Go! St. Louis Half Marathon Recap.

Hey kids! My sinuses must have agreed with me in the “not ready yet” mentality because my boss actually sent me home yesterday.

I believe his exact words were, “you look and sound awful”.

Thanks, sir. How was your weekend?

Actually, I was semi-relieved. My voice was gone. My eyes were a little puffy. I was hacking. And I was achy (although I couldn’t really distinguish if this was because of the half marathon or because of sickness).

A day on the couch was exactly what I needed.

That and a box of nighttime sinus medication.

Enough about grossness. I’m feeling better. And would rather talk about other things.

Like the race I just did- the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon!

Just like the Rock n’ Roll half, I had my crew of supporters. Last time, the awesome Annie and Mon were the ones who were gracious enough to travel around the course to see me. This time, I had my family (waving Mizzou flags so I could spot them!) and my girls Mary and Laura who even made a sweet sign!I don’t think you could get more fabulous if you tried. Each letter of my name represented a fast animal. (And yes- Mary checked to make sure that zebras were, in fact, faster than most animals of the wild.)

After walking up and down the Landing for decent pre-race eats and a birthday dinner for my mom, we finally settled on a Tuscan restaurant in the casino along the river. Who woulda thunk it?I like spinach just as much as Popeye. Holla’.

My wakeup call was at 4:50 on Sunday morning.Chewing a bagel AND sticking my tongue out for the camera all at the same time. I’m a talented individual.

I was assigned to corral B, but knew damn well I wouldn’t be running at the same pace as the rest of the group, so I started in the back of B. When running, I stumbled across the 2-hour pace group and decided to try and keep them in sight for as long as I could. Which worked well for a while.

But it was HOT. Even at the beginning of the race, they were stressing this and to make sure you got plenty of water while on the course. I almost got too much- another guy and I collided into each other in a water station around mile 11, causing me to almost take out an entire table of cups.

That would have been awkward.

And the hills… oh the hills! Running all my races in Chicago (a relatively flat course every single time) has left me spoiled. For this run through downtown St. Louis, it seemed every corner I turned would present another stretch of incline to run up.

Luckily, the isolated storms they originally called for never happened. And the severe wind? Maybe just a gust here or there- nothing to complain about. Unless you count the slight breeze being *just enough* to waft body odor efficiently, but that’s sort of expected…

My original plan was to stop every 3 miles to check out the leg. Of course I didn’t do that (it’s a stubbornness factor that won’t go away). Instead, I stopped at mile 6 to see what was going on. It was feeling ok. So I kept going! And was pretty satisfied until after mile 8. Half way up a hill and I was hurting. My stamina was fading. And my calves were tightening.

That’s when the walking started happening. I think it was 3 times where I slowed to a walk, stopped off, stretched, walked a little more and started running again.

At that point, the 2-hour clan had pulled too far ahead for me to catch up. Clearly I wasn’t in it to win it, but there’s always the desire to try and do decently well, ya know?

The last mile was rough, but I pushed. Up that hill. In the heat. And finished with everyone watching!My attempt to use excel paint is weak,  but if you look closely, my mom took this pic and didn’t even realize Mary and Laura were right across the course!Finished. Tired. And quite pasty.

Summer need to get here already… this non-tan thing is NOT working.

But whatever- not the point. My final stats? I finished the 13.1 miles in 2:05:41.

A 9:35 pace. 270/1470 in my division. Still not too shabby.  :)

I rewarded myself properly with this:And this:Topped it off with some swedish fish on the way home. Clearly it’s not always about “balance”.  :)

56 Responses

  1. Woot woot! Nice job girl! You look pretty freakin’ fantastic after running 13 miles!

  2. Great job!! I need a tan too. Like bad.

  3. I feel ya on the needing a tan thing! Great job on your race! Got any Chicago ones planned next?

  4. Woohooo awesome job Amy!!! You look so cute in the pictures. Congrats!!

  5. awesome job on the half Amy!!
    I love that sign! Your friends are pretty awesome to make that. :)

  6. Awesome job! You are quick, girl! I am super impressed! :)

  7. Hahaha aw you have such awesomely supportive friends! I love that they checked to make sure Zebras were fast. hahahaha

  8. Haha we ran almost the exact same time in our halfs, and you were hurt. Speedy over there. I hear ya on the pastyness, I need a tan asap.

  9. Congrats!! I love that sign…it’s so pretty. :)

  10. Dang, for heat and hills – you killed it!!! I would LOVE to do a race in St. Louis. Love that city. :-)

  11. CONGRAAAATS! :) …and you totally needed those Swedish fish… they replenish something… ;)

    I’m due for a trip to St Lou… Jason is from Columbia and about half the time we fly in to St Lou… it’s my favorite :)

  12. Woohooo! And great job! Love the start of race season- and will miss the cowbell on Saturday!

  13. Nice work! I’ve heard crazy things about the weather and this race…didn’t they shut down some of the full marathoners on account of the heat? Sounds like you ran a great time given the conditions!

    I haven’t had an unfiltered wheat beer in quite a while…yum. And that BBQ…. *drool*

  14. Whoo I think that’s awesome considering it was hot and your leg. Way to go!

    Hope your sinuses clear up soon!

  15. I never liked reading race recaps until I finally ran my half–and now I LOVE reading them. It’s pretty much my favorite thing ever.

    Sounds like a tough, but fun race! Good job!

  16. Wow, I’m so impressed! (Not that I’m surprised since I know what a speed demon you are) Good job!

  17. You still did fantastic with all those obstacles – impressive, sister! Congrats!!

  18. Nice work! So glad the leg held up and you felt good, especially with the hills and heat. Having a cheering section always helps too :)

  19. Great job on the race! I’m needing that whole not tan thing to be done and over with too. Sick of being a ghost!

  20. I love the “me” drawn on the picture. Very Perez of you!

  21. That sounds balanced to me! What fun is running 13.1 miles without Swedish fish, BBQ, and beer awaiting?

    You did GREAT! Also, glad you got some extra rest yesterday and are feeling okay. :)

  22. that sandwich looks KILLER! Congratulations on the run! Too bad it was so hot, but you did GREAT.

  23. Girl the way you were talking I figured that 2 hour pace group was miles and miles ahead of you. 2:05…rock on! :)

  24. You’re awesome! I’m glad you made it through without too much pain!
    I agree with the summer needing to hurry business. I’m ghostly.

  25. I think my pasty white legs are scaring small children.

  26. You smoked it, girlie! Love Boulevard so much. You look way better than Popeye. :) Not sure the misshappen arms would flatter anyone.

  27. Congratulations on your race Amy and I love the sign your besties made!! Glad your feeling better.
    2:05 is a great time, woot woo.. My pace is very slow but you know what, I am so happy my body is strong enough to let me run (even if its’ a turtle pace) he he. Have a beautiful day!!

  28. P.S. Where has Cecil been? I sure do miss him.

  29. wow congratulations! that’s awesome! that’s a big achievement i will probably never be able to complete, so huge kudos. i’m not sure if there is anything that could get me up at 4:50am… maybe a free shopping spree, or an amazing vacation, but to go running… not so much. so i have a huge respect for anyone that is capable of that!!

  30. You are a superstar runner my friend! Congratulations!

    I also love that you eat like a real person…and you don’t try to hide it! I am totally craving some fries now. :)

  31. Congrats on the run! Great job getting through it. I hope your feeling better today.

  32. Congratulations! That is my dream time for my next half in May. I wish you could run it with me so you could pace me :)

  33. is it weird that i just said out loud “Go Amy Go!!” yay!!!- ur pre carb noshing and fueling made me smile- i love the mid chewing photo-priceless!! <3

    ps. i added you to my new Blogroll..but then again, how could i not ;)

  34. Great job, Amy! I think I’ve said this before, but I really like your style of writing…I felt like I was at the race cheering you along! :) Congrats!

  35. Woot woot! Look at you go! Great job :) How are you cute after running 13.1 miles?!
    Your friends’ sign is pretty awesome!

  36. Woo hoo—thanks for sharing this! I love the poster your friends made you and the different letters. I am all for animal print but thats a really cute idea to have it after a quick animal. Nice timing btw :)

    Hope you feel better. I’m not sick but could totally use a day on the couch!

  37. Great job on the run!

    I’m one of those people who can’t tan. I’m permanently pale :(

  38. Congrats girl!!!!!!!! I’m super pale too no worries! its springtime now yayy! That sign IS pretty effing fantastic. Love the fast animal symbolism in it <3

    you're such a rockstar =)

  39. Is that pulled pork!?!?! Seriously my favorite :)
    I hate when people say you look terrible…geeee thanks!!

  40. Way to go!! Great work!

    And I would have totally rewarded myself the same way! :)

  41. Considering the leg over the past few weeks and how much you scaled back training, that seems like a pretty good finish time, especially with all the hills.

    I hate hills. That’s why I run much less than I would like. We live on a killer hill.

  42. Dude, you’re a stud!!!! I love your poster and your friends are awessssome :) Who knew that zebras were speedy?! ha.

    Hopefully you start feeling better soon!! xx

  43. Gosh, I’m so sorry to be late to the party, but Congratulations!! You are amazing for doing this! Teach me how to run and race?

    So happy you had a delicious meal to celebrate. Makes a good thing even better :)

    ps- that photo of you with the bagel and your tongue sticking out made my morning brighter

  44. hot and humid sucks. but you rocked it anyway. i want a poster like that. i’m way jelly.

    balance? that meal looks balanced to me.

  45. Great job, Amy! That weather was brutal — totally unusual for April! You still rocked it. Congrats again.

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  47. You did awesome! Especially with the bum leg, heat and the hills!

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  52. […] my nonexcitement after the Go! St. Louis Half in 2011. Even long gradual inclines give me something to whine […]

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