Girl’s Night In: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sounds like we’re all down for a 5k in Hawaii! Now if only I could get the extra paid time off and possibly a free round trip?  Hmmm…

After a few days of cursing the stairs and wearing flip flops to work, I’m feeling much better. Enough so to play around on the elliptical a few days this week. Nothing crazy- baby steps…

Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of fitting some hill running into training.  Geeeez…

Or at least taking a friend up on their offer to give you an ice massage. That could have helped, too. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Because I’ve been out of town and busy over the last couple of weeks, it had been quite some time since I’ve been able to catch up with some of my favorite suburban girls. Enter last night:As much as I’m going to horribly miss my mirrored wall when I move, it sure will be nice to not deal with the lighting issues. Or the weirdness of watching yourself eat everyday…

Anyway, it had been forever since Danielle had been able to grace Mon, Annie, and I with her presence, so we had made plans earlier this month for a solid girl’s night. The dress code was sweats. No exceptions.

We ordered Thai food from AltThai– a cute spot in the Arlington Heights downtown area. Sure- I’m more of a person to eat AT the restaurant and also enjoy the atmosphere. But after spending an extra 50 minutes in traffic in the pouring rain? You couldn’t have pried the wine glass out of my hand and dragged me out of the apartment if you had tried. Word.Pad Woon Sen. It’s my newest obsession.

Well- Thai in general is my newest obsession. The glass noodles in this stuff? I could see myself easily going on a weekend bender with them. That good.

Mon would also like to let all the locals know, your first order online is 10% off. Yes- my recessionista ways have rubbed off on her. I couldn’t be prouder. *tear

Oh and I’m giving a shout out to Kelly right now- we chatted yesterday and she decided to virtually join in on the girl’s night in with us by having a nice adult beverage and Thai food up in DC!

After dinner, what girl’s night in isn’t complete without fun and games?

Some of you have probably seen the show Extreme Couponing, but have you ever seen it in practice?Danielle has her stuff together and we were all curious as to how she makes it work. She was happy to share.

We also did crafts- Amy style.You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to make Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. No idea. This was the perfect night because I also recruited some help when it came to “stuffing” the cookies:I would highly recommend these ladies. They work for wine.Sometimes we’re not as mature as we should be.

I’m looking at you, Mon.

If you’re like me, most of the time the “projected yield” of the amount of cookies is way lower than what you actually end up with. I like big cookies. A cookie the size of a quarter just annoys me. So imagine how excited I was when these turn out so big that you can’t even get a reasonable amount of them on the pan:Seriously. I made a recipe and a half. Totally unneccessary. I realized this when I could barely stir all the dough together.

Which reminds me- I added an extra egg (after making an extra 1/2 of the recipe) to make it more manageable. The dough was way too floury, and I wanted to make sure the cookies turned out soft.

And I also took a hint from the lovely Andrea– ever since she recommended refrigerating dough for an hour for the best results, I’ve been a faithful follower of the rule. It hasn’t disappointed me yet!Heaven. The original recipe calls for double-stuffed oreos, but I found the regular oreos worked just fine. I mean… we’re already being a little excessive, don’t ya think? ;)I’m not one to pretend that 1/2 a cookie satisfies me. Or even usually just one.

But one of these will leave you spinning. Truth.

And that, my friends, is how you do girl’s night.

The end.

23 Responses

  1. That sounds like a fabulous girl’s night! I still have yet to make these cookies! They look fab!

  2. I love thai food. I’ve never tried that dish before though, I’ll have to give it a whirl.

  3. I want to do girl’s night with you!!

  4. YEsssss thanks for the shout out, haha. I’m sad I missed out on those cookies though.

  5. Duuuuude.

    I actually like little cookies. Because then I can a bunch of them. Handfulls, really.

  6. Sounds like such a fun night! I’d totally come if those cookies were involved. Or, you know, just you. ;)

  7. That is an intense cookie. I like it.

  8. That sounds like a perfect girls night! Those cookies look dangerous!

  9. Looks like fun! I want those cookies!

  10. Those look SO cool!!! I want to try it!

  11. Haha love it I need at least threw “serving size cookies” to satisfy


  13. I have seen these a couple places and have been dying to try them out myself. You might have just convinced me.

  14. those cookies are redonkulous…in the best way possible!

  15. Wow! What a great idea for cookies – love the Oreos inside!

  16. Seeing your wine glasses makes me sad. I may buy an entire new set just to make myself feel better.

    Or maybe I’ll just make those cookies. I feel like they would make me feel better too.

  17. […] a trip to the gym. Because I may have been lazy and called this my dinner last night:No regrets. Oreo-stuffed cookies are the best idea […]

  18. I want to come to your girls night!! I want to hear more about her couponing tactics since I am a frugalista.

    And those cookies? Really, Amy? Food Porn!!!

  19. What a great girls night! I loooove the show extreme couponing, I find it hilarious yet inspiring. Obviously not to their psycho my house is a store extent, but in needing to get my act together better. I am a coupon clipper, googler, and deal hunter. I’m just missing the binder, so prob missing out on some good opportunitites! And yes those cookies look sinfully delicious…

  20. The coupons are so so easy. Go to and she has videos on how to make your binder. I tweaked mine a bit from hers an it works amazing! I save a ton of money and have gotten so many things totally free. Last week I got 12 bottles of laundry detergent free. I also got free colgate tooth paste and also made .25 off each tube. does a great deal of matching all the coupons to the weekly sales so it makes it super easy to find your deals for the week.

  21. […] Amy sent me cookies (these cookies, I think, but there was more than choc chips in there), that jerk, because cookies were definitely […]

  22. […] Amy sent me cookies (these cookies, I think, but there was more than choc chips in there), that jerk, because cookies were definitely […]

  23. […] travel. I still had Oreos left from Mon’s birthday dessert. OMG it looks like I get to make oreo-stuffed cookies again!There’s no way these don’t turn out well. And to make sure I wasn’t being […]

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