Road Trip Ready

Today I’m making the drive to St. Louis for the weekend. Plans include meeting up with besties, celebrating my mom’s birthday, and running this darned race.

Long weekend, right? Good thing I’ve been carb loading.Not that I made a point of eating pasta. I just didn’t have much else in the house being as how I’ll be out for a few days. I’m even out of marinara now, so the sauce was a simple olive oil and various seasonings- heavy on the garlic salt and pepper. 

Oh… did I not mention part of the reason the family is getting together is for my mom’s birthday?  Well, it is. And it’s a milestone birthday at that. I won’t mention which one, though, because I’d rather not be greeted with disapproving look and “oh Amy!”

Anyway, in usual Amy fashion, I am so freakin’ good at procrastination, and since I’m leaving straight from work, my alarm was set 30 minutes early to make sure I wouldn’t forget a thing while getting ready this morning.

I’m tired.

And know I forgot something… it’s just a matter of when I figure it out?

Because of Holly’s little unfortunate incident of having to run in lacy underwire unmentionables, I triple-checked my running gear. So at least we’re good to go on that front.  :) I still applaud her for that one. Not that my teeny tinys need the support (insert my mom’s “oh Amy!” here instead), but I would be nervous of chaffing issues.  Eeek!

But anyway…

Luckily, in case my “eyes get tired”, or in case I use that excuse (because I’m a brat), one of my good guy friends is making the trip with me.

Don’t feel bad for him. He drives faster. So we’ll get there faster. Everyone wins this way.

Are you the slower driver or the faster one?

Because of some… ahem… speeding ticket issues from a few years ago, I’ve slowed my roll. The tickets finally dropped off my insurance and the added cost is not allowed back into the budget. Know what I’m sayin’?!?

Happy Friday!

28 Responses

  1. Have fun in st louie and good luck at your race!!

  2. GOODLUCK! I hope you do great! I am a moderate driver..I typically just go with the flow of traffic. That drives Keith NUTS because he is a fast driver…ha! But guess who has the better driving record? I mean I don’t want to name names or anything but…..

  3. Have fun and good luck! I hope your leg holds up! Also I rarely go under 80. I’m a speed demon.

  4. Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

    I’m a crazy fast driver (what, I’m from MA!) and anyone going under 80 makes me want to rip my hair out. Confession: I tend to tailgate when someone’s going slow in the fast lane. I know, I know…so bad. But, dude, I’m on the road to get somewhere, not to have a leisurely drive down I-95.

  5. Mmm.yeah…know what you mean about slowing down. I learned that lesson the hard way on a few different occassions. I’m wondering if anyone else has been pulled over 3x in one month? And the best part is, none of those included a ticket. It was the month before and the month after the cluster of lights and officers that I actually got nailed.

    Have a great weekend, have a blast celebrating with your mom, and good luck on the race!

  6. Good luck this weekend and have so much fun in St. Louis!!! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

  7. Considering we’ve gone on a roadtrip together and I drove, I think you know my answer…I don’t think most people make that trip in under 3 hours. :) Have a safe trip and Happy Bday, Mrs. B!

  8. oh i deifnitely like to drive way above the speed limit, but no tickets yet. almost tho. but my car sometimes messes with me and wont go any faster than 65 and so i end up not speeding…

    i like when other people drive on road trips. it makes it easier for me to talk all i want or sleep all i want.

  9. i drive WAY too fast. I just always seem to be in late. I mean, in a hurry….

  10. Drive safe! =) I’m a speed demon as well! <3

    the pasta actually looks and sounds really good even for being thrown together with lack of normal ingredients =) I love when stuff like that happens and is yummy! <3

    hope your mom has a fantastic bday!

  11. Happy 50th bday to the momma!!! I figure that’s the most likely one. ;)

    Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  12. Have a great weekend at home! I’m a very very fast driver. WHoops.

  13. i’m from MA. of course i drive too fast.

  14. I’m a speedy driver but I do pay very close attention to the road.

    Have a fun,safe trip and good luck with the race!

    Hope your mom has a fantastic birthday :)

  15. Happy 50th Birthday to your Mama, I am right behind her!! Good luck with your race and have a beautiful weekend with your family and friends!! :)

  16. Have fun at the party and race! I had a dream last night that I forgot my Garmin to a marathon. Let me rephrase that, I had a NIGHTMARE last night…

  17. I get made fun of for being a granny driver. I’m cool with it though.
    Have a safe trip and a FUN weekend!

  18. Have fun! Wish I had sent Flat Stanely to you before, he could have seen a few places! Oh well, next time : )

  19. Have a great race and fun with your momma!

  20. Oh speeding tickets, I know you oh so well… I will be telling the tale of Holly running in a lace bra until the day I die. Wonder Woman.

  21. I’ve been driving for 11 years, and I have gotten 5 speeding tickets…eek! So, I think it’s safe to say I’m a fast driver. ;)

  22. I’m a fast driver…when LA traffic allows me to be. Which is not often unfortunately! But when I make that drive from LA to Vegas…watch out!!

    The ironic part is that my husband is the one who gets all the tickets in the family…knock on wood.

  23. Def faster driver! I love speeding lol

  24. Have fun, and good luck with the race!

    Im a total Grandma driver. Sometimes I get annoyed when people are riding my ass and then realize Im under the speed limit. oops!

  25. I like to drive fast, but it totally depends on where I’m driving. If I can get away with it though, I’m all for a little speed. Kick some butt this weekend. And tell your mom “happy birthday”!

  26. I used to be such a slow driver, but lately I am the asshole that tailgates slow drivers :)

  27. Hilarious post – love it! Just found your blog, wanted to say hay – enjoying your writing!

  28. […] I got home last night from my trip to St. Louis, there was a refusal to unpack and an early bed […]

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