Waiting Game

Waiting to run, that is.

No really… it’s fine. I’m just dandy.

Maybe a little agitated.

Ok fine. It’s to the point where if you have anything sarcastic to say about the wreck that will be my race in less than 2 weeks, you’re just not going to bring it up.

That’s where we’re at.

I skipped my long run this weekend and opted for the elliptical since my leg has been feeling funky. Apparently they had blizzard conditions in Missouri over the weekend and the temps show no sign of rising in the near future. And we all know I have not done a good job with the factors I can control (ie trail running and pace time sucking).

This little hobby of mine is going AWESOME. This little half marathon is gonna be so.much.fun.

Rant over. Moving on.

No worries, mom and certain friends who I know read this, I will not be having a meltdown. I’m just annoyed for the time being. We’re close to moving into the “acceptance” stage of what’s all going down.

And we’re popping calcium pills like it’s our job. No, I don’t know where I stand on the whole multi-vitamin thing or if they really help that much, but at this point- why not?

At least the weekend kept me busy.

I baked (more on that later). Because sugar makes me happy. And possibly because I was going to dinner at someone’s house and felt the need to bring something. But mostly because I like sugar.

Had a 5-year-old challenge me in bananagrams (it’s a word-building game) and talk smack on my accent. Yes. Taking heat from a 5-year-old. Hilarious.

Watched The Adjustment Bureau with Mon (like we had planned to on Wednesday before the weather got weird). It was really good. A bit of a thinker, but not as intense as something like Inception. Watching Matt Damon run around for two hours didn’t hurt, either…

Dealt with Kansas making it to the Elite Eight as we were watching on Friday night, but at least they swiftly got the boot before the Final Four. Whew. I never would have heard the end of that one.  There are WAY too many Mizzou haters in these parts…

A nice, well-rounded weekend, wouldn’t you say?

I’m going to be completely throwing off the half marathon training plan this week and add in an extra rest day or two. What I’m feeling seems weirdly familiar to how my leg felt last year after running the Shamrock Shuffle when I probably shouldn’t have (oops). So I’m trying to be smarter about it. Rest will be good for me. *Scowl*

Ok fine, I’ll probably be doing sit-ups and arm weights like it’s my job. Unlike my legs, at least my core strength will never fail me.  ;)

Besides, otherwise I just get restless.

42 Responses

  1. Boo to horrible legs failing you. At least it’s not Tuesday.

  2. Sorry about the way things are going :(

  3. I’m sorry your leg is bothering you. Definitely take it easy and let it heal. I hope you have a great day Amy, despite the irritations.

  4. Eek sorry your leg is feeling funky, although I do think you’ll be fine for your race. I feel super undertrained for mine also, and have no idea how it’s going to go.

  5. Sorry to hear about your leg! I think having a few rest days is a good idea.

  6. I hate when my legs start acting up. I think I’ve run 3 times in the last 3 weeks, and its killing me.

  7. Sorry about the leg issues. My back is all jacked up so I feel your pain. What do the calcium pills do? Get well soon!

  8. Sorry to hear about your legs doll! I have similar issues with mine and curse at my legs for not being stronger and pain-free! Luckily a toned core is kind of amazing =) haha! Thanks for the tip on the movie! I want to see it so badly now! <3


  9. Wahhhhhh to weird leg feelings. I seem to always have something janky going on in my left heel that never gets worse, but never completely feels fine either. I think it builds character.

  10. Adjustment Bureau = cooler than I thought once I realized it was about religion (sort of) and not just the government. Am with you about Matt Damon, doing anything for two hours.

    Rest that leg, chick–and relax–you’ll do great!

  11. Ooo I like bananagrams and I’m damn good too..haha.

    Hope your leg gets better for you to race.

  12. I’m proud of you for being responsible with the running. :) It’s totally frustrating, but hopefully your leg will snap out of it soon! And btw, I don’t think you have much of a MO accent at all! That 5 y/o is crazy.

  13. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. Injuries are not cool. Sugar definitely helps. ;)

  14. I LOVE bananagrams!!!! Best game ever. Also, baking rules.

  15. go ahead, let it all out. now breathe. count 1, 2, 3 :)

    all better :)

    sorry bout the leg. youve been working so hard, but youre a trooper and youll be back in no time. and girl you better brush up on your word building skills and school the 5yo next time.

  16. POOP on injuries! Let’s have some beer together b/c misery loves company right? :(

    Feel better soon, girlie!

  17. Haha – 5 yr olds are the best. Their honesty is the best!
    And I feel ya on the injuries. Totally blows. I’m allowed to run a whole MILE this week – yep, one mile. Are you jealous?? ;)

  18. rest that leg, lady! Nipping the problem before it becomes a huge problem is the smart t hing to do. I want to see the Adjustment Bureau – and could totally stare at Matt Damon for multiple hours on end.

  19. Ugh sorry your leg is giving you such a hard time. I know it can be so frustrating when you put in so much time and effort to training to take a step back, but listening to your body is definitely the best thing you can do. Good luck!!!

  20. Oh my gosh I played bananagrams on Saturday!!!! Haha that’s random. I was talking a lot of smack for sure. And my friend tried to claim that “Grr” is a word. hahaha

  21. Boo for injuries! I hope your leg feels better and quickly!!

    Aren’t kids funny?!!? They are so stinkin’ honest sometimes!

  22. Since my bracket was a complete bust, this weekend I just wanted a ridiculously low-seeded FInal Four. These games didn’t disappoint.

  23. Bah – sorry about your leg, Amy. I hope it gets better stat!
    I don’t take a multi, but I do take several supps!

  24. Sorry about your leg! I’ll send positive thoughts your way. :) Good luck!

  25. I need some of your energy. I’m a little TOO okay with rest days :-/

  26. YOu will do just fine in your race!

    I love baking and do most of the time because that is what I’m craving!

  27. so sorry to hear about this; I think restless leg syndrome is basically my life story

  28. I’m sorry to hear about your leg! With TLC and listening to your body (which you are good at), you’ll be back at it girlfriend! :)

  29. There is nothing wrong with taking a week off, so you can rest your leg!! you will be back to yourself in no time!

  30. I’m sorry about your leg! A week off seems like a long time, but you will come back stronger :)

  31. I was SO happy to see Kansas lose, cause my friend had them, and I don’t want to buy him dinner. Then NC lost, and I realized I’m gonna have to pay, anyway.

  32. That suuuuuuucks. My bracket is ruined btw. I want to know whose isn’t at this point….

    Anyways, I’ve been waiting nine months to run now (please don’t read into that at all haha). So I mean, at least your wait can’t be that bad, right?! :)

  33. Aww I hope you feel better soon and can kick that half’s butt!

  34. Ugh. Stupid bones. I’ve had 4 stress fractures – I have stupid bones, too. I always feel like multis at least help mentally….like, I’m doing *something* so it should get better! Right? I hope it feels better soon, though!

    I LOVE Banangrams. But I really hate playing games with kids because they get so shitty when they lose…..and I’m not one to let them win. Well, if they are brats, that is.

  35. […] drizzled it over the top of the chocolate. Because I’m fancy like that.And thanks for all the good thoughts about the leg! Right now we’re not “freaking out”. I’m not worried about the leg because […]

  36. Ugh, sorry about the pain. Rant as much as you need to. Rest is definitely the way to go though! Hope it feels better soon!

  37. Aww man, what is going on with your leg? :(

    We watched The Adjustment Bureau this weekend too :)

  38. […] a few things, etc etc). Tonight I will be hitting the gym to see what’s going on with the whole situation with that weird feeling I’ve got in the left leggie. As in, I’m going to hit the […]

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