Blame It On The Rain

Gotta blame it on something…

Nothing like starting your day with getting Milli Vanilli lyrics stuck in your head… am I right?

That’s what I said yesterday when my boss asked if I ran yesterday morning (we often compare workouts and such- this isn’t weird by any means).

The alarm went off. I did not get up. And fell back asleep to the lull of steady rainfall…. ahhhhh…

Looks like someone switched up their rest day… ;)

It didn’t help that it was just so cold and gloomy. The whole day. 

I thought it was spring?

This seems to be the complaint of the week.  I’ll hush up about it now. And try to bring a little color into your life.Better? Just a little? Fine. Be that way.

It made me feel better…

Anyway, the idea for the pepper and onion combo came from when my dear friend Mon gave me some focaccia flatbread to try. She wasn’t too hot on the garlicy butter flavoring it had.  And since I’ll try almost anything once (*almost* anything), I accepted the challenge!

After sautéing the peppers and onions in olive oil and balsamic, I piled them as high as I could on the focaccia flatbread. And covered them with mozzerella.And snuck in some chicken sausage I had leftover from a few days ago. Why not?

My mistake here was forgetting to toast the focaccia a wee bit before piling the sandwich. Why do I always do that???

At least I broke out the big guns to warm it up and smash it together like a panini.In case you forgot or don’t know, this is what a George Foreman knockoff looks like. With a sandwich in it. Woot.Melty cheese. It’s a beautiful thing.

And that would be organic broccoli from the Trader Joe’s freezer section peeking out from behind my panini. Yes, organic. What happened to their regular frozen broccoli? This has been causing me stress for weeks.

Seriously. It has. I love that people make a point of eating organic. But until there is a little more spending cash in my wallet (ie a little less debt in student loans), I don’t make a big deal out of eating either way. We’ll reassess this viewpoint in maybe a few more years… mmmk?

Until then, I’ll just have to remember to put it on the list of things I get at my local grocery store. Whatev.

And before we leave, I feel there are a few notes on yesterday’s post:

– I’m such a nerd for not even thinking to call them “taco cupcakes”. But I like it. So go make some…

– I followed up with my friend on if he was feeling better yesterday during the day. He did (because I know you were concerned). He also asked, “did I mention the whopper I had like an hour or two before the wings?”.

Damn metabolism.

Happy Hump Day, everybody! Unlike the night before, last night didn’t include much sleep. There’s a little stress. No worries- it’s good stress. But stress nonetheless.

What else does one expect? No one said growing up was easy. ;)

37 Responses

  1. I got my little George Foreman at a garage sale and I’ve decided to leave it on my counter because I use it for everythingggg. Your panini is making want to have a panini… STAT

  2. I want a panini maker…looks awesome! I usually just use the george foreman grill. Eh…it works.

  3. Taco Cupcakes….I like!

    I seriously need one of those knock-off George Foremans. If nothing else than just for making paninis alone. I’m not a huge fan of sandwiches, but could put a panini down

  4. It’s gross here today, too. Flurries and what not. Happy spring, blech.

  5. Melty cheese is my downfall =) hehe! yum! I have a knockoff george too. It’s the thing to do <3

  6. That sandwich looks perfect! I am so with you on the organics. I would love to do more, but I just can’t afford all of it all the time. You do what you can! Have a great day lady.

  7. He also asked, “did I mention the whopper I had like an hour or two before the wings?”.

    THIS is the story of my life. I need a husband who doesn’t make me ask myself, “Where’s MY metabolism?” God forgot me.

  8. That panini looks so good! I want one.

    If it makes you feel better, its beautiful here. I even opened the window in my living room because it was a little stuffy this morning. Maybe the nice weather is just taking longer to get to you because you’re so far away. :)

  9. I need to get a foreman! I always see grilled sandwiches and feel jealous. I should just nip this in the bud!

  10. I too have had the same thoughts about the loss of broccoli at TJ’s–what’s that about? Also- that sandwich looks amazzinnnngg.

  11. TJs been out of a lot lately in Cali too…like my 4-pack of sparkling water. I thought I’d die [insert sarcasm]

  12. i wish i had stolen my mom’s foreman grill when i moved out. maybe next time i go to visit….

    and i am not familiar with that milli vanilli song so you have not ruined my day :)

  13. your friend and his eating habits are crazy! :D

    stating the obvious but thats a sh*t ton of peppers and onions on that panini, looks good though.

    oh and im sorry you got rain. we got rain/snow mix the other day but im so glad its goign to be 52* outside today.

  14. I have the same knockoff Foreman! I love it and I love Milli Vanilli. RIP Milli…or was it Vanilli that died?

  15. OooOOEeemmmGgeee. DUH MONICA. I didn’t even think about busting out the Foreman. I forgot I even had one. And didn’t I tell you “If it were in a panini, I would probably eat it” Then again, that would include me making it myself. Which come on, that’s just silly talk.

  16. I’m with you on the organic thing. Yes, I’d like to buy and eat everything organic, but no, I can’t afford it (yet). Oh well! Have a good one. :)

  17. You probably shouldn’t even feel bad about hating that the regular broccoli isn’t there anymore- broccoli is on the “clean dozen” list so I rarely buy it organic. I like that you went with the Italian sausage/pepper/onion combo for the sandwich- looks good!

  18. And now I have “Blame it on the Rain” stuck in my head.

  19. Mmmm sausage and peppers. That’s like the one meal my roommates cook for me!

  20. Growing up sucks. Milli Vanilli helps.

  21. I wish I used my George Foreman more, but it’s such a production. Instead, it sits in the far reaches of my cabinet where I typically forget it exists.

  22. I never really buy organic unless it’s on sale and cheaper than the non-organic variety. I’m a frugal frugal woman, and proud of it. If I die of pesticide poisoning, I guess that’s just how I’m going to go.
    The sandwich looks delicious. I need to get some sort of george foreman knockoff, i’ve lost two – one to a breakup and one to a roommate. Sad.

  23. I’m with you on organic – if only money weren’t an option. At least I’m eating my veggies. Period.
    Have a great Wednesday!

  24. I love panini sandwiches!

  25. We are getting a gross rain/snow thing here today. PUKE.

  26. Yesterday AND today are super gloomy. I’m not a fan – not a fan at all.

  27. Ooo i love paninis! And yes, the weather here is sucky. It’s warm outside but we are expecting thunderstorms and rain..woohoo! So much for my cute summery outfit I had planned..

  28. We can’t afford organic either. And… I don’t really care. For now. ;)

    I totally wanted to stay in bed ALL DAY yesterday!!!

  29. I still love Milli Vanilli and turn the radio up when they are on. Don’t care if they were frauds. We also don’t eat organic. It’s ‘spensive. Wish I could send some spring weather your way!

  30. ummm i need this panini. even though i just ate lunch. i think i could manage to squeeze that in my stomach too.

    also, caught up on all your posts, and glad you had fun in vegas! and meeting up with my verbal vomit. and those cupcakes. i would also like a perfectly frosted pink cupcakes with parils, thankyouverymuch.

    happy wednesday friend :)

  31. I was just eyeing George Foremans yesterday! Now that I know they have knockoffs, I really need one :)

  32. I want a panini maker so bad!! Look at that delicious sandwich!!

  33. totally agree with you on the organic stuff…I buy it when I can and when its usually on sale other than that I have to say I go for the traditional veggies and fruit! UM melty cheese….I cannot wait to have it again so soon!!!

  34. whopper and wings; wow your friend does need a detox lol. cute recipe name!

  35. that looks good! And ew, totally agree on the cold gloominess. it is currently sleeting, thundering and lightening in NYC. ridiculous.

    Also, it’s really not fair that boys have such ridiculous metabolism.

  36. I miss my george foreman dearly…
    Who needs a panini maker when you have one of those babies!

  37. COLOR is so necessary right now. I’m so over the gloominess. Those veggies are beautiful :).

    – Beth @

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