
    totally rock the shirt out – who cares what other people think :)

  36. Haha, Love your shirt! :)

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